The UK government will be opening the application window for the fully funded Gates Cambridge Scholarships sooner in 2022 and the deadline to submit an application will be later this year.

If you too want to benefit from all this and more, we have good news for you. The British government will be starting to accept online applications for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program soon. So, we suggest that you start gathering all the necessary information for applying to the respective scholarship, and how better to do that, than by going through this post?

Details on Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

Initiated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Gates Cambridge Scholarships are fully funded scholarship awards offered to students at the Masters and Ph. Levels of their studies. The Program offers 80 scholarships on an annual basis, out of which one-third are allotted to Ph.D. Students at the University of Cambridge.

Funding Coverage of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship:-

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships are a fully-funded award for international students, which means that they cover all the expenses of the selected candidate, including the following overheads:

  • Tuition fees waiver
  • An annual maintenance allowance amounting to £17,848 to each award winner
  • Full coverage on the cost of Immigration Health Surcharge
  • Full coverage on visa costs
  • One-time economy class airfare
  • Additional academic development funds for attending conferences and other courses (the amount can vary according to the length of the courses, but generally ranges from £500 to £2,000)
  • Family allowance worth £10,120 for one child to up to £14,440 for more than one children
  • Fieldwork allowance
  • Funding to assist the award winners in case of any emergency crisis.

Eligibility Criteria for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships:-

The scholarship panel at Cambridge University rejects many of the applications it receives for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships due to either incomplete documentation or the student not abiding by the eligibility criteria. So make sure that you abide by the criteria before sending in your application.


  • All the students who belong to any country outside of the UK are eligible to apply to the Gates Cambridge Scholarship Program.

Degree requirements:

  • For Master’s program applicants: Candidates must possess a 4 years Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent qualification
  • For Ph.D. Program applicants: Candidates must possess a Master’s degree from a recognized institute
  • The applicant must have a remarkable academic background.

Age requirements:

  • There are no restrictions as to the age of the candidates applying to the Gates Cambridge Scholarship Program.

Language requirements:

  • All the applicants must be able to communicate in English.

Other requirements:

  • The candidates must be willing to enroll in either a Master’s, a Ph.D. Or a one-year postgraduate course provided that the course falls in the category of applicable courses for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships (list can be found on the official website)
  • The candidates must have contacted the supervisor of the department they are applying to at the University of Cambridge and must be accepted by the supervisor to join their desired course
  • The applicant must be able to defend their choice of courses at either Master’s or Ph.D. Levels
  • The students must portray an academic performance of above-average throughout their semesters and research projects.

Method to apply to the Gates Cambridge Scholarships:-

The procedure of applying to the Gates Cambridge Scholarships is not a tedious one. You can easily apply to the Gates Cambridge Scholarships by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Sign up for the University’s Graduate Application Portal:

Since the applications for applying to the Gates Cambridge Scholarships can only be made online, the first step is to register to the University of Cambridge’s Graduate Application Portal.

Step 2: Choose your desired course:

Next, the students will have to select the course program they wish to apply to and the specific college offering that course program.

Step 3: Fill up the Gates Cambridge Scholarship Application Form:

The students will then be prompted to enter their personal data in the application form. This may include their date of birth, academic details, and course details.

Step 4: Apply for funding:

Students can then apply for funding by the Gates Cambridge Scholarships in the funding section.

Note: Students can apply for funding programs offered by the university and private organizations other than the Gates Cambridge Scholarships as well.

Step 5: Attach your documents:

Students are then required to attach a scanned version of their documents with their applications.

Step 6: Submit your Gates Scholarship application form:

After completing and rechecking your application, the only thing left to do will be to submit them.

Note: Students can apply to multiple courses, but will have to fill and submit a different application form for each one.

Document Set Required for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships:-

Following are the documents required by the scholarship panel at the University of Cambridge for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

Application Deadline for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships:-

The application and selection process for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships is different for US citizens and those of other nationalities. Generally, the deadline for submitting an application for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship is expected to be January 6, 2023.

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