Gel Eyeliners: Gel vs. Liquid Eyeliner – List of Top 10 Popular Gel Eyeliners

Everything on Gel Eyeliners 

Were you aware that gel eyeliners are a fortuitous breakthrough? Ever since this product came into being it has changed the beauty industry rather radically & fundamentally. 

It all began 12000 years ago when male & female Egyptians of great prominence began using kohl to provide structure to their eyes & shield them against wrinkles that developed from being exposed to desert temperature. Hence, over the years the evolution went from tracing the eyes with kohl to the eyeliners of the present day.

Eyeliners have become a standard everyday makeup essential in your bag since cosmetic development, allowing us to appear wide-eyed for generations. As years go by, eyeliners seem to stick to their position of being a favorite for everyone.

What is Gel Eyeliner?

Coming in the form of a small, round container or a pencil, gel eyeliners are usually made from a matte formula that lasts longer. Lasting longer implies that it will get through any weather conditions & your tear spree. They dry quickly so there’s no hassle of waiting for it. It usually comes with a brush which is why you get more control over the look you want to create.

Which Brush to use to Apply Gel Eyeliner?

Companies producing gel eyeliners usually provide a brush of their own. However, if they don’t we’ve got your back. Makeup brushes have a lot to do with your look which is why it is necessary to opt for the perfect one. Starting off with a basic eyeliner brush. It is a thin applicator which is for creating a fine line on your lids. Secondly, an angled bent brush is, particularly for creating the winged eyeliner look. Lastly, for a thicker application, you can go for a dome-shaped semi flat brush.

Gel VS Liquid Eyeliner:

A lot of people assume that using a gel eyeliner is difficult, however, it is easier to apply than a liquid liner. Gel eyeliners are easier to glide into the perfect look you’ve been wanting to achieve. These liners are better for beginners to get their hands set on the shape of your eyes & the style you want to go for. Due to their high pigmentation, they’re also great for more of a dramatic look.

Liquid eyeliners are a little difficult to use. One slip & you’ll have to go wash your face to redo the whole thing. If you have oily skin or you live in a humid environment, chances are that liquid eyeliners will smear. However, they come in waterproof formulas too & they’re perfect to provide a balance to your eye look. 

List of Most Popular Gel, Cream, and Liquid Eyeliners

We’re aware that due to countless options, getting overwhelmed is completely normal. This is why we’ve made a small list of the best ones you can look into & try.

#1 Julep Gel Eyeliner Pencil ($12)

A smooth & gentle formula that provides a look that is long-lasting. It’s completely worth the price because who doesn’t like an eyeliner that is waterproof? This pencil is easy to use as you can glide it without tugging or leaving any gaps. The best part is that it dries up quickly.

#2 E.L.F Cosmetic Cream Eyeliner ($5)

Are you delighted with how easily this one fits in your budget? Well, it gets better… This highly pigmented eyeliner defines your eyes with any look that you want. It will also bear your sweat & tears, owing to its water-resistant nature. Furthermore, it’s absolutely vegan & free of cruelty. 

#3 Stila Smudge Pot ($20)

Here’s a different product that provides a two in one! It’s an eyeliner & an eye shadow. Sounds pretty cool right? The formula is free of oil & gives you a smear-free look for the whole day. 

#4 Estee Lauder Double Wear stay-in-place Gel Eyeliner ($47)

This eyeliner comes with a brush that can aid you with creating a thin or a thick look with ease. It dries quickly & will get your through the whole day without dulling or smudging. 

#5 Marc Jacobs Beauty High liner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner ($44)

Marc Jacobs offers multiple types of this eyeliner as it comes in shimmer, matte or standard finish. Don’t get overwhelmed! Choose the one that goes more with the looks you often create. Its creamy, smudge-free formula is wearable in the waterline as well. 

#6 Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner ($34)

Bobbi Brown is one of the top picks by many. This highly pigmented eyeliner should be your go-to for everyday or formal looks. You will experience no smearing, smudging, or fading. It’s easy to apply too. Most importantly, be ready to be asked about how your look pulls off despite the humidity.

#7 Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner ($7.5)

With this eyeliner, you’ll be able to glide it in any direction because of its smooth & creamy formula. It includes a two in one brush which allows you to give a little drama to your eyes! & it’s obviously waterproof. 

#8 Tarte Clay Pot Waterproof Liner ($25)

You’ll forget what the feeling of your eyes being caked up felt like. This creamy formula includes shimmer which gives your lids a shiny look. Oh, & you won’t see it fading anytime soon.  

#9 MAC Fluid line ($34)

MAC lets you create your matte finished look with precision without getting messy. It will smoothly glide through, making sure it doesn’t tug & ruin your flow. Your look will last you throughout the day. 

#10 L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Eyeliner ($7)

Coming with a flat brush to create precise designs on your eye, this eyeliner will last day & night. This pigmented & matte texture is what you need every day.

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