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Best Gel Nail Extensions: Ultimate Guide of Gel False Nail Extensions

Gel Nails Extensions Durability, with Pros and Cons

The gel nail extensions are today’s fashion for women and it is a kind of nail extension that is composed of various gel manicure and polish chemicals. We all are aware of acrylic nail extension and you may also have tried it at some point in your life. Also, you may definitely have tried gel manicure at least once in your life. So, what results do we get as soon as we mix up all these combinations in one? We get Gel nail extensions as they formed from the similar gel from which a gel polish is produced.

Not only this but it also extends up the size of your natural nails and makes them more appealing and attractive. Not only has this but it makes it look more realistic and is rougher and tough and more durable just like acrylics. Also, it has no harm or damage to your natural nails. What could be better than this?

Are gel Nail Extensions good for you?

Gel nail extensions are prone to making your nails stronger and healthy by keeping them protected with protective layers. There had been some of the nail extensions which were using dangerous chemicals for producing the solution for nail extensions were banned as they were causing negative effect onto the natural and on the skin of the users. After that incident, popular and well-known nail extension solutions were to be tested in the labs, and when they were approved as clear without any harm or damage to be indicated, it was sold in the public.

Gel VS Acrylic Nail Polish and Extensions

Gel polish is considered to be safer to use and healthier than acrylics, however, there are client’s report after the usage for prolonged years, that were negative and it was stated that it was making their nails weaker and cracked from the use of nail extensions and they should not be used for a prolonged period of time. As the natural nail is entirely different and can never be made the same with nail extensions, thus it is not advised to use it for a longer period of time. 

Benefits of Gel Nails Extensions

One of the good things about gel nail extensions is that it is very easy to use easier and quick to apply, without any stress. As nail extensions are provided with a popper toolkit with various varieties of gel tips with different sizes and lengths,  it will be easier to use as different women have different preferences and nail sizes and shapes, they can you can pick whichever gel nail tip suits them the best. While they are available in different shapes and sizes, they can be adjusted and cut according to your needs. Whichever shape you like, you can use. What else could be a better option than this? 

How to use Gel Nail Extensions?

Here is a way of how it works. A clean and lightweight layer of gel is applied to the gel extension on your nail. Then you will have to place your natural nail, with the nail extension on top, under the LED light. The gel will act as a bonder, curing underneath the LED light, so that the extension and your nail adjust themselves and looks like a whole nail and do not make it look as if they’re an extension above the natural nail. They are super effective and quick to use and it is easily dried and harden up. It fits perfectly making it look like a natural nail as a whole. 

How durable are the Gel Nail Extensions?

Gel nail extensions are durable and can last up to three weeks, however, it is stated that they should not be used for much longer of the time period as it can damage the natural nail and longer usage is not preferred. When you want to remove the gel nail extension, it has never been easier than before as all you have to do is use a foil and acetone to absorb it well until ready to be peeled off, like you would remove nail polish with gel polish remover. 

Can you use Nail Polish with Gel Nail Extension?

The Gel Nail Extension can also be used with different nail polish and you do not need to worry about the damage on the nail extensions even if you wash your hands with water. The gel nail extensions will not be washed off your nails nor will be weakened as they are coated with protective layers and protection which does not wash away at all and you can go swimming with it or take a bath with it. Not only this but if your natural nail grows longer than the gel nail extension, then you do not need to worry about it anymore, as you can cut the extra length of the natural nail with a nail cutter with ease and gel nail extension will not be damaged at all or wore off. 

Can you Cut or Remove Gel Nail Extensions?

The good thing about gel nail extension is that they act as natural nails as they can be cut, adjusted, and nail polishes just like your natural nail can do, thus it gives more realistic results and a better experience. Also either it is gel nail extension or acrylic nail extensions, they both have contributed to making women’s nail look more appealing and attractive and prettier or by this, many of the women have stated that it has helped them to get back their confidence which they had lost due to unattractive nails that they used to have.

List of 3 Best Gel Nail Extensions

#1 Makartt False Nail Extension Kit [US$39.9]

#2 500 Pcs of Fake Nail Extensions Kit [US$8]

#3 Beetles Poly Gel Nail Extension Kit [US$47]

Detailed comparison between acrylic and gel nail extensions was also conducted and published for our readers.

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