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Gift Ideas for Cats: List of Gifts to Buy for Cats – Gifts for Cat Owners

Perfect gifts for Cat lovers

All cat lovers can attest to the fact that there’s nothing cuter than watching a cat’s pupils widen with excitement before they jump on you; except maybe those rare cuddles! You’re bound to get the same doe-eyed happy-face reaction from cat owners when they open their gifts to find out that it’s something cat-related.

Even though cat lovers are extremely easy to shop for, with so many options available in the market, it can be harder to narrow down what the person will like best! Worry not, because we’ve got a complete gift guide of some of the best gifts you can buy for not only cat owners/lovers but also the cats themselves! As long as it’s anything cat-related, you best believe they’ll be beaming with joy and hugging you gratefully for many hours to come.

Fun Cat-themed accessories and nit bits!

  • A personalized cat necklace

This is the perfect gift for cat parents who have to spend a lot of time away from their moody furry little creatures. Get them a personalized necklace, engraved with a photo and name of their cat to have with them no matter where they go. Not only will it make a great fashion statement but sentimental gifts like this also let people know how much they mean to you! The charm from the necklace can easily be used in other accessories such as bracelets, anklets, key chains, etc!

  • Kitty socks? Yes, please!

For some odd reason, receiving socks as presents gets more and more exciting as we get older. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t like getting socks as gifts especially in the fall or winter season! Whether it’s fuzzy little socks with cat faces on them, or those cute paw resembling ones, the person receiving them will be sure to think of you, every time they wear them. 

  • The case of kitty phone cases!

Phone cases are essential for everyone who holds their phone sacred! So why not gift your loved one a cat-themed phone case?  A favorite is a case of the kitty flipping people off! Once again, to add a more personal touch to your gift, you can easily personalize the phone case with stickers/ photos of someone’s cat.

  • Cat stationery anyone?

Try getting cat-themed stationery items for all the cat-loving Hermione Grangers in your life! Whether we put it to use or just use it for aesthetic purposes, everyone enjoys good stationery- especially when it is cat-themed. From notebooks to pencils to erasers, you can practically find anything with cats on it in the market.

  • Cat headphones!

Here’s a major step up from the usual cat-eared headbands-try cat-eared headphones instead! Not only will your friends enjoy listening to music from good quality headphones- but they’ll be doing it in style!

Gifts Ideas for the Cats!

If you’ve got a cat, you know that the food and litter expenses usually leave you with very little spare cash to splurge on extra treats and toys (we know you do it anyway though). So if you think buying a gift for just their cat might not be enough, think again! Cat owners like nothing more than to receive a few extra goodies that will please their little ones! 

  • A Scratchpad

If you’re tired of seeing your friends cover up their furniture with sheets just because they’ve been scratched to no end by their cats, then a scratchpad is an ideal gift! With sizes of all kinds, these are perfect for exercising a cat’s claws and keeping them away from the curtains and carpets!

  • Kitty bed

Cats are usually very territorial about their sleeping spots and as they grow older, most of them prefer to sleep in cozier; more closed-off spaces that make them feel safe! Get a cozy cocoon-style kitty bed that’ll not only make the cat feel comforted and secure but also be a cute little accessory in your friend’s room!

  • A cat tree

No, we’re not talking about the big tall trees in your backyard that a fireman needs to rescue your cat from. These poles are built with adjacent beds and scratch posts for your cat. They can be decorated with toys and strings depending on the cat’s preference. Big or small, these make amazing gifts for cat owners and are truly a favorite amongst the kitties!

  • Catnip treats/toys

While getting regular cat food or treats for the cat works great, take your gift to the next level with the addition of catnip! Yes, it is that green stuff that makes cats a little too happy and relaxed but it’s proven to be perfectly safe as long as it’s given in moderate amounts. Nowadays, some of the best ways of giving catnip to cats are in the form of toys or various treats!

  • Kitty collars and costumes

Even though most cats don’t enjoy playing dress-up, they will tolerate a cute collar around their necks. If you’re lucky, you might even get them to wear a cute little Halloween costume for a few hours!

  • Cat Tunnel

This is another great way to keep a cat entertained. A few interconnected, collapsible tunnels form a maze which is just simple enough for a cat to find their way through during some interesting playtimes (try hide and seek)!

  • Cat Backpacks

You can also find out some cool cat backpacks that your cats will definitely love!

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