Hopeless Romantic Definition: Origin and Signs of Hopeless Romantic Person – How to Deal with Hopeless Romantic People?

Are you constantly on the lookout for any guy who bears the slightest resemblance to one of the many fictional characters you’ve hopelessly fallen in love with? And once you do find someone, have you been guilty of spending hours planning an ideal future with them? Well, my friend, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but, you might be a hopeless romantic!

Hopeless Romantic Definition:

The hopeless romantic is a terminology used for a person for whom the equation of life equals love (Life=Love). The life of a hopeless romantic person is based on love especially when involved in a relationship. They keep romantic relationships and love life apart from each other.

Don’t believe me? We’ve got a complete list of qualities and habits of hopeless romantics. Just keep on reading to find out if you’re one of those people who have their heads in the clouds with rose-colored glasses when it comes to relationships.

What is a hopeless romantic? Origin of hopeless romantics!

To put it simply, a hopeless romantic is a person who looks at love idealistically despite having had negative experiences with it! This word was first used to describe characters in novels such as ‘the Willoughby’ or people in old British articles that were thought to be passionately in love with people who just weren’t right for them! Hence, a love that was so strong was also equally misplaced- leading to its ineffectiveness!

However, over the years, it’s become a much more commonly used term that’s even used by celebrities in song lyrics! It can be used for people who spend hours of their day watch rom coms and are way too invested in everyone’s relationships. Most of the time, it can just be associated with people who live in a bit of a fantasy world when it comes to relationships-  regardless of whether it’s theirs or not!

The signs of a hopeless romantic- find out if you’re a hopeless romantic or not!

Now let’s dive deep into the world of hopeless romantics and see what exactly goes on inside their heads! While these are the general traits of hopeless romantics, not all of these necessarily need to apply to you; but just a few might be enough to remind yourself to do a little reality check every now and then! (For your own good of course!)


  • Hello Dreamer!


Being a dreamer and a hopeless romantic is a package deal! A hopeless romantic finds themselves daydreaming about everything from a possible future with a person they’ve just met or just endless scenarios with random fictional characters! While a little daydreaming never hurt anybody, it’s good to pull yourself back to reality now and then! After all, not everything gets done inside your head now, does it?


  • Unbelievably optimistic- Hold love on a pedestal despite their negative experiences with it!


Hopeless romantics are incredibly optimistic when it comes to love- which can go either way for them. While it’s good to be optimistic about future romantic endeavors even when you’ve been let down in the past, it’s equally important to keep an open mind. However, for hopeless romantics, a bad relationship/ experience isn’t enough to shake their faith in love; they just tell themselves that it’s a rotten apple and go back to the tree in search of a better one! Even when all of the arrows in a relationship point towards a breakup, they still think they’ll find a way to make it work!


  • Tend to romanticize all the parts of a relationship- even the bad ones!


In their fantasy to have the perfect love life, hopeless romantics, unfortunately, tend to romanticize all the not-so-glamorous parts of their relationship too. For example, they might look over a serious fight as ‘casual bickering’ that can be washed away with presents and sweet compliments, instead of resolving the issue behind the fight.

Them not taking fights seriously can also make it harder to get through to them sometimes. This can be especially dangerous for the person when they keep brushing off constant abuse in a relationship as merely unfortunate incidents that meant nothing! All because in their heads, they want their relationship to be the one that’s absolutely flawless!


  • Grand gestures are everything!


A relationship with a hopeless romantic is not one without grand gestures. Whether it’s a beautifully organized candlelit picnic under the stars or a homemade movie night complete with a fort and customized snacks, they will be sure to leave you in awe more often than you think! Even though their gestures might be grand, their intentions are pure and simple, and that’s to put a smile on your face!


  • Take their time to make sure they get to know everything about you (in a slightly non-stalkerish way)


In a constant quest to please their significant other, hopeless romantics are desperate to discover everything they can about the likes and dislikes of their partner so they can get them the perfect presents, set up the perfect dates and what not! You’ll also be pleased to know that they will make an extra effort to remember your birthdays and anniversary dates and all that. So if they act like they don’t remember, it’s probably because they’re hiding a huge surprise party!


  • Lots and lots of unrealistic expectations


A hopeless romantic hold exceedingly high expectations regarding their love life and expect them to be met. This is purely an outcome of years of watching romantic movies and fantasizing. If they’re making an effort and going the extra mile to make sure you’re sufficiently happy, chances are that they expect you to the same! This can be harder to deal with in a relationship because often, instead of just being vocal about what they want, they will assume you already know (which you don’t)- hence leading to disappointment.


  • They want all the tea about all the relationships!


They are the person to go to when you want to gush about someone new and amazing in your life. If you need someone to tell you to stick it out through a rough patch along with a complete handbook of reasons, a hopeless romantic has got your back! From celebrities to their own friends, knowing about all of the relationships and wholeheartedly supporting them is one of the many hobbies of hopeless romantics!


  • Some classics!


Other classic traits of being a hopeless romantic include, being a big crier, watching a lot of romance movies, being very big on love songs and poetry, etc! Every person they meet has the potential to be ‘the one’ because of how much they romanticize them!

Hopeless VS hopeful romantic! What’s the difference and which one is better?

Does the phrase hopeless romantic sound too cheesy for you to be associated with?  However, you still find yourself seeing relationships through rose-colored glasses and falling for people relatively easily? Well, you might be a hopeful romantic! While the two phrases are very similar, there are certain differences that hold hopeful romantics in a much more positive light than hopeless romantics.

Hopeful romantics have a more realistic view of relationships. Yes, they are still optimistic when things go south but they also know when a relationship is beyond saving! They long for more genuine and long term connections with people rather than just fawning over them in the honeymoon phase. Even after that phase is over, they put in the time and effort to get to know everything about their partner- including their flaws.

 Instead of leaving everything in a relationship up to fate or destiny, they actively take part in working through their differences and improving it without pretending like everything is all nice and dandy in fantasy land. Additionally, hopeful romantics are very big on communication and their expectations from a relationship; instead of just dumping a bunch of unrealistic expectations on their significant other.

How to cope with being a hopeless romantic

Once you’ve recognized that you’re a hopeless romantic, there are a few tips you need to apply to your life to make sure that being one, works out in your favor, rather than hurting you!


  • Love yourself first


The most important thing for a hopeless romantic to realize is that they DO NOT need someone to be their other half! You are perfectly fine and whole on your own. In order to love other people right, you need to love yourself first and that means that you have to be there for yourself when others can’t be there for you! You have to learn to be happy on your own without the desire for someone else. This also means that you need to find your own passions and hobbies that don’t revolve around your significant others!


  • Communicate!


It’s very important to communicate with people in a relationship and remind yourself that they’re humans too who can easily make mistakes. Try to be forgiving and experience all the parts of a relationship, good and bad, as they come.


  • Fall in love with a person instead of the idea of someone!


Instead of creating an image of someone you’ve met and falling in love with them in your head, take steps to interact with them in real life! Get to know who they are, their passions, and characteristics by communicating with them, before falling in love with who you think they are, rather than who they actually are!

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