While delving into the subject of Astrology, we tend to first establish or inquire about our sun sign. Understanding the placement of the sun at the time of your birth is the way to determine your zodiac sign. Your zodiac represents the aura around you and the vibes you reflect into the world. It is also the crux of your being and the basis of horoscope. Nonetheless, there are many other aspects of your birth chart that allow a comprehensive approach towards understanding one’s nature. Such as your moon sign also provides an insight into your psyche.

Since everyone may not be able to relate to their sun sign, we must try deconstructing our moon signs as well. For example, if you love traveling, but you are a Sagittarius, or you prefer facts to feelings as a Cancer, you might feel disillusioned with astrology. However, the holistic approach of understanding, exclusively your personality includes reading the complete birth chart. It is more comprehensive and produces a better understanding of behavior as well as predictions. The birth chart is the composition and alignment of the cosmos at the time of your birth, which can be recorded and analyzed. It includes celestial bodies such as the sun, moon, stars, planets, asteroids and etc. These entities and their placement amount to different aspects of life itself. Once you evaluate your birth chart, you realize it is filled with information, and you need to immerse yourself in it.

Your moon sign is one of the most essential elements present in your birth chart, based on the positioning of the moon at the time of your birth. It represents your mental state, and we are about to explore the moon within us. 

The sun and its sunshine represent growth and prosperity, but it does not act alone. The magical moon is also a vital contributor to our destiny. The moon runs its course around the earth every 27.5 days & it swiftly brings about a new astrological sign every two and a half days. So the zodiacs keep changing with time and months. Since the cycle moves quickly, the moon is also constantly changing its shape and intensity. As there is no light of the moon itself, it absorbs and retains the sun’s rays depending on the distance between them. Yet the moon still manages to show us the many different sides of it, such as the full moon, crescent, new moon, and so on.

Furthermore, the moon sign extracted from your birth chart shows how your experiences in life affect you. Just like the moon that absorbs the sunlight and reflects it at night, your moon sign compels you to reflect upon your deepest and truest feelings regarding your life experiences. It is your self-reflection that communicates through thoughts within your mind and the path towards understanding your feelings. The earth and moon are constant allies, staying close to each other; even in the daytime, we can spot the remnants of the moon. The moon mirrors and effeminate aura and has close ties with the role of a mother, in essence. Thus, your moon sign expresses your motherly instinct towards your ‘self’, focusing on areas such as level of comfort and sense of security. As opposed to the sun, which encourages logical meaning, the moon is more vulnerable. Also, the moon sign is the most sacred and secret area of the birth chart. Its omnipresence in our life brings about a subtle clarity.

So, as the sun signs act and the moon sign reacts, the latter has a more powerful effect. For instance, the gravitational force between the Earth and the moon controls the ocean’s waves. If the moon is closer to the Earth, we experience a higher tide.

The moon sign works covertly, but it has an extraordinary effect on your character. It rules over your mood swings, pulling out the core of your existence. Feelings of alienation are often attributed to the moon’s relationship to other planets. Such as, 

a Leo who is usually confident and has a powerful resolve but feel immense emotion and empathize due to his Pisces moon. Or a Virgo with headstrong motives may act upon a whim due to his impulsive Aries moon. To simplify these instances, we need to understand and respect the relationship of both our sun as well as moon signs. They work in a certain rhythm to create your emotional stream. On the other hand, if your moon sign and your sun signs are in the same group, the emotion may amplify. For example, a Gemini moon and a Libra sun will display enhanced air sign attributes such as being more empathetic and sensitive. People who have the same sun and moon signs are said to be born under a new moon, and they often feel passionate about doing something worth remembering. Whereas people who have opposite sun and moon signs are said to be born under a full moon, and it becomes their goal to make the opposites attract.

The moon’s phase and the house that it is in according to the birth chart represent different aspects of our life and explain how we react and express ourselves emotionally. Such as a Capricorn Moon in the ninth house, the area that rules expansion, feels accomplished when they have fruitful adventures. Thus, this person might enjoy globetrotting as a profession. Furthermore, someone with a Scorpio Moon in the seventh house, the area that rules companionship, may feel most connected and loved through a close-knit relationship although they should remind themselves to detach sometimes instead of losing themselves completely in the relationship. Your moon sign exposes an electric understating of your mentality and rationality, so it is important to cultivate a bond with this positioning. Feel free to perceive unique and subjective interpretations of the different planetary energies within your birth chart. If you truly understand what your moon sign is trying to tell you, you will have to submerge within yourself and look closely for the signs that may guide you to your destination. The journey of self-discovery may be complex, but astrology is the bridge we need to cross so we may get a step closer.

Your moon sign annexes the star qualities of each astrological sign, which can be found by looking up your natal chart or by specifically calculating your moon sign. Since the moon changes every two and a half days, the exact time of birth is important to determine the moon. Once you have that information, you can understand the meanings through the following information.

Aries Moon

The first of the zodiac sign is often deemed as an impatient and hot-headed sign. So, those born with an Aries moon can easily be recognized by their fiery temper. Aries moon knows their exact desires and decides to act upon them. Although their eternal satisfaction lies in the surprise element and victory, however, may they perceive it.

Taurus Moon

Amongst the zodiacs, Taurus is the most sensual. Individuals born with a Taurus moon are fulfilled with comfortable environments, scrumptious food, and a grand lifestyle. The Taurus moon is more likely to pick a static surrounding over constant change, as they adapt easily to familiar places.

Gemini Moon

Gemini is known for mercuriality since Mercury rules this air sign. Keeping in mind that conversation is key for Gemini’s, they try to surround themselves with facts and knowledge. They need a creative outlet to express their feelings, through conversations and socializing.

Cancer Moon

Cancer is the resident of the moon since it belongs to the same house. Those born under this cosmic alignment are very in touch with energies surrounding and can sense vibrations within a room. Since the moon is nonstop orbiting, so are the emotions. Cancer moon gives preference to security, safety, and support in their life.

Leo Moon

The sun rules Leo, but when placed under the moon, this fire sign has to work twice as hard to emulate its attributes upon the ones born under this moon sign. The Leo moon demands attention, attracts innovation, although, portrays compassion and generosity. The Leo moon hates being overshadowed so, the primary focus should be put on finding creative liberties.

Virgo Moon

Virgo is the most cogent sign of the zodiac. Rationale, logic, formation, and assembled order is preferred by the ones born under the Virgo moon. These dedicated souls are very punctual and orderly. They try to devise foolproof plans to manage their life as well as for others. They try to help others and source joy from assisting others, especially in physical labor.

Libra Moon

Libra represents balance, fairness, and equality, as depicted by the weighing scales. Libra moon people are natural conflict resolvers and are happiest when the boat is not rocked. Their aim is to uphold peace and justice amongst them. They are also happiest when they enter a relationship or partnership, as their instinct is co-dependency.

Scorpio Moon

Since Scorpio is a water sign, they are fervently affectionate and emotionally charged. Scorpio moons long for soulful connections and adventure while respecting boundaries.

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius is the last fire sign. They are known for their inquisitive minds. They crave thought-provoking discussions regarding philosophy, travel, and intellectual stimulation. Those born under this moon are always on a journey to find answers, explore unknown territories and have the flair of freedom.

Aquarius Moon

This sign cares about human causes and tries to devote their energies to the wellbeing of the general population and contributing efforts to the greater good. Public gains outweigh the personal gain, and those born under this moon are mindful of the fact and their social responsibilities even at the cost of their own happiness.

Pisces Moon

This sign is emotionally enlightened and serves a higher purpose to the inner mind. These signs are constantly consuming energy and radiation. Their feelings are intense, and with no barriers, so they might often get lost in their thoughts, but they are well aware and conscious of their world.

It is advantageous to comprehend and then build a relationship with your moon sign, which lets you peek into your inner self and strengthen your will. It also helps in reaping useful rewards when you have emotional clarity at different levels. While reading your horoscope, this little practice of connecting with your moon sign will enhance your thinking capabilities and bring about a positive change in your approach towards life. Ultimately, these are just signs laying in plain sight for you to pick up on and unlock a world full of mesmerizing mysteries about your own self. Happy hunting!

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