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How Often Shall We Wash Hair? – Hairs Health Advice

A number of us wash our hair daily, while the rest of the population fluctuates between leaving a day or two in between, or even once a week. However, undivided, everyone strives to look for a seamless schedule to wash one’s hair. For some, washing their hair every day can make it breakable, while some cannot possibly go without washing their hair, as it gets oily. Hence, there has been a lot of debate around this age-old question. Each and every one of us has thought about the correct answer to this. We are curious too!

During our research on this topic, we realized that there is not a straightforward answer to this. Why? Because there are different factors involved. All these factors vary among individuals as well and hence, influence the primary question of how often should one wash their hair. Let us just briefly dig around the factors involved.

Daily Hair Wash Routine [Good or Bad: let’s Find Out!]

We wash our hair because it gets oily, which we regard as unclean hair. Now, even though, getting oily hair is natural and all of us are subject to it, but it really depends on us individually how quickly the oil can occur. It is dependent on our age, sex, hormones, and genes. Children and the elderly do not create the same amount of oil as adolescents and adults do. This is because as we age, our scalp turns out to become drier.

Although the oil in our hair has a bad reputation lingering on, it is actually healthy for our scalp. It helps keep your scalp moisturized, and it provides and protects necessary nutrients for your hair.

The type of your hair makes a difference. Since each and every one of us has different types of hair, a variety of products exist to cater to that. The uniqueness of the texture and type necessitates exact care and a wash routine. For someone who has thick, coarse, or dry hair may have the privilege to go without showering for a day or two. In contrast, someone who has thin, straight hair, may need to wash their hair on a daily basis due to the visible oil.

Another significant factor revolves around your daily activity. If you are someone who styles your hair daily for school or work, your hair may be prone to looking dirty by the night or the very next morning. Styling, as in straightening or blow-drying, can damage the natural oils of your hair, which is why the oil can come back faster. Moreover, if you go to the gym or even exercise at home, the sweat is obviously going to make your hair greasier than usual. Hence, your lifestyle, activity, and even the environment you live or work in can be a contributing factor to how often you will end up washing your hair.

The Ubiquitous Recipe to Wash Hairs

Setting aside all the contributing dynamics, you will be happy to find out that there is a standard recommendation for how often you should wash your hair. As we mentioned earlier, natural oils are healthy for your hair, which is why it is suggested that washing your hair with a gap of 2 to 3 days is better. If you shower daily, it may take your hair some time to get used to this routine is followed. However, once you consistently stick to it, your hair will teach itself to become accustomed to not as much washing. Once your hair knows that oil is not peeled off as frequently via shampoos, hair products, and styling, it will automatically produce a minimized amount of oil.

Is it bad to Wash Hair Every Day?

Shampooing too often may lead to hair fall. Often enough, shampooing can result in severe hair loss. Shampoo captures grease, therefore, your hair can grow dry when you wash your hair every day, leaving it vulnerable to breaking.

So, the question is, who must do the everyday shampoo?

Just a select minority has to shampoo every day, such as those with thin hair, individuals who sweat a lot, and individuals living in warm environments. People who suffer from a dry scalp or dandruff can often need regular washing as well.

Even though washing your hair every day is not bad, it does have some degree of harm to your scalp. Shampoos and conditioners incorporate certain chemicals, which may harm your skin. So, if you cannot go without washing your hair every day, it is best if you focus more on the ingredients of the products and what suits you best.

Can you Wash your Hair with Water Alone?

Yes, you can. Water can effectively take away the dirt, dust, and other debris, without pulling out the essential oils. However, it will not give your hair the fresh look you get after washing it with a shampoo. Plus, your hair will seem greasy once dry.

Does Extending the Gap Between Washes Make Your Hair Healthier?

Maximizing the number of days between each wash will provide for healthier hair. As it goes, your natural oil is the best oil you can apply to your hair. Hence, the longer that stays, the better. Your hair will look shinier, and the quality of your hair will seem improved. However, it does not mean you do not wash your hair for weeks, as that can be harmful to your scalp and hair follicles as well. You must find the middle ground that best suits you.

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