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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? – Best Routine for Hair Wash

Almost every girl has this problem that their hair washing routine does not line up with their social events. Did you ever face this issue? Being a girl means constantly trying to figure out how many times you should wash your hair in a week. 

If you wash your hair too often they become brittle and dry and sometimes damaged. If you do not wash your hair often they become dirty and lifeless. Finding a middle ground often seems impossible. But in this blog post, we have compiled all the tips and tricks to a somewhat accurate hair washing routine.

Consider your hair type

Yes! Your hair type plays an important role in figuring out your hair washing routine. There are different products for different hair types. The texture of your hair determines your hair care habits and the products you should opt for. 

Hair with thick strands does not need to be washed frequently as they can go longer without washing whereas hair with thin strands tends to get oily and dirty quicker. Similarly, straight hair requires frequent washing as they get dirty and oily easily. 

Curly hair can go longer without washing because they tend to be on the dry side. Silky hair often requires washing and coarse hair can go longer without washing. So all of this makes it pretty clear how much your hair type matters in your wash routine.

Consider your daily routine and lifestyle 

Most people do not take into account their daily routine and lifestyle while figuring out their hair wash routine. Your lifestyle and daily activities surely make an impact on your hair and how often do they get oily and dirty.

If you wash your hair in the morning and style them, they look fresh and dandy but by the evening when you hit the gym they might turn dirty and oily. That is because sweat piles up and clogs your pores which in result makes your scalp dirty and oily.

Manage your Hair wash routine:

So, the question is how often should you wash your hair? The answer is simple, people with dry hair should wash their hair almost three times a week. People having oily hair might need to wash their hair on a regular basis. 

Consider yourself lucky if your hair is neither oily or dry because you have the liberty to wash your hair whenever you feel like it. 

Curlier and thick hair can go more days without washing because the oils from the scalp do not travel down the hair like they do in silky straight hair. Curly hairs can be washed with shampoos specifically made for Curly hair.

If you feel like taking a shower daily because you are used to it. Try taking a body shower. There are shower caps available in the market that you can purchase to maintain a dry head till it’s actually time to shampoo. You can even try washing your hair without using products. 

Normally we are used to washing out hair in the following order: Lather, rinse, and repeat. Experts advise is that we should try co-washing instead of the regular shampoo conditioner washing routine. Sometimes you should let the natural oils do their job.

Tips for dark hair

If you have dark hair then you should consider the following tips :

    • Wash your hair twice at maximum in a week.
    • Frequently washing brunette hair can make it lose its pigments and the natural hair color.
    • Darker hair keeps its shine for a longer period of time and frequently shampooing can damage that natural shine.

Try dry shampoo

Figuring out when to wash your hair can be hard if you don’t really have a predictable schedule. If frequent shampooing your hair poses a problem then you can simply go for a dry shampoo.

When to dry shampoo your hair?

Dry shampoo is ideal for situations when you are in a hurry and need to get somewhere immediately. Maybe you need to be at a meeting in half an hour, maybe you need to be at a party that you managed to squeeze into your tough schedule. Don’t have time to soak, shampoo, dry, and style your hair, just dry shampoo and you’re good to go. 

It absorbs dirt and dust and it cleans your hair without water. It also absorbs oils and grease from your hair and makes it look and smell freshly washed.

Ingredients of Dry Shampoo

They are made up of aerosol propellants and conditioning ingredients and fragrance. Without even rinsing your hair, this technique can make your hair look freshly washed.

Is Dry Shampoo a replacement for regular shampoo?

Dry shampoo is not supposed to replace regular shampoo. It can only be used to extend the intervals between washing your hair. It is available in two forms; powder and aerosol sprays. 

Choose whichever you want, considering the color of your hair, and make sure that it matches them. Dry shampoos are practical on days when normal shampooing seems impossible. A quick brush of dry shampoo can save your day when you are running extremely late. 

What is the advantage of using dry shampoo?

In addition to being a time-saver, dry shampoo adds texture and shine to your hair without damaging it. It can be used as a styling product in your hair updos. 

If you prefer organic shampoos because dry shampoos obviously contain various chemicals. Well, in that case, you do not need to worry because dry shampoos are available with organic ingredients that are really good for your hair. If your hair is lighter then you can also make homemade dry shampoos. 

They prove to be money savers as well as provide perfect shine and texture to your hair. Using these can lessen regular shampooing which in results prevents hair damage. Traditional shampooing weakens your hair as well as fades your dye. In order to get rid of the dirt, spray your favorite dry shampoo for a fresh look.

My Recommendation is to Wash Hair every 2-3 Days

According to experts, the average recommendation is to wash your hair every 2-3 days. You can train your hair to adapt to less washing by not frequently washing your hair. This might take a while but it is worth it in the long run.

You should wash your hair three times a week maximum, so your hair can maintain its natural texture and shine and not get damaged easily. I hope you found this helpful in figuring out your washing routine.

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