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How to Get Over Rejection from School, College or University?

Imagine – all your life you dream about ending up in that ONE college so that you can unlock your career goals. All your hard work through your years in school are focused on that. But then, one day, you find yourself standing in the hallway, holding a rejection letter. 

You must be feeling shattered!

We all have a dream college that we want to be accepted in. Right from submitting your college application to you daydreaming about it – that one acceptance letter can mean the world to you.

But there are times when it does not exactly end up the way you want. Your hopes and dreams can be shattered – at least for a while – when you receive a rejection letter instead.

Just know that it’s totally fine. About 80% of students have a hard time being accepted at their dream colleges. However, while facing that rejection, always remember to buckle up and have a positive outlook on life.

Easier said than done – we know. It can get really sour and quite messy. But you have to survive that phase to keep fighting for your dreams.

 And to do that, you have to cope with it while keeping your spirits high! Want some tips on how to do that? Here:

Take it as a detachment:

Treat it like – as we simplify it – a breakup. Try to make up your mind that it might hurt momentarily but it won’t be the end of you. Let’s be honest. You will always think about how it could’ve been instead, but you have to move on in order to succeed in life.

Maybe, you might get admitted to a better institution afterward? Who knows? Then you’ll regret wasting your emotion and time over something that could’ve been better.

Feeling angry? It’s alright

One thing that will make you stronger than before is to keep yourself positive and motivated when everyone is pushing you down. Hold your vengeance – there is no need to hate the person who was chosen instead of you. Hating that institution won’t help either. Because being angry won’t do anything except causing you emotional distress.

If you are feeling aggressive or angry, channel that energy. Start going to the gym or go for kickboxing. Both of these things will be a great way for you to manifest your anger. It will also be really good for your health.

Apply to other colleges:

Don’t get disheartened. Open the notes on your phone or take a pen and a paper. Start composing a list of other colleges that you might like to be a part of.  There are always other options and you should always have a plan B

Go over this step by step. First, try to add at least 6-7 colleges to this list. After you are done, start applying for all these institutions. This way you’ll have a better chance of getting into at least one college as you are keeping more than one option for yourself. But remember not to lose hope.

Convince yourself:

You need to handle this situation calmly and slowly. It’s a time taking process. Don’t jump right into things. Rejection is hard to face. But, always remember that to deal with it like a champ, you have to do the opposite of rejection – you have to accept.

You have to ’accept’ the fact that this happened. And you can’t change it now. What you can do now is control how you react to it. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that it’s not your fault.

You will eventually move on from this. Love yourself no matter what. Because if you stop doing that and start blaming yourself, you’ll end up doing nothing. This will exhaust all your energy and lead you to feel even worse.

Consult a counselor:

A counselor doesn’t mean that it should be a professional one. It can be your supportive friend or an older sibling. Someone who understands you and your mental state well. In such situations, expressing your thoughts is helpful.

If you will keep bottling up your sentiments, it will tear you down. It will make you uncomfortable. Express your feelings as much as you can. But make sure you tell it to someone who truly cares about you. Because sometimes people just want some drama in their lives. Those people won’t try to help you wholeheartedly.

Get guidance from your seniors:

It is very natural to feel like the world is going to end if you don’t get something you wanted for so long like, getting in your dream college. But this is not true. Try socializing with some seniors of yours. They will console you even better than a friend. Because they are familiar with such situations. As they probably would’ve been through the same situations you are going through right now. Almost all students face rejection from their dream colleges. Ask them about different colleges and institutions

Keep yourself busy doing such things. Keep collecting information about the schools you might be going to, prepare, buy stationery, and just plan it out to distract yourself. It helps!

Face the situation

‘To accept’ is the key to facing any situation. Accept that this happened. Don’t suppress your feelings. Realize the fact that such decisions are not under your control. Convince yourself that there’s nothing wrong with you.

Maybe this just wasn’t the right institution for you to be at. Always remember, being rejected doesn’t mean that you are not good enough. You are perfect at what you do. You’ll find many other greater opportunities ahead in your life. After realizing your discomfort, accept it’s normal and natural to feel this way. Tell yourself that you might not be in your favorite college yet, but stressing over it will drain your energy even more.

Try Fitting in:

The feeling that we ‘fit in’ helps us feel relaxed, motivated, and self-assured. All of this not only helps you feel better about ourselves but also plays a vital part in helping us perform better and be more willing to do new things in life.

Remember, to fit in with new people, it’ll be necessary to actually open up and reveal a bit about yourself – which might be a little tricky if you’re naturally a quiet person. A tip to ease yourself is don’t care too much. Caring too much makes you anxious, hence, holding you back and not letting you fit it.

Focus on your future and your goals:

Instead of staying sad and discouraged, try to focus on your studies and your wellbeing. Recognize your goals and work hard to achieve them. You might not be in your dream college but you might still have a chance to land that dream job of yours.

Remember that joining any institute is just the first step towards building your career. You still have a long way to go and it all depends on how hard you work and how passionate you are for fulfilling your dreams. Your  institution might play a small part in your success. But, what basically counts is how hard you have worked, what skills you have learned, and what grades you have achieved.

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