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How to increase Your Chances of Conceiving Twins?

Let’s be honest, getting pregnant is always a gamble! You never know if you’ll be blessed with just one baby or multiples (aka twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc). It’s completely random and out of your hands. Or is it?

With new research being carried out, scientists think that there might be ways of increasing your chances of having twins. Although there isn’t a 100% guarantee that they will work for you since each person is different, there are certain things you can try if you want to set up a double crib nursery!

How to increase your chances of conceiving twins?

  • Get pregnant after the age of 30

It’s recommended getting pregnant after the age of 30 if you want to increase your chances of conceiving twins. As odd as it may seem, getting pregnant in older age can help your body in releasing multiple eggs with each ovulation. (Explanation for how hyperovulation/ multiple ovulations lead to twins is given at the end of the article)

  • Conceive right after stopping your birth control pill

When you get off of contraceptives, there’s a brief moment where your hormones surge as they attempt to return to their normal levels. This time is ideal to try and conceive twins because the imbalance in your hormones could lead to multiple ovulations.

  • Get pregnant multiple times and conceiving while breastfeeding

Having been pregnant before is likely to increase your chances of having twins. Apart from the fact that your age the odds of multiple babies increase with each pregnancy, nursing your current baby can also play a huge role.

This means that you’re more likely to get pregnant with twins if you’ve been breastfeeding your current babies. This has to do with an increased level of certain proteins and hormones in your body (that happens while you’re breastfeeding) which can then lead to multiple ovulations.

  • Get medical assistance from IVF and Fertility drugs

If you’re having trouble conceiving, getting medical assistance from either IVF or fertility drugs can be a safe option as well. Fertility drugs provide extra hormones for your body which can lead to multiple eggs being released. The most successful fertility drug in use is the Gonadotropin injection, consisting of FSH and LH hormones. 

Apart from hormone injections, when you make use of treatments such as IVF, your chances of having twins increase because you have the option of putting more than one embryo back in your body. Make sure that you refer to your doctor for the best course of fertility treatment for your body. Some say Folic Acid may control the chances of having twins for some people; and we have a doctor’s opinion on this as well that discusses if folic acid can increase the chances of conceiving twins or not.

  • Choose your partner carefully

Twins simply do run in certain families (and can do so without skipping a generation, might I add). If your family has a history of twins, the odds of having a pair yourself are definitely in your favor! 

  • Watch your diet

While having a healthy diet is generally important for having a successful pregnancy, there are certain foods that you can incorporate in your diet which favor twin pregnancies. These include yam, tapioca, complex carbohydrates such as bread and pasta, folic acid, Maca roots, and dairy products.

How does hyper ovulation lead to a twin pregnancy?

Under usual circumstances, a woman’s ovary releases one egg during ovulation in a single cycle. However, in hyperovulation, your ovary can release more than one egg in each ovulation. It might be a single ovary releasing multiple eggs during a 24 hr long period, or both of your ovaries releasing one egg each. If both these eggs are fertilized, it’ll lead to a twin pregnancy of fraternal twins. Bear in mind that to get identical twins, a single zygote has to split in two, rather than fertilization of two separate eggs.

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