12 Online Jobs to Make Money Online in 2021: Forbes List of 12 Online Earning Jobs

The post-COVID-19 would look different – and it must! While the pandemic has exposed the loopholes that exist in the global healthcare system, it has motivated more organizations to explore how they can make ‘work from home’ a reality so there is less dependence on manual labor. 

Working from the convenience of your home, contemplating your tasks for the day while sitting on your couch, and having the liberty to choose your own break hours – sounds too good, right? Well, it is. But it is not far from reality. 

Many people out there have chosen this efficient path to earn a sustainable livelihood as it gives you a sense of independence coupled with convenience. Now you must be thinking – how? Is it as productive? Can I do it?

Forbes List of 12 Online Jobs in 2021:

Well, guess what? You totally can. We are here to guide you through! Today we talk about 12 ways to make money online.

Here is the Forbes List of 12 Online Jobs that you can start working on right away even without any experience:

#1 Google AdSense:

You must have vaguely heard about this, even if you do not know what exactly it is. Did you see a website that has all those ads staring at you? Well, that can help you earn quite a handsome amount of money. 

If you own a blog, you are halfway there already. Setting up a Google AdSense account is pretty simple. All you need to do is sign up with it and Google will provide you with a unique code, which you would be required to paste onto your site. Google then keeps a track of your content as well as the traffic you are getting. 

Your earnings, however, vary geographically and are dependent on the nature of your traffic. But when done right, famed bloggers say they have hit $5000-$10000 marks monthly.

#2 Affiliate Marketing:

To put it in simpler words, Affiliate Marketing is performance-based marketing in which more than one businesses benefit. It is one of the most popular ways to make money online because if established, it can turn into passive income.

Here is how it works: You suggest to your readers a specific product and where to get it. When they purchase it following your channel, you generate a specific amount of income as well. 

For example, you can write an entire blog post about what to look for while choosing the perfect foundation for your skin. You can structure your article discussing consistency, formula, choosing the right shade, etc. and in the end, you suggest a product of your choice while adding a link of where to get it (online shop). When the reader would make a purchase through it, you make money!

#3 Be a Counsel:

Do you know that you can have a full-time job without the need to physically visit any office? Yes, you totally can. If you are an expert in any field and have an extensive range of experience, you can start offering your consultancy services online. 

All you need to do is create a catchy profile and reach out to potential customers. The best part about it is that you are using your expertise to its full potential while making good money. Most of the counselors out there charge a flat per hour rate (eg. $100/hr) and earn accordingly.

If you are wondering how you can get started, just create a free account through

The site lets you set up a free account and create your own profile. It acts as a liaison between you and your potential customers.

#4 Online Courses:

Extending on the last one, you do not need to ‘offer’ someone counseling. You can pretty much make money by using your skills and imparting them to others via online courses. 

There are tons of platforms available out there to help you through it. One of the most popular ones is You can set up your profile, post an online course, and let people sign up and purchase it. 

#5 Podcasts, because why not?

You can also make a handsome amount of cash by making your own podcast. If you are just stepping into your career as a podcaster, there are following two easy ways to go about it:

      • You can either cater to a very big mass-market audience
      • Or you pick a narrow niche market and address it. 

You need to carefully work on picking your niche, build an audience, and find ways to monetize it. The best way is to do it through a sponsor. It will take quite a lot of effort but if you stay consistent, it is totally worth it. 

#6 E-books:

If you are into writing and know how to play with words, you must give it a try. This can be your own startup and identity, with minimal to no costs involved. 

You can pick your topic, create a super-catchy title and simply start selling it without any printing process involved. 

When it comes to the ‘where to sell it’ question, the best place is, of course, Amazon. That is where you can cater to a very broad customer base and get maximum eyeballs. 

If you do not want to opt-out for the Amazon option, check Weebly out! It lets you set up your own website and you can start selling digital products quite conveniently. This is a tougher path as you would need to work harder to create visibility, but you can have all the 100% money for yourself, unlike Amazon, where you will have to pay the 30% for putting it up for sale.

#7 By Collecting Leads:

You can also make money online by collecting leads. You can make that possible, you would need to set up a website, bring in traffic, and collect leads that can generate sales. 

Let’s put it in easier words. Every single business and company needs sales. However, to generate customers, it first needs to focus on generating leads. They can do that either by running advertisements or consulting a lead generation company. 

This is the exact demand which you can fulfill. You can work as an affiliate link, driving traffic to their product, hence earning a commission on every sale.

$8 Freelance Content Writing:

This one of the most efficient ways to earn money online as it pays off pretty quickly. Many people start doing this as a part-time thing to supplement their income. However, as you gain experience in the field, you can charge higher rates and pursue this full-time.

This field is vigilant – it asks for consistency in quality, punctuality, and discipline. The key to excelling in the field is being deadline-oriented and maintain quality. As you advance, your value will increase. Given that we live in a ‘digitally connected world’ where every small and big business needs a strong digital footprint, this would be needed in the market – forever. 

#9 Sponsored Posts:

If you have a large social media following, this can totally work out for you. Have you seen your favorite Instagrammer or blogger suggesting a brand/product and you see that tiny hashtag #ad in the caption? That is what they are doing!

Influencer marketing basically uses your face value to generate sales. You might be blown away to know that famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo earns more through his Instagram than football itself. If brands see quality, consistency, and organic following on your account, they would reach out to you for sponsor posts.

Not only can you charge quite some bucks from them, but you also get to try a lot of free stuff to experiment with and review. Most importantly, it also provides you a chance to do something of your own. There are a lot of influencers out there with their own product lines. Because, why not?

#10 Have you’ve tried out webinars yet?

Guess what? You can also make money and generate sales through webinars. Webinars (read it web-seminars for easier understanding) allow you to share your ideas online. Now you must be thinking about how you can make money by sharing free webinars – well, you need a strategy to go about it.

Most people who are generating money through this strategy suggest their own product at the end of the webinar. Through a webinar, you are basically giving out a lot of useful tips for free which keeps the audience glued to the screen while suggesting your own product when you conclude it. The best way to do it is through live sessions. They are interactive and are likely to engage more public – motivating them to watch it till the end. 

#11 YouTube:

This one needs no introduction! We have seen our favorite YouTubers grow in front of our very eyes. I still remember discovering Kathleen Lights a few years back with some thousand subscribers. Now she has built a community of over 4 million followers and not only has collaborated with some reputed makeup brands but came out with her own nail polish product line herself as well. 

I am sure all of them know a ton of successful YouTubers’ stories. While their path might be different, there is one thing common among all: consistency. You need to overcome your camera hesitance, create a schedule and stick to it and be yourself. 

It is a big market out there with still so many opportunities for you. Because if they can, why can’t you?

#12 Build an Online Community:

If none of the above calls your name, this would. The reason being that this one is fairly easier to start as you get to skip the ‘awkward beginning phase’. You can start doing that by kick-starting a close Facebook group. Gather like-minded people, let them create discussion threads and engage with each other. 

Once you have a community of trusted audience, you can reach out to sponsors and brands to implement the affiliate or influencer marketing strategy. You can also conduct paid classes for them. A lot of women started their Facebook group and then many members attended their makeup masterclasses and paid cooking tutorials as well. 

If that does not interest you, you can also introduce a product of your own or divert that audience to your website or other social media handles with more potential.

There are tons of opportunities waiting for you to explore!

There are so many opportunities out there that you can easily avail yourself with no physical costs involved. Working from home would provide you with a chance to regulate your own routine and explore your hidden potential. 

You need to pick your niche, polish it, and refine it unless you have mastered it. Are you into content writing? Start today! Do you think you can make good bucks via graphic design? Good, enroll yourself in that online course NOW. Learn a new skill, practice it, take risks, and follow your heart. 

If you start today without any excuse to delay it till tomorrow – you will have your own success story to tell. For sure. 

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