Getting a favorite pair of jeans is such a guilty pleasure just like when you are getting a bucket of ice cream. However, you might end up at the store and realize that your favorite mom jeans are in sizes bigger than your frame.

If this is you and you’ve ever tried on a pair of mom jeans and felt like they were just a bit too big, don’t despair. There are a few easy ways to shrink them so they fit better.

With just a little effort, you can take a pair of too-big mom jeans and shrink them down to the perfect fit. So don’t be afraid to experiment until you get the results you want.

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3 Reasons Why You Might Want to Shrink Your Mom Jeans

1. They’re too big and you want a better fit

There are a few reasons why people might shrink their mom jeans. The most common reason is that they simply don’t fit well. Mom jeans are designed to be loose and comfortable, but they can sometimes end up being too big. People shrink mom jeans because they want the look that is achieved by a more tailored, fitted pair of jeans.

Whatever the reason, shrinking mom jeans is a popular trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

2. You like the look of shrink-to-fit jeans

Shrink-to-fit jeans have been around for decades, and they continue to be a popular choice for many people. The appeal of shrink-to-fit jeans is that they mold to the wearer’s body, creating a custom fit that is both comfortable and stylish. Many people like the look of shrink-to-fit jeans so much that they will deliberately shrink them even further in order to achieve an even more fitted look.

While shrink-to-fit jeans may require a bit more effort to care for, many people feel that the extra hassle is worth it for the unique fit and style that they provide.

Another reason is that shrinking mom jeans can help to give them a more stylish look. By tapering the legs and waist, mom jeans can be transformed from dowdy to chic.

3. You want to experiment with different looks and styles

Shrinking mom jeans is a great way to experiment with different styles. You can try out a new look without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe. Finally, shrinkage also has the added benefit of making your jeans unique.

Whether you’re looking for a fashionable new look or just want to experiment with something different, shrinking your mom jeans is a great option. Some people shrink their mom jeans because they want to create a DIY project. Shrinking mom jeans is relatively easy, and it can be a fun way to customize your clothing.

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Shrink Mom Jeans

What you’ll need to shrink your jeans

  1. Your jeans
  2. A washing machine or a sink
  3. Hot water
  4. A towel
  5. An iron (optional)

Step 1: Choose the right size washer and dryer

If you want to shrink your jeans in the washing machine, it’s important to choose a washer and dryer that are the right size. A too-small washer will not be able to properly agitate the fabric and a too-large dryer will not get hot enough to shrink the fabric.

Step 2: Pre-treat any stubborn stains

Before you wash your jeans, pre-treat any stubborn stains with a stain remover. This will help ensure that the stains come out in the wash.

Step 3: Wash the jeans on a hot cycle

If you’re using a washing machine, set it to the hottest water setting and wash the jeans on a normal cycle. If you’re hand-washing the jeans, fill a sink or tub with hot water and soak the jeans for about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how much you want them to shrink.

Step 4: Hang your jeans up or lay them flat to air dry

Once you are done washing, put them in the dryer in the highest heat setting. This will help shrink the fabric. But, if you hand wash, after washing, wring out your jeans and then lay them flat on a towel. Use your hands to press the excess water out of the jeans, then fold the towel over and press down on it to help absorb more water.

However, if you want to speed up the process, you can put them in the dryer in a low heat setting, but this isn’t recommended as it can cause further shrinkage and damage to your jeans.

Step 5: Put the jeans on and enjoy your new fit

Once they’re completely dry, try them on to see if they fit the way you want.  If they’re still too big, you can always wash them again on a hot cycle and dry them on a high heat setting. If they’re still too loose, repeat the shrinking process. Once the jeans are shrunk, put them on and enjoy your new fit.

To prevent your shrunken jeans from returning to their original size, wash them in cold water from now on and avoid putting them in the dryer.

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Can You Shrink Jeans Down a Size?

Yes, you can usually shrink jeans down a size or two by washing them in hot water. Though you can shrink jeans down a size, but it’s not always going to be a perfect fit. If the jeans are too big, to begin with, shrinking them may make them too tight in the wrong places. And if they’re already tight, well, you might end up with a pair of jeggings instead of jeans.

So shrinking jeans can be a bit of a gamble. But if you’re willing to take the risk, there are a few ways to do it. The most common way is to wash them in hot water and then tumble dry them on high heat; this will usually shrink them down by one or two sizes. You can also try soaking them in hot water for 30 minutes, then putting them in the freezer for an hour; this will usually shrink them down by one size.

Of course, the best way to ensure a perfect fit is to buy jeans that are the right size, to begin with, but where’s the fun in that?

If you are doing this, be sure to read the care label before shrinking jeans, as some denim fabrics are not meant to be shrunken. And once the jeans have been shrunk, you can allow them to air dry instead of putting them in the dryer. Voila! Your mom jeans should now fit better.

How Many Sizes Can You Shrink Jeans?

It depends on the fabric and the type of denim. Some denim can shrink up to 20%, while other types of denim may only shrink a few sizes. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go for smaller-size jeans.

If you want to shrink your jeans in a hurry, then put them in the washing machine in the hottest setting possible. Wash them with other items that are also made of denim or other sturdy materials. After the cycle is complete, dry your jeans on high heat. This method usually shrinks jeans by about 5-10%.

If you don’t mind taking a bit more time, then you can hand wash your jeans in hot water. Make sure to use a detergent that is meant for dark clothing. soak your jeans in the hot water for about 30 minutes. Then, rinse them in cold water and air dry. This method usually shrinks jeans by about 10-15%.

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Does Cold Water Shrink Jeans?

Yes, cold water can shrink jeans. But, it’s not always the best option because it can take longer and sometimes doesn’t work as well as hot water.

Remember that you can always shrink your jeans a bit more by repeating this method. Just be careful not to overdo it, or you may end up with jeans that are too small.

Pros and Cons of Shrinking Your Jeans

There are a few pros and cons to consider before you decide to shrink your jeans.

1. It can be a great way to get a more customized fit

If you find a pair of jeans that you love but they’re just a little bit too big, shrinking them can help you achieve the perfect fit.

2. It can also add some extra durability to your jeans

The heat from the drying process can help to set the fabric, making it less likely to tear or stretch out over time.

However, there are also a few potential downsides to consider.

3. Shrinking your jeans can be a risky process

If you don’t do it correctly, you could end up ruining your jeans entirely. And this can end up costing you more money compared to when you get a perfect fit from the beginning.

4. They go back to their normal size eventually

Even if you do succeed in shrinking your jeans, they may not remain that way for long. The fabric will eventually relax and return to its original size, meaning you’ll have to repeat the process on a regular basis.

Overall, whether or not shrinking your jeans is a good idea depends on your personal preferences and how often you’re willing to take the risk.


So, if you want to shrink your mom jeans (or any other pair of jeans, for that matter), it is possible. You just need to know how to do it properly. Follow our simple step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be able to make your jeans smaller in no time at all. Plus, shrinking them in cold water is the best way to preserve their color and shape.

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