Increase Manicure Durability: Make Your Manicure Last Longer: Tips and Tricks

How to Protect Manicure to make it last longer?

Ever went through all the trouble of getting your nails done and seeing that they chipped just after a few days? We know how it feels. It certainly rains on your parade when you spend a handsome amount of money on a manicure which only lasts for days (or just a week if it is gel). 

Luckily there are a number of tricks and tips to go about which can surely change the game for you. These tips are lesser-known and can make your manicure last much longer than it does now. 

  • Get a Manicure on Short Nails:

Our nails go through a lot every day. Typing, doing dishes, doing laundry are just some of the chores that take their toll on your nails. Long nails certainly look the best but they are more prone to breaking and chipping than shorter nails. If you get your manicure done on shorter nails, your fingers will take the fall for any activity that makes the tip of your nails chip.

  • Invest in a Nicer Topcoat:

If you are up for using only one of these tips, we suggest investing in a better topcoat than you have right now. A good topcoat is what keeps your nails chip-free (for at least a week) and protects and strengthens them. And if the topcoat claims to provide hydration as well, go for it before it goes out of stock.

  • Use Gloves:

Doing house chores with bare hands can significantly reduce the lifespan of your manicures. Excessive use of water and soap can dry your nails out which will make them less shiny and more likely to break and chip. Use rubber gloves while doing house chores to increase the life of your manicure.

  • Give Time to Dry Properly:

If you smudge your nail polish before it dries out completely, you might ruin your entire manicure. Most nail polishes take an hour to dry out completely (yes, that is true) even though they may look like they are good to go. If you touch your nails slightly and they look like they are dry or you keep them in the dryer for an adequate amount of time, chances are, that they are not fully dried for quite sometime after that. So, be cautious and patient with the dry time.

  • Avoid Hot Showers/Baths:

Even if your manicure looks like it is intact and can take any and everything, you do not want to submerge your hands in hot water for long periods of time as the nails can still absorb water, making the manicure short-lived and can cause it to chip.

  • Go Light with the Color Choice:

Don’t you love that bold look? But bold colors look worse when they start chipping or if you break one of your nails. We recommend going for lighter colors or a French manicure to make your manis look good for a while longer in case it chips and cracks. 

  • Use White Vinegar:

Wipe your bare nails with white vinegar using a cotton ball or a swab. This will take away excess oils and will serve as a natural cleanser for the nails. White vinegar provides a clean slate for your mani, so be sure to use it before applying the basecoat, nail polish, and topcoat.

  • Resist Shaking the Nail Polish Bottle:

It feels like a good idea to shake the nail polish bottle before applying it for smooth application. But it may do more harm than good as the shaking can create air bubbles which, after application, can make your mani more prone to chipping and smudging. Instead, roll the bottle rapidly between your palms to eliminate air bubbles.

  • Don’t Soak Your Nails:

This is a common mistake that even manicurists don’t realize. Don’t soak your nails in water before a manicure (for softening the cuticles use cuticle oil instead) as the nails will absorb water and expand. Later, after applying the nail color they will shrink back to their normal size causing the manicure to not fit your nails any longer. Consequently, the manicure will chip and break.

  • Avoid Hand Sanitizer:

Use hand soap or plain water to wash your hands. Avoid using hand sanitizer as the alcohol and other chemicals in it can dry out your nails, making them dull and chipped.

  • Go thin With the Application:

Apply thin strokes of nail color onto the nails to make the application chip-resistant. Thick strokes of nail color tend to peel off faster than usual and that may be the only mistake you are committing that is making your manicure short-lived. 

  • Re-apply the Topcoat and Basecoat:

Once the first layer of your basecoat is dried, apply another layer on the top half of the nails (which are more likely to chip) as it will provide more resilience to your nail color. Use the base coat which is strong and has a nice grip over nails. Some manicurists recommend using a sticky base coat to make the mani last longer.

As for the top coat, you need to keep applying it after two or three days to get the best results and longer mani life. Some experts don’t recommend doing that but there are a lot of people who swear by this little trick.

  • Don’t forget the Tips:

While applying the nail polish, don’t stop at the tip of the nails. Instead, go slightly underneath it to make a firm wrap around the curvature of the nails. This will provide additional protection and will seal the color.  

  • Wait between coats:

Your polish needs to be completely dry before you apply another layer of it as early re-application can lead to peeling off. Experts suggest waiting for at least two minutes (and as long as ten minutes) between each coat to reduce the chances of air bubbles and help make sure that the polish is dried out completely.

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