Friends with benefits is no new concept, especially when a man and a woman are involved. To many, the adventure with their FWB is always a memorable one while for others, the story usually ends in a heart-ripping episode.

Perhaps you may be wondering ‘Is FWB a relationship?’. Well, FWB is more of a beneficial friendship between two individuals without clear terms of commitment as you would find when two individuals are intentionally dating.

In this blog post, I will be sharing what FWB relationship is, what it entails, how it works, its perks and drawbacks. Stick around and read on as we go through this together.

What Is a FWB Relationship?

A FWB relationship is the acronym used for a friends-with-benefits (FWB) relationship. A FWB relationship is a physical intimacy devoid of emotional and romantic commitment between two people.

Simply put, a FWB relationship is a dynamic likely relationship between two people in a platonic connection.

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Two people in a friends-with-benefits (FWB) relationship are people who are romantically and physically intimate with one another but are in no way committed to themselves emotionally.

FWB is a friendship with benefits between two people who clearly enjoy being around each other, but the relationship isn’t romantic and has no conditions. A friends-with-benefits relationship is a casual relationship for fun with a friend or a random person.

FWB relationships are a way to satisfy your sexual cravings without putting in the time or effort necessary for a committed relationship. Generally, polyamorous people who want to pursue several different kinds of relationships simultaneously venture into FWB relationships.

FWB relationships can be extremely rewarding for those who are averse to commitment, fun explorers, singles who aren’t ready to “settle down,” and anyone looking to safely experiment with various forms of intimacy.

Therefore, if you are someone that feels deep in emotional commitment and intimacy in a relationship, a FWB isn’t for you. This is because a FWB relationship is typically non-monogamous, which means that the parties involved may date and engage in romantic activity with other people as well.

How Does FWB Work?

FWB simply work by two people who like each other on a platonic level though come together and decide to go the extra mile in their physical intimacy with one another without any relationship commitment or emotional commitment. These two people simply agree to do the following;

  1. Meet for carnal intimacy when they are in the mood for it but don’t go on dates.
  2. Be able to have fun with other people, date other people, and have other relationships while not meddling in each other relationship or erotic affairs with other people or getting possessive or jealous.
  3. Avoid relationship communication with one another but chat about other things.

Is a FWB Relationship a Good Idea?

According to some relationship therapists, any relationship experience is worth it as long as it reflects what the person really wants and the person is in a comfortable and safe space with their decision.

The truth about getting into relationships is to be really honest with yourself about the kind of relationship you want and why you’re pursuing that particular kind of relationship. Therefore, if it is good for you, why not?

A friendship-with-benefits relationship may be ideal for some people but not for others. It could be such a good idea for people who are at ease with a lack of commitment and openness in relationships and a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

It is such a bad idea for people who are prone to jealousy or insecurity or who have trouble setting healthy boundaries in any relationship.

So to simply answer your question ‘Is FWB a good idea?’. I will say generally it’s possible to be a good idea if the friends-with-benefits situation is a wonderfully healthy and positive relationship with some level of honesty, care, and thoughtfulness.

7 Tips on How to Maintain Fwb Relationship

When diving into a FWB relationship, it’s crucial for both of you getting involved to be on the same page.

This is to ensure the highest levels of trust, comfort, respect, and enjoyment between you and the other person when starting a friends-with-benefits relationship. Here are tips on how to maintain FWB relationship.

1. Establish a clear definition of what being FWB really means to each other to set ground boundaries

Getting a clear definition of what FWB means to you and your significant other in the FWB situation is very crucial in maintaining FWB. The most frequent cause of dissatisfaction in FWBs is the lack of open and honest communication between the partners regarding their expectations, agreements, and boundaries.

When this clear definition is established, it helps you and your partner set erotic boundaries on what will and won’t be expected of the actual erotic behaviors (including sexual health guidelines, like barriers to STDs and contraceptives).

Whatever your thoughts or your partner’s thoughts might be, they should be fully expressed, discussed, and agreed upon to make sure there is consensus. For instance, you might not want to have oral fun or feel less at ease taking pictures or making videos while having adventures.

2. Make sure you both have the right motivations for being FWBs

In some cases, one partner enters a friendship-with-benefits relationship in the hopes that it will progress to a committed partnership.

Therefore, to maintain a healthy FWB relationship, enter into this sexual territory only if you and your partner are on the same page about your feelings for one another.

Holding onto these beliefs, however, can result in disappointment and upset that may even result in the end of your friendship.

3. Establish outside-of-the-bedroom limits

Setting boundaries outside of the bedroom is a healthy tip to maintain a FWB.  This will help eradicate what might lead to an emotional attachment between you two.

It’s important to consider issues like how you interact with each other hookups and other relationships.

4. Regularly check in with one another about your FWB status

Checking in frequently with one another about the FWB situation is crucial to ensure that everything is still ok and going as planned.

Changes are bound to occur over time so you need to create a routine of checking in on the status of  your FWB. By so doing, you might discover that some things aren’t functioning exactly how you anticipated and need any necessary adjustments.

5. Avoid making it your top priority

Don’t let your FWB relationship hold you back in the real world. Although FWB is great for letting off steam and having some fun. However, it can be more consuming than you want.

The friends-with-benefits situation can take up way too much time and energy off you that it can bar you from meeting someone in the long run and emotionally investing in a relationship that is significant to you.

6. Agree on the duration of your FWB relationship

It is important to have a discussion with your partner about how long you anticipate the FWB to last and come to an agreement together on when to stop.

By having this conversation, you can make sure that you and your partner are ready for any developments and can deal with them.

You’ll avoid any uncomfortable or painful situations later on if you and your partner agree up front on the length of your FWB relationship.

Decide together how long this relationship will last, whether it will last for a set period or will end once one of you finds a long-term partner. This helps you to agree on when to stop having fun right away whenever there is ever a time when the feelings aren’t any longer shared by both people.

7. Prioritize the friendship over the benefits

The truth about FWB is that you are just friends who have fun at the end of the day. Therefore, it is crucial for you both to try your hardest to maintain the friendship that existed before you added the benefits of making out.

Does FWB Count as a Relationship?

FWB falls in the middle of a dating relationship and a friendship. It is simply a term used to describe relationships between acquaintances that are more than just platonic. It differs from hooking up, which usually only occurs once with a new person.

You can get to have multiple FWBs and still not feel guilty or sanctioned. Such is not the case for actual relationships.

Is FWB Better Than a Relationship?

To be honest, it can be very difficult to find an FWB relationship that works well. This is because we are all only human, occasionally one of us will experience emotions that will cause the otherwise wonderful situation to collapse.

Therefore, it’s not always simple to make it work, but when it does, being a friend with benefits can be better than being in a committed relationship. Here are five reasons why I say so.

1. FWB requires no time for love

You already put in a lot of effort to become successful, so the last thing you need is for “a thing called love” to interfere and slow you down. The fact that you simply lack the time to fall in love is even more obvious that FWB is better than a relationship for you.

2. FWB does not need commitment

FWB relationships don’t really require commitment. If you ever grow bored with the fun you’re having, you just talk it out and move on. You don’t “have to” stay or put in a lot of effort to make it work. If it isn’t functioning, it is over, no strings attached.

3. FWBs are more sustainable than relationships

Depending on other factors in both of your love lives, you can have a friend with benefits for decades, ebbing in and out of it as needed. While some relationships especially those you enter into in your 20s and 30s are relatively short-lived, and once you split up, both parties may not have much to loose.

4. Ending FWB is so easy than ending an actual relationship

It’s difficult to end an actual relationship with anyone, but it’s easy to do so with FWB. There are no sobs or difficult conversations with ending a FWB. Your reason is simply that the fun no longer excites you, or you met someone else you want to date, or things became a little more challenging emotionally.

5. FWB helps you to try out sexual experiences more than an actual relationship

With FWBs, you get to explore your sexual experiences and thoughts more frequently than in a relationship.

Final Thoughts

FWB is an acronym for friendship-with-benefits or friend-with-benefits relationship. FWB is quite different from an actual relationship. This is s because as it offers a low-pressure way to enjoy the company of someone without worrying about commitments or spending the future together.

FWBs can be an enjoyable, heartfelt, and fulfilling way to connect with someone like in any other relationship. However, it may not be for everyone as it is not always as simple as it seems.

Although it lacks commitment and love, it requires setting some boundaries and making some dating goals. So you might need to think well and be sure of it before engaging in FWB.

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