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MEXT Scholarships 2022-2023: Win a Japanese MEXT Scholarship Today!

MEXT | Scholarships by Japan Government | Fully Funded Scholarships 2021

The Japanese government has announced its fully-funded MEXT scholarships for the year 2022-2023 for all students. All the countries which are eligible for this Japanese scholarship program are listed below. These scholarships allow students to study bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., and training-based programs in Japan. The recipients will be able to study in any one of the universities in Japan and all the educational expenses will be covered by the government of Japan. 

Students from all the regions of the world, namely, Asia, Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, Latin, and North America can apply to this MEXT scholarship. These regions have a diplomatic relationship with Japan. All the Japanese universities have partnered for it and students are free to pick any subject area of their choice. 

MEXT Scholarships 2022 | In-Depth Introduction

The MEXT scholarship program is funded by the government of Japan and is intended to cover all educational costs of the recipients. The deadline for this scholarship varies from country to country.

MEXT stands for The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology. Under this scholarship program students are allowed to apply for undergraduate, master’s, and Doctoral programs in the same or closely related subject area that they chose in their home country. Students are free to apply to the universities of their choice. They will get admission to any Japanese university that fits them best based on their previous grades and overall academic and non-academic profile. 

Students are advised to apply to the programs they are eligible for and which they think they are perfectly capable of pursuing. Students picking up research-based programs should possess a research background (if they are Ph.D. applicants) or should possess a knack for research (for master’s applicants).

MEXT Scholarships Duration:

The undergraduate courses normally take 4 to 5 years to complete. The master’s programs take 2 to 3 years, whereas the Doctoral programs are 3 to 4 years long. The scholarship will be awarded for the whole duration of the study program. 

MEXT Eligible Subject Areas: 

The MEXT scholarship allows studies in almost all subject areas. You are most likely to find the program of your choice. From medical to social sciences, arts to humanities, engineering to healthcare, there are a number of programs to choose from.

MEXT Scholarships Coverage:

 This scholarship is meant to offer fully-funded studies to outstanding international students. The students will be able to study in the top universities of Japan for free. All the cost of education including and especially the tuition fee will be covered by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan. 

    • Students will get a monthly allowance and a one-time preparatory allowance.
    • They will be covered for their examination fee and tuition fee.
    • Students will get a one-time ticket for the purpose of traveling to Japan from their country. The ticket will be for economy class. 
    • Students will get free accommodation in the university dormitories.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for MEXT Scholarships in Japan:

    • Applicants must be from a country that has diplomatic relations with the country of Japan.
    • If the applicants have Japanese nationality, they will not be eligible to apply, even if they reside in some other country.
    • Students applying must be born on or after the 2nd of April, 1985.
    • Master’s applicants should have completed 16 years of education from country/countries other than Japan.
    • Doctoral degree applicants should have completed 18 years of education from country/countries other than Japan.
    • It is not mandatory to know the Japanese language beforehand. Applicants are not even required to submit test scores of IELTS or TOEFL.

Countries Eligible for MEXT Scholarships:

The countries eligible for this scholarship program are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Brunei Darussalam, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Algeria, Iran, Botswana, India, Egypt, Laos, Ghana, Maldives, South Africa, Malaysia, Nigeria, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines and many more.

How to Apply for the MEXT Scholarships in Japan?

Search for the Japanese Embassy Website of your region (country), and then navigate to their education section of the website and then check out the country-specific MEXT Scholarship application procedure from there; to begin with your Japanese scholarship application.

Make sure to prepare the following documents ahead of time prior to filing an application for MEXT scholarship in Japan, as you’ll need these documents at the time of filing an online application:

    • The detailed research proposal, a study plan, or a motivational letter
    • The intent letter or statement of purpose or CV for Scholarship may be required
    • All educational certificates along with degree and transcripts
    • Two original recommendation letters were written by your teachers
    • A photograph, hope certificate, and medical clearance letter if applicable

If you have the above-listed documents ready; then you are all set to apply here for a Japan MEXT Scholarship 2022-2023. Submit your online application for this scholarship here.

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