Keto diet is a brilliant idea to reduce weight and intake the necessary nutrients without compromising and here we will share the ideas for Keto Lunch Meal Prep. The problem is when we realize that daily, we must attend work and fulfill our obligations. So, we don’t always have the time to make the best recipes for our bodies. That’s why we’re going to try to show you some simple ideas for Keto lunch meal intake, which you can prepare quickly to take to work. At work, the idea is to eat light and healthy. That’s why here we leave you with the best Keto lunch meal prep recipes:

The list of Keto Lunch Diet Preparation Ideas:

  • Fish cake with lemon and avocado

Fish cakes with avocado and lemon are very simple to make and very healthy. Considerable amounts can be consumed as they are not composed of foods with large amounts of sugars. Lemon-Fish-Avacado cakes can be eaten both hot and cold. Lemon and avocado can be taken separately or simply mixed beforehand. With a six-unit recipe, you’ll be more than happy and satisfied.

  • Meatballs

One of Keto’s most effective and fastest Keto lunch meal preps recipes, without a doubt. Meatballs made from one hundred percent good fat meat are a great complement to those busy days at work. They can also be eaten both hot and cold. It is ideal to accompany meatballs with an abundant salad or simply with green vegetables. Be sure to always use beef and season with fresh pepper. This will add a touch of quality to your meatballs.

  • Mexican Slow Cooking Beef

One of the most traditional dishes we can find. Simple to make and always provides a lot of energy. It can be eaten hot or cold and it is also ideal to accompany it with a good salad or an abundant plate of green vegetables. It is recommended to cook it with cumin and coriander, to give it a more intense taste. With a good portion of beef, you can have lunch for approximately 3 or 4 days at work. In addition, each serving includes only 1 carbohydrate. Impossible to avoid this meal.

  • Chicken with butter and slow cooking

Another of the most daily and effective dishes that we can make. The chicken is undoubtedly a must when starting a healthy diet.  Both beef and chicken are ideal for lunch the next day. Their overnight storage allows them to finish assembling the flavors the perfect way. It can be served with an abundant portion of rice or with a little vegetable. In addition, it has only 7 carbohydrates. It is always recommended to use first quality farm chickens. Also, wash green vegetables properly.

  • Bacon accompanied with spinach

This bacon dish can be accompanied not only with spinach but also with scrambled or baked eggs. It can also be combined with a small portion of meat or simply with vegetables. It can be eaten both hot and cold. We recommend it hot. In addition, it contains only 4 carbohydrates per serving. To make it even healthier, you can use a little guacamole to cover the food.

There are many other handy recipes for easy, quick, healthy Keto lunch meal preps, at work. These are just a few of them.

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