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KGSP Scholarships 2022: Online Application Submission Portal Open

Korean Government Scholarship Program 2022-2023

Korean Government Scholarships Program (KGSP) 2022 is available to international students to avail a chance to study for free in top-ranked Korean Universities this year. Korea is one of the leading countries of the world which has instantly emerged with the most-watched dramas in the entertainment industry. They have also emerged in the field of technology and science and these fields have recently contributed a lot to the now-sound economy of the country. It won’t be hard to say that Korea has become a dream destination to settle in for most of our generation. This is the cause behind almost everyone rushing to apply for the universities in Korea.

With thousands of applicants from all over the world, it might get hard for you to get admission to a high-standard university in Korea, and that too if you’re going to apply for a scholarship. Don’t worry! This hard job is made easy by us, giving you all the shortcut keys and guidelines that are guarantee to get you through the admission procedures.

What is the KGSP?

KGSP stands for Korean Government Scholarship Program. It is a fully-funded scholarship program offered by the Republic of Korea. This scholarship places you in one of the top Korean universities that are on its list. The KGSP is a very beneficial scholarship program that requires students with extraordinary capabilities to nourish them and turn them into leaders.

The best part about this scholarship program is the perks that come with it. These perks allow you to focus on your studies more than other jobs. However, part-time jobs by students are always appreciated and encouraged by universities as they bring a sense of responsibility to the individuals and prepare them for their upcoming challenges in practical life.

Reasons to apply for the Korean Government Scholarship Program:

The Korean Government Scholarship Program KGSP is one of the best scholarship programs in the world as it provides a number of advantages and relieves you from a lot of expenses.

  • Free Air tickets:

You don’t have to worry about the air tickets as long as you’re a holder of the KGSP. The KGSP confirms the airfare of its holders.

  • Resettlement Allowance:

The KGSP promises an amount of KRW 200,000 on resettlement and relocation since resettlement costs a lot of charges.

  • Grants Living Expenses:

The KGSP promises to grant the awardees KRW 20,000 per month for covering expenses such as groceries etc.

  • Health Insurance:

The KGSP promises health insurance worth KRW 20,000 to the awardees.

  • Korean Language Course:

For students studying through the KGSP, it is mandatory to attend the Korean Language course. For this purpose, the awardees are granted KRW 800,000 to pay for this course after every 3 months.

  • Award for the Korean Language:

Once you have completed the Korean language course, the KGSP awards you with a certificate of expertise in the Korean language.

  • Semester fees waiver:

The KGSP covers the semester fee every semester up to KRW 500,000.

  • Research Expenses:

The KGSP encourages research work as it plays a great role in developing the intellectual capabilities of the students. Therefore, it grants an amount of KRW 240,000 per semester.

  • Thesis Preparations:

The awardees are granted a huge amount of minimum KRW 500,000 to a maximum of KRW 800,000 for preparations of the thesis. But this perk is awarded to only those students who are registered in research-based programs/courses. 

  • Completion of Degree:

On completing the degree, the awardee is granted KRW 100,000 as a gift from the KGSP.

Programs Available through the KGSP:

Some scholarship programs offer a single program. However, the KGSP offers the following program to be studied by its applicants;

  • Undergraduate Program:

This program is available to students who have studied a 12 year of education up till high school. The students will be designated to the universities by KGSP, according to the students’ IQ level, capabilities, and skills. The age requirement for this program is below 25 years old.

  • Post-Graduate Program:

For this program, the students must have 16 years of education. It is also mandatory for the students to already hold a Bachelor’s degree, in the field they are willing to apply for a Master’s. The age requirement for acquiring a Master’s degree is below 40 years of age.

  • Ph.D. Program:

If a student is willing to apply for the Ph.D. program, then they must hold a 4 year Bachelor’s and 2 years Master’s degree, combined with a total of 18 years of education. The age limit for this program is the same as for the Master’s program that is 40 years of age.

Entry Criteria for the KGSP:

The KGSP has entry criteria and the applicants must stand up to the mark if they want to be considered for this scholarship. Following are the requirements for eligibility:

    • Neither the applicant nor their parents should be of Korean nationality.
    • The health of the applicant is most important, especially in the current circumstances with Covid on the loose. But it’s not just the physical health that is considered, mental health is also supposed to be stable if you want to apply for the KGSP.
    • The applicants must have completed their primary, secondary, and higher secondary education from any country other than Korea.
    • The minimum CGPA required for entrance is 80%.

Note: Any applicant who has previously been an awardee of the KGSP can reapply if he has a 90% result when studied through this scholarship program.

Documents Required for KGSP Scholarship Application:

There is a list of documents that need to be submitted at the time of application. These documents should be submitted along with the scholarship application:

Note: the personal statement is an optional document for applicants of the undergraduate program.

Steps to apply for KGSP Funding:

You can apply for the KGSP by following these simple steps:

    1. Find yourself a Korean university that suits you and offers the KGSP, as this scholarship program is offered to a limited number of universities.
    2. Apply through the Korean embassy or university. (National Institute for International Education summons the embassy of Korea to put forward the promising applicants)
    3. Submit the documents required by the university to the Korean embassy situated in your native country. You can also submit these documents to the Korean university, if possible.

(The documents of the selected and approved candidates are then sent to the National Institute for International Education, in order to vindicate the qualification and ability of the chosen candidates.

The embassy or university will then be notified whether the documents are correct or not)

Once the above procedure is complete, you will be informed about your selection or rejection by the embassy or the country as the scholarship committee is not responsible for notifying the students.

KGSP Scholarship Application Submission Deadline 2022

The Korean Government Scholarship Program is set for a certain limit of time. Make sure to apply and submit the documents before the due date.

Opening Date: The application for the KGSP scholarship starts on February 1, 2021.

Ending Date: The application deadline for the KGSP scholarship application is April 30, 2021.

Good Luck! (행운을 빌어 요!)

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