Killer Tips: Not To Fall in Love with Suspect Stealing Heart and Mind!

Guide on How To Not Fall in Love: Train Heart and Brain to Avoid Felling in Love!

Falling in love is a whole new world that everyone explores at least once in their lifetime. Love brings so much joy and happiness to your life. Most say that there is no right time to fall in love. There are plenty who will disagree with that statement.

Some fall in love too quickly, some rush love, and some believe that there are more important things than falling in love. Meanwhile, some people just need a break from love to work on themselves. They are hurt and broken because of heartbreak.

Although, it is natural to feel love, give love, and be loved. But despite that, if you have decided to avoid love, you must remain true to yourself and not let your emotions get ahead of you.

For whatever reason, you are trying to not fall in love. It is important that you know your feelings are valid and it does not make you any less normal than what society expects from you.

Killer Tips on Not to fall in Love!

So, if you do not want to fall in love, below are a few tips that will support you to reach your goal!

#1 Maintain distance from suspect!

The first thing that you are required to do is, make sure you are maintaining a distance from the person you think you might fall for. This will help you avoid creating any newer feelings for them than you already have.

Keeping a distance from them is hard but it is even harder if you work in the same place or study in the same institute. Seeing them around for long hours makes things more difficult. You will be tempted to interact with them all the time. This way you will also be distracted from your work or studies.

So, if you do regularly see each other then try taking different routes around your office or school to not see them as often, try avoiding handshakes or small talks with them. Establish boundaries but try not to seem rude as you are together in a workspace or institute. You do not want to create an impression that you hate them. Interact the least with them but show good manners.

#2 Try not to think about the suspect!

As easy and simple as this tip sounds. It is not. You may be easily avoiding them, but they will keep appearing in your dreams and thoughts. Your mind will be occupied by the thoughts of that suspect all the time.

So, to avoid thinking about them try to distract yourself. Either overload yourself with work or try spending your time productively instead such as meditating, going to the gym, and doing yoga. Focus on yourself. Make a bucket list and try to complete as much of the list as possible. This way you will not only be focused on yourself, but you will also feel better about yourself and spend your time not thinking about the person you like.

A very effective way to not reminisce about them is to reflect on all their negative qualities and unflattering traits over and over again. This will eventually cause you to dislike them, and you will no longer find yourself attracted to them.

#3 Do not stalk the suspect!

Stalking them in real life, which by the way is super creepy or on social media is what you need to stop doing instantly. Seeing their Instagram page or Facebook page every couple of hours to see their recent activity will just increase your obsession with the person.

This way not only will you find yourself lost in their thoughts but also fail to maintain a distance from them. Failing to do both these tips will only increase your feelings from them.

If you find yourself excessively checking their social media profiles, then first try to lessen the number of times you stalk their social media. If you do not succeed at this, then take a break from social media and focus on yourself and spend your time productively.

#4 Spend time with friends and family!

On weekends when you are off from work or have some free time, spend the free time with your friends and family. Have family BBQ dinners or grilled burgers Sundays with your family. A game night with your friends and family will surely be a great distraction.

Surround yourself with friends and family so you realize that you do not need to be in a relationship with someone to feel loved. Your friends and family can also love you and make you feel loved.

However, you might avoid third-wheeling your couple’s friends to feel lonely in their presence. Third-wheeling or visiting a wedding will only spark your desire for someone and increase your desire to fall in love. In addition, try not to be left alone on the weekend, loneliness will take you back to thinking about the person and will create urges to stalk them on social media. And this is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish!

Is it easy to fell in love just like that?

It is hard to not fall in love as everyone craves the sense of security and loved one receives when they are in a relationship. But if you truly believe it is not the right time for you or the circumstances are not right then it is okay to do everything in your power to avoid falling in love. If you believe you are not ready to fall in love or not just quite there yet, then it is okay. you are not alone.

It is for the best that you do not make commitments that you are doubting in the first place It is okay to not want to fall in love. I hope my tips for how to not fall in love assisted you with your decision and made things clearer for you. Instead of thinking about them all the time and eagerly trying to see a glimpse of them, work on yourself. Explore your interests and develop new hobbies.

Stay patient and persistent, as not falling in love takes some time and a lot of controlling of the feelings!

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