It truly hurts more when the person you love is ignoring you. If your boyfriend has suddenly started ignoring you for a couple of days, then it is troubling. He is not responding to your texts, he does not attend your calls, he returns home late, or is regularly stuck at work.

Did I do something wrong? Does he plan on leaving me? Is he tired of me? Is he cheating on me? Your mind must be filled with abundant worst-case scenarios. And it is understandable that you are thinking negatively because there is no communication between you and your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend appears like a stranger to you right now. But identify this is about him. It is not about you. If you deeply care about your boyfriend then you are keen to solve this issue, so you can go back to normal life as you know it.

You cannot pinpoint precisely why your boyfriend is ignoring you because he is giving you the silent treatment. The lack of communication is creating a gap between you two, physically and mentally. There is a likelihood of several reasons why your boyfriend is ignoring you.

10 Top Reasons of Boyfriends Ignoring their Girlfriends

If you are worried about him and your relationship, then below are the top ten reasons why your boyfriend is ignoring you. It is for best that you read through the reasons thoroughly and analyze them to see if they match your recent life circumstances. Analyzing the reasons closely will help you figure out why your boyfriend is ignoring you.

#1 He is mad or upset with you.

Your first instinct might be accurate. If you recently had a disagreement with them or a dispute, then your boyfriend might be mad at you, and hence, refuses to talk to you. In the development of the argument, you might have said some hurtful words to him, and as a result, he is ignoring you.

Becoming enraged and upset in a relationship comes with it. It is normal for couples to get upset and angry at each other. However, what is not normal, is the unhealthy habit of ignoring your partner when you are exasperated or upset. This habit causes immense problems in the future, as you bottle your feelings. Relationships are based on proper communications. You need to make him realize that he needs to openly talk about the issue. Give him some space, then approach him again and politely ask him to talk about it.

Talking about the issue will allow you both to move forward with your relationship. There will be no trash talking and passive-aggressiveness. Bottling anger inside will only cause you both pain. In long term, ignoring might even jeopardize your relationship.  

#2 He is bad with communication.

The social stigma that men need to be tough and hide their feelings is one of the most common reasons why relationships suffer. Men are taught from day one that they need to conceal their emotions.

Maybe your boyfriend is bad with communication because he has lived by the rules of the social stigma. Or perhaps he does not want to hurt your feelings and cause you pain. Miscommunication only complicates things unnecessarily. You may or may not have done something wrong. But that is the secondary issue now. If your boyfriend finds it hard to communicate then, you need to initiate a conversation about this with him. He needs to know that it is not okay to overlook you. Ignoring you causes you pain, and it does not benefit him with whatever is bugging him.

Work on communicating skills with your boyfriend. Let him know it is okay to open up about his emotions with you, even if he thinks they will hurt you. Assist him by asking follow-up questions regarding his feelings and make him feel validated.

#3 He is upset/worried about something.

It is not necessary that he is upset because of you. He has other things in his life, other than you. But that does not mean you are any less important to him. Often when someone’s mind is preoccupied with something, they tend to ignore their surroundings unintentionally. Your boyfriend might be upset or worried about something.

He might be having some work-related issues, or something major has occurred in his life. It could be related to his friends or family. He is attempting to deal with the matter himself and may not be comfortable sharing the details with you just yet.

It can be hard to see your boyfriend in distress, but you might want to begin helping him by giving him some space. He already has a lot to deal with on his plate. Let him try to resolve his issues by himself. If he fails to do so there is a high chance, he will turn to you for help. Forcing him to open up will only cause him to drift further away from you. Although ignoring is still not the best way to go. It is understandable in this scenario.

#4 He is jealous.

Jealousy is a universal emotion most individuals feel in a relationship. Envy is often revealed through ignoring and passive-aggressiveness. It is alright to observe jealousy in a relationship but to an extent.

You might want to replay your recent plans inside your head. If you have been spending a lot of time away from your boyfriend or you have a new gym friend. Perhaps your new co-worker is a ladies’ man. The takeaway is that any situation that involves another guy will cause a spark of jealousy in your boyfriend.

However, this is not your fault. Feeling insecure and jealous is valid to an extent. Your boyfriend should not be using jealousy as a way to guilt-trip you. Neglecting you was not the smartest choice your boyfriend made but it is expected. Make him feel loved and wanted. Tell him how much he matters to you and give him reassurance, so he does not feel envious.

#5 He is annoyed by you.

If your boyfriend is irritated by you then it is expected that he is ignoring you. Though, why is your boyfriend annoyed by you? If you have controlling tendencies or you often pester your boyfriend a lot about his habits, then this could be it. You may not be giving him adequate space when he asks for it. Perhaps you demand a lot from him.

If you fail to give him space and smother him a lot, he could feel suffocated by you. This will annoy him, and he will begin ignoring you to find some peace of mind. So, it is best that you do a self-check to see if you are the reason, he feels trapped. As his partner, you should be his safe space and make him feel calm. He should be able to talk to you easily and seek help from you when needed.

Give him some space if you believe he is annoyed by you. Space will help him to sort his feelings out. Next, you should apologize to him and ask him to inform you every time he feels smothered. This way you will be able to keep your controlling and nagging tendencies in control and your boyfriend will not ignore you.

#6 He wants some space.

Your boyfriend might want some personal space to think through his life. This should not be taken personally. He does not think you are a lot to handle. Personal space is simply just taking some time out, as life can get overwhelming. Taking space from time to time has proved to be healthy in relationships.

Often people find it hard to be upfront about requesting some space. While others find it important to speak their mind in a relationship. So, depending on what kind of a person your boyfriend is. He might not even apprehend he is ignoring you while seeking personal space. Therefore, if you feel neglected then make him sit down and ask him if he needs some personal space. Discuss some ground rules and duration of the time out and respect his boundaries till the duration is over.

Moreover, your boyfriend practicing some personal space can also help you. Take this little break and make the most out of it. Sort your feelings out, treat yourself and meditate. Once you both are back together, you both will be fresh and fully recharged.

#7 He is in love with you & in thought process.

Sometimes when things are getting too serious, or your boyfriend feels like he is falling in love with you, he might take a step back and start ignoring you. Often the step back is because of him, and not you.

Your boyfriend might start doubting himself. He might feel like he is not the best option for you. Perhaps he thinks you deserve better. He could be worrying that he depends on you so much and what will happen to him if you leave him. He is scared of rejection and abandonment.

Feeling these emotions is normal and is often common in individuals who have dealt with toxic exes or abandonment from parents. Some individuals freak out when a relationship starts getting serious because they feel vulnerable. They are scared of the things that come with the seriousness of the relationship.

If you believe your relationship has progressed enough, then have a serious talk with your boyfriend. Talk about your future goals, marriage, children, and other important aspects of life. Make sure you both are agreeing with each other on the things discussed. Your boyfriend might need a lot of reassurance if he is afraid of rejection.

#8 He might be thinking of breaking up with you.

Often when a guy does not know how to break up with his girlfriend, he resorts to cowardly ways. He will disregard or ghost her. So, there is feasibility your boyfriend is attempting to break up with you, and he does not know how to. Hence, in the process of figuring out how to break up with you, he is ignoring and distancing himself from you. He is too coward to have a proper adult-like conversation with you. Instead, he is trying to find an uncomplicated way out.

Although do not jump to this conclusion if you are in a healthy and happy relationship. There are other reasons your boyfriend could be ignoring you. Though if your fear rejection and prefer having a proper conversation rather than receiving a breakup text. Then find a good time to talk about the future with your boyfriend. This will help you figure things out and see in which direction is your relationship steering.

#9 He is cheating on you.

Your worst nightmare is a likelihood. Your boyfriend could be cheating on you. He is either ignoring you because of the guilt he feels or maybe because he is trying to avoid you till he figures out a way to break things with you.

Any recent changes in his body language in bed or ignoring any intimate moments are the first red flags to look out for. If your boyfriend has been giving a lot of his time to work, comes home late, does not initiate any conversation with you, goes straight to bed, or is fussy. These are significant red flags, and there is a chance of considering the possibility that he is cheating on you.

If you sense any of the red flags, then is time you begin the conversation about the plausibility of him cheating on you. Do not accuse him of it. Ask him and give him some time to come clean. Explain how it is more beneficial to come clean. Delaying coming out clean or having an adult-like conversation will only create more damage than good. This will generate lengthy arguments and waste your and his time. The earlier you know, the faster you can move on!

#10 He is busy or over-occupied with work.

There is a possibility that your boyfriend is busy. He might be drowning in extra workload from the office, or he is busy supporting a friend. Whether it is being there for his family through a rough time or being preoccupied with office work, you need to understand that he has important people in his life other than you.

He is not ignoring you on purpose, he is just having difficulty trying to balance his time. During his free time, your boyfriend might favor resting well because he is exhausted and knows that in the morning there will be infinite tasks waiting for him.

If it still worries you, then ask him to directly inform you when he is busy. A single text or call explaining how busy he is will keep your mind at peace. Meanwhile, you can take this shot as free time and work on yourself. Get your unfinished work done, hit the gym, or catch up with your friends!

The Last Words…

Ignoring begins with a lack of communication, and if it stays persistent in a relationship then heartbreak is right around the corner. To save your relationship you should try your level best to resolve and talk about the silent treatment your boyfriend has been giving you. Listen to him, give him space, and try to assist him through whatever he is passing through.

Although the most suitable way to resolve the ignoring is to simply just ask what is wrong. But there is a possibility your boyfriend could lie to you or get more frustrated with you. So, try figuring out what the prime problem is through the reasons mentioned above.

Work on communication skills with your boyfriend, and if he continues to ignore you, then it is not a bad option to seek couple therapy or counseling. Therapy or not, working on good communication skills will improve your relationship, so you live a healthy relationship!

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