Leap Day Celebration Ideas!

What would you do if you got an extra day in your life-once every four years? Would you go out and celebrate, or catch up on all of your missing work, or spend the day in bed, catching up on that much-needed sleep? That’s right; we’re talking about Leap Day!

From leap day birthday parties to picnics under the stars to cozy, stay-in movie marathons, we’ve got the perfect ensemble of leap day celebrations for you! This day does come only once every four years on the 29th of Feb. so why not try and make it as special as you can!

A leap year day birthday party!

All leap day babies know the pain of having to celebrate their birthday on either 28th Feb or the 1st of March. So it makes perfect sense for them to get excited when February 29th finally rolls around. It also means that it’s a chance for you to seize the opportunity and make it an extra special birthday for you or your loved ones! 

A party for the kids

We all love birthdays, but they’re especially exciting when you’re a kid with friends, gifts, food, and all that attention! Most people stick to a frog-themed birthday party when it comes to leap day parties but feel free to pick whatever theme your kid prefers the most. Here are a few ideas to make your party the new hot topic of the kids’ lunch break!

  • Pick the perfect location!

There’s nothing more convenient than hauling all the kids off to Chucky cheese and letting them take care of the food, decorations, and of course, the entertainment! But if that’s not an option for you, try a garden party instead (if the weather allows). It’s the perfect place to give the kids room to run around and play, make as much of a mess as they want, without you having to worry too much about trashed furniture!

  • The party décor!

Nothing screams birthday party more than streamers, balloons, colored lights, and piñatas! So don’t be afraid to go all out on the party decoration. A photo booth is always a great hit at most parties, especially when it’s accompanied by tons of balloons, fairy lights, and some fun props.

  • The entertainment!

When going with a theme, it’s always a great idea to throw in complimentary costume favors for the kids. For examples, if it’s a fairytale themed party, get some wings for the girls. Similarly, for a frog-themed party, you could DIY some green frog eared headbands and so on! 

We recommend organizing fun and interactive games to keep the kids busy until lunchtime. Some ideas include treasure hunts, pin the tail on the donkey (or frog), a crafts station for the kids to make their own art, etc! Have a special gift for the winners to make the games more exciting.

  • The food!

Kids will eat almost anything ‘fun-sized’ that resembles their favorite fast food items, from mini burgers, pretzels, and fries to pizza and shake. Throw in a fantastic cake, some decorate your own cupcakes or cookies with sodas and you have a great party on your hands!

Throwing a kids’ birthday party can be exhausting, but the smile on your kid’s face at the end of the day makes it all worthwhile!

A party for the adults

When throwing a party for the adults, evening or dinner parties are the way to go! We recommend having a fun little barbeque( where everyone can customize their own burger) set up in your backyard with a light garland and some cocktails. However, just because it’s an adults’ party doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun! Spice up your night with games like never have I ever or Telestrations after dark, maybe light a bonfire or set up a movie night under the stars.

Have a rejuvenation day!

If the hustle-bustle of work and parties has been too much for you, a leap day is a perfect excuse to take time off and show yourself some extra love. Book a day at the spa; get your hair and nails done, while ending your night with a nice hot bath and a favorite movie!

Leap day also comes with a variety of discount offers from your favorite restaurants so hop on the internet, do a little bit of research, and order in all of your favorite takeout food items. Have a friend tag along with you if you want, just make sure to stay away from work calls, emails, etc, and give yourself a day to recharge for the week.

Leap day movie marathon!

For some, there’s no better way to spend a day than with hours of their favorite movies and gallons of their favorite foods. Starting with the classic leap day movie, Leap Year starring Amy Adams! It might not have the best ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s the perfect traditional rom-com to get your movie marathon started! Follow that up with favorites such as 27 Dresses, Clueless, The Proposal, About Time, and Love, Rosie to name a few! 

Or you could ditch the rom coms completely and move onto either a Harry Potter marathon, a Lord of the Rings marathon, or even a Disney marathon- just picks whatever floats your boat. To take your marathon to the next level, invite your friends over, set up a little fort with blankets, pillows, and fairy lights to reach the ultimate level of coziness!

 Build a time capsule

This might sound a bit cheesy but trust us; you’ll be thanking us a few years down the lane. Opening up a time capsule is pretty much like reading an old diary from your teenage years and taking a trip down memory lane- but better.

Now if you have no idea what a time capsule is or how to make one, let us enlighten you! All you have to do is take a container (a box, jar, chest, etc.), basically anything you have on hand that will survive a good few years buried underground and fill it up with items of your choice! Some ideas of what you can put inside include, a video or audiotape for your future self, a handwritten letter, some trinkets that hold a special place in your heart, and photographs of you and your loved ones! Get your family involved and fill it up with anything and everything that you would want your future self to see. And since you’ll be burying it on leap day, it only makes sense to open it on a leap day in the future!

Go out for a picnic!

Another great way to celebrate leap day is by going out for a fun picnic. Here are some location ideas for the picnic:

  • Go to the beach, lake, or River!

A day by the water is perfect for when the sun is out. Not only will you be spending time outdoors (as opposed to being locked up at home or at work), but you could also go swimming, snorkeling, boating, maybe play volleyball and of course, have a hearty picnic at the beach!

  • An evening in the park

For your evening tea, pack some baked goods, grab some friends, and head out to your local park for an evening outdoor tea party. It’ll give you the perfect excuse to catch up and literally spill that tea!

  • Picnic under the stars!

There is nothing more romantic than a picnic under the stars at your favorite location! Feel free to go all out and set it up with blankets, candles, some flowers, and fairy lights along with your favorite foods. These picnics are perfect if you want something a little more intimate, filled with great conversations. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to do some quality star gazing if the skies are clear.


If you’re a bit of a clean freak then leap day is the perfect opportunity to get an early start on that spring cleaning this year! Not everyone likes spending hours a day dusting, cleaning, vacuuming, and sorting through old clothes; but you know your future self is going to thank you if you do. So put on your favorite oversized tee, blast those tunes, and start de-cluttering. 

Make sure to donate any items you decide to get rid of, as they will certainly brighten up some else’s day. Don’t forget to end your day with a warm bath, an easy read (or some TV), and tones of good food!

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