letter of intent is a formal letter of interest by the candidate towards a specific job, business contract, university admission or scholarship.

Everything is pretty Ok until you find you have to write a letter of intent for the job, scholarship, or business you are applying for. Most probably, that’s something you have never heard of. You may also come up with ideas like: “That sounds like a cover letter of a different fashion!” Nevertheless, your worries now meet their end as this article is definitely going to answer all questions you have about the letter of intent!

What is a letter of intent?

Simply, as it sounds like, it is a piece of words that states your intentions to study in a particular institute, work for an organization, or partner with an individual or group of people for a joint business venture. The employer, institute, or business you are interested in may have a specific mission they want to accomplish through you. Also, it succinctly mentions your relevant skills and qualifications. Hence, in brief, this letter manifests and emphasizes your commitment to the cause.

How is a Letter of intent different from a cover letter?

A cover letter is a requirement mostly for a specific job or scholarship. Whereas, a letter of intent is not as specific. To make it simple, instead of targeting a particular job, it aims at the whole company. Unlike a cover letter, it does not describe why you are suitable for a specific job based on your skills and qualifications. Rather, it presses more on your commitment to work for the organization. Writing it is never in vain, as it includes you in their favorites, in case you are currently not required for the desired position.

Why should you write a letter of intent?

It can be written even it hasn’t been asked for. It makes your case strong for the upcoming jobs in the enterprise you are interested in working for. It is indeed a brilliant method to introduce yourself and make yourself known in the company. Yes, you are not what the employer is looking for at the moment, however you might be a perfect fit for the upcoming vacancies.

How to write a letter of intent?

#1 Start with a greeting

Start with a very humble but formal greeting. Try finding the name of the human resource manager or the relevant authority you want to address. This way you can directly communicate your case with them. In most cases, such information is readily available on the organization’s official website.

#2 Writing the introduction

The first paragraph of the letter is a succinct introduction of yourself. It carries your full name, qualification and the skills you have got to offer. Besides, you should also add details about how you explored the job or the scholarship. This adds more value to the letter.

#3 Writing the body

The body carries the maximum volume of the letter. The body should be split into two or three paragraphs. In this part of the letter, you emphasize your interest in the organization and explain why you are enthusiastic about it. Also, do not forget to base your arguments on the skill-set and experience you have.

Make sure you use the relevant jargon to manifest your professionalism. This shows how passionate you are about the field. Moreover, do not exaggerate your qualifications and skills. The reader is experienced enough to detect it. Mention honestly what you can offer to benefit them and how you are a perfect fit for their requirements. Also, for a greater impact, add a brief note on the difference you can make when you are part of the team.

#4 Writing the sign-off

A sentence or two just to remind the reader to get back to you with a response. State how you aspire to be in contact with them again as soon as possible. Make sure you create the last impact through a few words.

#5 Bring it to end

“Yours faithfully” or any suitable phrase can be used to take the letter to its official end. At last, do mention your profile; that includes your name, phone number email, etc.

5 Tips for Writing an Intent Letter for your need

#1 Explore before you right:

Do not rush to the writing part first. Take your time and explore the letter’s destination. Gather the material that you should include to make the difference.

#2 Make it succinct:

Remember, it is not an essay and the target is not a word limit. Before adding any detail ask yourself: Will it make any difference? Every word matters!

#3 It is not a resume:

Most people just elaborate on their resumes and consider the final product to be a “letter of appreciation”. You have to avoid this tradition.

#4 Relevance is the key:

Everything you write should be related to the cause. No detail that has nothing to do the purpose of the letter can be added.

#5 Make it coherent and united:

Connect your content in an orderly way. Adding random thoughts will simply damage the coherence and unity of the content.

All you now need is some confidence and courage to write as you are available with all the information you ought to have to write an effective letter of intent!

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