While being on a keto diet, does not mean you can’t have chocolates! Well, we have compiled a list of Keto Cholocates that you can eat safely without compromising on your ket diet plan.

These days, nearly every person has tried or at least heard of the ever-so-popular keto diet. This means that the traditional candy or cake just doesn’t cut it for your loved one on special days like Valentine’s Day if they have taken up this high-fat yet low-carb lifestyle! Not sure what you can get for them? Here we’ve done a quick round-up of the best sweets that even keto followers can enjoy. All these treats have high fiber content, but very low sugar.

When you’re doing your research, remember to think in terms of net carbs. To calculate that, you can subtract the total fiber grams from the total carb grams. But we’ll also save you all that math – just scroll through the list below to see all the fabulous dark chocolate that your beloved keto follower can enjoy this Valentine’s Day!

List of 10 Best Keto Chocolates:

Following is the list of Keto Chocolates that you can eat while on strict Keto Diet Plan:

#1 70% Extra Dark Chocolate by Lily’s Sweet ($53)

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This has been a long-time favorite among keto lovers. This dark chocolate doesn’t have any added sugar, and you get all the sweetness from its erythritol and stevia. This comes in several different varieties, so you can pick and choose and make a candy basket for your loved one.

#2 Dark European Chocolate by ChocoPerfection ($52)

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This should be your go-to if you want something slightly more refined and elegant. This has such a rich flavor that it’s barely a diet dessert! Again, this gets its sweetness from erythritol as well as the root fiber of the chicory plant. Also, you will love the fact that there are only two net carb grams in each serving.

#3 90% Cocoa Supreme Dark Chocolate by Lindt ($16)

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This heavenly delight has only seven net carb grams in each serving. It is high in its fat content though, which makes this a worthy indulgence, which we all can have now and then!

#4 Love Good Fats ($28)

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Sometimes we’re not ready to fully indulge in a bar of chocolate, so snack bars can serve as good replacements! This company produces truly delectable flavors, which are a twist on classic flavors like peanut butter and chocolate chip. There isn’t any sugar alcohol in the snack bar either, which is a plus! What’s more, they even have two options for your vegan lovers and chocolate milkshake!

#5 ChocZero’s Keto Bar ($15)

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Although this particular chocolate does have more net carbs than others, it does pay off in terms of the quality of the chocolate. Most people who eat dark chocolate complain that it’s sometimes a little dry or bitter, but ChocZero’s zero bar has produced the perfect (and highly unusual!) creamy dark chocolate.

#6 Natural Dark Chocolate (88% Cacao) by Endangered Species ($44)

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If your beloved is an animal rights activist, then you will feel good to know that you aren’t just giving them a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day. In fact, by purchasing from Endangered Species, you are supporting a non-GMO and fair trade brand, which puts 10% of all its profits towards the protection of endangered species.

#7 Deep Dark Blackout Organic Chocolate (85% Cacao) by Alter Eco ($9)

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Taste-wise, this is very much like the Vivani chocolate we suggested earlier. But there’s a very slight vanilla twist to it, which really cuts out the standard bitterness of dark chocolate.

#8 Organic Dark Chocolate (85% Cacao) by Green & Black ($38)

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Unlike most other types of dark chocolate, this one is light and creamy. There are no additives to worry about, and it’s a super safe pick for your Valentine!

#9 Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate Squares – 86% Cacao ($52)

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Going on the Keto diet means you have to bid farewell to good old chocolate-flavored cereal, right? Not anymore! This version by Catalina is deliciously full of chocolate and it’s healthy, so you can get your guilt-free indulgence ready as you settle down for a movie.

#10 Chocolate Brownie Mix by Good Dee

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If you and your Valentine are into cooking, bake a batch of wholesome brownies together with this soy-free, grain-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free brownie mix. Plus, each brownie only contains one (that’s right, just one) net carb.

So you can go all out this year for your beloved keto follower by giving them their favorite keto chocolates that are good for the heart. If you want to make it extra special, throw in a few strawberries to go with the chocolate since they are also low in carbs.

Wishing you a wholesome Keto’s Valentine’s Day!

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