List of Rare Names for Newborn Babies: 35 Handpicked Unique Names for Newborns [2021 Name Ideas List]

Latest and Unique Name Ideas for New born babies in 2021-2022

Let’s be honest, the struggle of finding the perfect name for your newborn is very real as it takes a lot of time, effort, and research! After all, it’s the name that your kid will be known by for the rest of his/her life right? Some parents might take the sentimental route and pick out a name that they associate with someone who’s had a great impact on their lives. Others might just name their kids on a whim! 

However, when picking the perfect name for your child, there’s often the struggle of having the name stand out and be unique. If you’re in that category of parents who want to pick out a unique yet interesting name for your newborn, then keep on reading because we’ve got a whole list of rare baby names for boys and girls.

Our list of Beautiful Names for Babies

    1. Loran: This is an Irish name for boys that means ‘little’ or ‘fierce’. This name has quite a royal history as in the past; it belonged to multiple Irish kings. 
    2. Niamh: This beautiful name for girls comes from Irish mythology where it means ‘bright’ or ‘radiant’. However, unlike its spellings, it’s pronounced as ‘Neev’.
    3. Linus: According to Greek mythology, Linus was the name of Apollo’s son. It literally means ‘flax colored’, however, nowadays it refers to someone with blonde or flaxen hair. According to some people in Etruscan, it refers to someone who mourns.
    4. Ivo: This name for boys is of German origin and means ‘yew wood’ or ‘archer’. Not only does it sound woodland-ish, but unlike the US, this name is quite popular in the Netherlands.
    5. Faye: If you’re looking for a somewhat magical name for a girl, Faye is perfect as most people say it originates from the word ‘fairy’. However, it does have other origins that point to meanings of confidence, belief, and trust.
    6. Fleur: If you’ve seen Harry Potter, you’ll recognize this French name for girls that means flower.
    7. Cora: It’s a simple, yet a unique name for girls originating from ancient Greek that means virtuous or honest.
    8. Melina: This name for girls has been derived from the Greek word for honey; however similar meanings also suggest that it refers to someone who shines like golden yellow apples.
    9. Sage: You’ve probably heard of sage as a spice, however when used as a unisex name, it originates from Latin and means wise.
    10. Alondra: This is a very popular Spanish name which most commonly means lark (a bird) or defender of mankind. 
    11. Fabian: This name means ‘like Fabius’ or in simpler words, bean grower. It’s essentially the English form of the Roman name Fabianus which seems almost perfect as a unique name for farm boys.
    12. Darian: Darian originates from Persian and this name means ‘the upholder of good’ or someone who possesses a lot of goodness.
    13. Lyra: This name is perfect for music lovers. It originates from Latin and means lyre or harps, which are both musical instruments. Fun fact: It’s also the name of a constellation of stars.
    14. Arden: This gender-neutral name means ardent or ‘very passionate and enthusiastic’. It comes from the Hebrew word for Garden of Eden which was a place of both beauty, and solitude. 
    15. Maeve: This name for girls sounds beautiful, however, it does have a bit of a scandalous meaning as it refers to ‘someone who intoxicates’.
    16. Aislinn: Pronounced as Ace-lenn, Aislinn means dreams or visions. It might be the perfect name for your baby girl if you’re a big believer in working towards (and achieving) seemingly impossible dreams!
    17. Elora: Once again, this beautiful name for girls has multiple origins, each with a different meaning. From the Greek standpoint, it means ‘the compassionate one’ and according to Hebrew, it means that ‘the Lord is my light’.
    18. Leonie: Coming from French and German variations such as Leo or Leona, Leonie means ‘lion’ or ‘lioness’, depending on if it’s used for a boy or a girl respectively. 
    19. Millicent: Once again, a name that originates from French and German, this name means ‘strong in work’ or ‘industrious’ which makes it perfect for hard-working women.
    20. Ophelia: This is a name that gained its popularity from the Shakespearean play Hamlet and The Lumineers song, ‘Ophelia’. It originates from a Greek word and means ‘help’.
    21. Vita: Usually referring to someone vital yet ferocious, this Latin name for girls means life.
    22. Ozias: This name for boys refers to ‘Strength from the Lord’ according to biblical origins. However, when looking at its Greek meaning, it refers to salvation.
    23. Rio: This is a simple, easy to pronounce gender-neutral name that means ‘Jasmine’ when used for girls and ‘river’ when it’s used for boys, according to Japanese and Spanish origins respectively.
    24. Roscoe: Referring to a ‘deer forest’ or ‘doe wood’, this Cornish name carries a very natural, woodland vibe. 
    25. Teo: Although this name is usually used as a nickname for Theodore, for a unique name, it can be used on its own for baby boys. According to its Greek origins, it means ‘gift of God’.
    26. Alianna: According to Irish origins, it means beautiful which is backed up by the lyrical nature of the name. Additionally, it’s also a variation of the Latin name Aliana which refers to someone noble or gracious, making this a great choice for a meaningful girls’ name.
    27. Azaria: This is a unisex name that originates from Hebrew and means ‘God has helped’. 
    28. Charlize: You’re probably familiar with the name Charles, and according to South Africans, Charlize is simply the female version of this name and essentially means ‘free woman’.
    29. Kimora: This is a commonly used Japanese surname that traditionally means ‘brave and noble’, however in the modern western world, it means ‘from the golden meadow’.
    30. Reina: This girls’ name has both Spanish and Japanese origins. The Spanish version means queen, whereas the Japanese version means happy or summit. 
    31. Zaylee: Zaylee is a Christian girls’ name and it is English originated with multiple meanings. One meaning describes a heavenly woman while another means flower.
    32. Isolde: This name carries multiple meanings from ‘fair lady’ to ‘ice ruler’, to ‘one who’s gazed upon’ according to various origins.
    33. Ignacio: This name has Spanish, Galician, and Latin origins which mean ‘born from the fire’ and ‘fire’ respectively. This makes it perfect for people who are born in rough conditions as it pays tribute to their hard past.
    34. Leighton: Leighton is given to baby boys, that means ‘from a town by the meadow’, or ‘meadow town’.
    35. Zola: This name has African and Latin origins. From an African origin, it means ‘peaceful’, ‘tranquil’, or ‘quiet’ whereas according to its Latin origin, it means ‘earth’.

Even though picking the perfect name for your baby might be a tedious task, just make sure you end up with a somewhat meaningful name! Most cultures believe that the name you pick can have a great impact on your child’s personality, so make sure it’s a positive one!

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