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List of Vitamins to help Conceive Twins

If you have always dreamed about having twins, then you have come to the right place that will help you achieve your dream. Some couples disagree with having twins yet still end up having twins. On the other hand, a couple who wishes to have twins might still be waiting for their wish to be fulfilled.

As unfair it seems, do not lose hope. Trying to convince twins is not just a matter of dreaming and wishing. There are a couple of natural and artificial methods you might need to try to improve your odds of conceiving twins.

You might have heard or tried a few of the methods. Apart from all of those procedures, are there some vitamins that you can incorporate into your diet that will improve your likelihood of having twins? Or is this another made-up false claim keeping your hopes high? Well, allow me to elaborate on this to see if vitamins help conceive twins.

The connection between conceiving twins and vitamins

Folate, more commonly known as folic acid is a type of Vitamin B that raises your odds of conceiving twins. Folate is the natural form of folic acid, while acid is the artificial form commonly infused in supplements.

Benefits of folate and folic acid

Folic acid and folate have multiple benefits especially if you are pregnant or trying got conceive. Folic acid decreases the possibility of baby birth defects by 99%. For this reason, most doctors recommend taking folic acid supplements during the time you are trying to conceive.

Folic acid multiplies the DNA sequence accurately and properly develops the body structure of the baby. Besides, it aids with the brain development of the baby. Lack of folic acid in your pregnancy diet may lead to miscarriage and serious birth defects such as spinal Bifida and cleft lip.

What are the recommended doses of folate and folic acid?

Although you cannot consume folate in doses, you will give a more natural intake of it through food. Green leafy vegetables are packed with folate. So, incorporating some of the green leafy vegetables such as asparagus, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and avocado in your diet will help you conceive twins. Folate is also present in fruits like bananas, melons, and kiwis.

On the other hand, if you are trying to conceive twins then this is the best time for you to take about 400 mg of folic acid per day. You may increase this amount to 600 mg per day or 800 mg per day, according to your doctor’s instructions. However, if you are pregnant (with or without twins) then you should take 1000 mcg per day or more according to your doctor’s orders. Most of the folic acid supplements are ingested with other types of vitamin B, commonly with vitamin B9.

In addition, not only is folic acid present in supplement form. It is also an ingredient in processed foods such as pasta, bread, cookies, cereals, and biscuits.

Although, it is best that you consult your doctor about which folic acid supplements to intake and how many times a day, as there is a huge variety of supplements available on the market.

The study of the relation between folic acid and twins pregnancy

The connection between folic acid and conceiving twins was studied in Sweden by Bengt Kaleen of Tornblad Institute in Lund. He studied and came up with the conclusion that proper intake of folic acid supplements does raise the chances of conceiving twins by 45%.

Although he failed to provide solid reasons as to why there was a 45% increase in twins’ pregnancies. He succeeded to prove the correlation between the supplements and twins’ pregnancy.

The bottom line…

In short, yes vitamins do help to conceive twins. However, the only vitamins that play a part in conceiving twins are types of vitamin B with folic acid. If you are keen on the idea of having twins then it is best you include vitamin B, folate, and folic acid in your diet before, during, and even after pregnancy. These supplements and vitamins will decrease the chances of baby birth defects and keep them healthy in the womb till it is time for delivery. With that, you can also consider reading our exclusive article on the list of food that can help to conceive twins.

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