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Magnificent Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application with Example [2022-2023]

Sample of Motivation Letter Written for Scholarship Applications

The motivation letter or a letter of motivation is a formal document to demostrate your interest in a degree course, scholarship funding, or a vacancy; based on your relevant academic background, skills and experience. A motivation letter also provides insights on acquired professional and academic skills, with an academic record to support the cause of your interest towards a specific course.

While applying for scholarships, students tend to come across numerous terms that they were, otherwise, ignorant about. Although these terms of scholarship application documentation tend to increase their cognition, they might find difficulty in preparing those docs, as the students have never come across such terms before. One such document required with scholarship or admission application is a motivation letter. Even though it is not mandatory for all types of scholarship applications, the ones which demand one, give it the status of a pivotal document. 

This article provides a complete guide on how to ace a motivation letter along with a free motivation letter template so that you don’t have to spend hours thinking about what to include in your motivation letter while applying for scholarships.

What is a Motivation Letter?

A motivation letter for scholarship is a formal document to showcase your interest in a degree course, scholarship funding, or a vacancy followed by your academic and professional achievements.

In order to know how to compose an eye-catching motivation letter for your scholarship application, you must first know what a motivation letter actually is. 

A motivation letter is an initiatory document attached to your scholarship application which acts as your primary introduction to the reviewing authorities. It elucidates why you should be selected for a particular degree program and the goals you intend to achieve after completing the degree. 

In short, a motivation letter explains to the authorities why you are apt for a particular position.

By Whom the Motivation Letter is Required?

Motivation letters are commonly required for post-graduate scholarship programs. But nowadays, they have become a requisite for several undergraduate scholarship programs as well.

Significance of Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application:

A well-composed motivation letter has the tendency to increase a candidate’s chances of being selected for a particular scholarship. 

Many scholarship selection authorities use motivation letters to narrow down the list of potential candidates for their scholarship programs. As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression.” So, motivation letters provide you with an opportunity to wow the reviewing authorities by picturing your first impression. 

Thereupon, it is always a smart move to apply for scholarships that require motivation letters as it can increase your chances of being selected by manifold.

Motivation Letter Format

In general, there are two prime methods of structuring a letter of motivation.  

    • Classical format
    • Modern format

Classical Format of Motivation Letter

The classical format regulates the letter of motivation to be divided into three parts: the introductory para, the main body, and the conclusion.

Features of Classical Format

    • By using this format, the actual flow of the letter is not disturbed.
    • It is the most widely used format for constructing a letter of motivation.
    • It depicts the letter in a story-like form.

Modern Format of Motivation Letter

According to the modern format, the letter of motivation can be divided into 5 to 7 paragraphs; the body is subdivided into 3 to 4 paras. 

Features of Modern Format:

    • It is more comprehendible than the classical format.
    • Each paragraph highlights a different point.
    • This format increases the chances of being selected as it effectively grasps the reviewer’s attention.

Motivation Letter Writing [Scholary Guidelines]

Are you too blank when asked the questions as ‘Why do you want this scholarship’ or ‘How are you any different from the rest of the candidates?’ This is what happens to the majority of the students when they start writing a motivation letter while applying for scholarships. We understand that it is frustrating when you know the answer to something but fall short of words when asked about it. Therefore, this article is divulged to facilitate you in writing an exemplary motivation letter for your scholarship and to answer all your queries regarding a motivation letter, and ease out the process for you.

What should be the standard length of the letter of motivation?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how long a motivation letter should be. However, it is advised to keep it compact. This does not mean missing out on minor details, as in many cases, these details make a huge difference in the overall presentation of the letter.

 It is advised to laconically include all the minor details, along with your scholastic achievements, skill set, and future goals. These essentials should be incorporated in paragraphs as presentation makes a huge difference. The overall motivation letter word count should lie between 500 to 1200 words.

The link between Motivation Letter and Scholarship Application

The motivation letter should be constructed around the degree you intend to take admission in. Create a link between your desired degree and your future aspirations. Give the scholarship source a factor that benefits ‘them’ by granting you a scholarship. Envisage how giving you the scholarship will stand in favor of the scholarship source. Also mention why they should prefer you over other scholarship applicants.

Parts of Motivation Letters

#1 Introductory Para of Motivation Letter

In the introductory paragraph, present yourself as a potential candidate for the particular scholarship program. This paragraph includes your name and educational background. The scholarship program you are applying for should also be assimilated in this paragraph. Apart from this, homogenize the reason behind your scholarship application in the introduction as well. Not to forget, your contact info comes at the top of the introductory paragraph.

#2 Main Body of Motivation Letter

The body is the real deal of the entire letter. It comprises of 3 to 4 commodious sub-paragraphs which include your talents, achievements, and professional experience.

  The body part should be sun divided as follows:

    1. THE FIRST BODY PARAGRAPH: It contains any work-related information. Any paid or unpaid professional experience should be incorporated in this para in chronological order.
    2. THE SECOND BODY PARAGRAPH: it should contain your expectations regarding the particular degree plan. What it would help you with in the future and how you would utilize the study for the benefit of society.
    3.  THE THIRD BODY PARAGRAPH: It should contain your future aspirations. Any goals you have set, whether academic or professional should be included in this paragraph.

#3 “CONCLUSION” of Motivation Letter

In the conclusion, sum up all the things in the above paragraphs focusing on your distinguishing characteristics. Reassert why you are fit for the scholarship and end your letter with thanks and regards.

Pointers of How to ACE a Motivation Letter


Using slang can ruin your overall image in front of the reviewer. Use formal words to portray yourself as a practical person who is serious about getting the scholarship.


Be specific with your details. For instance, instead of writing, ‘I have passed my intermediate from a renowned college,’ write, ‘I have passed my Intermediate in Commerce from XYZ College.’


Prove that you are worthy by adopting an argumentative style in your letter. Differentiate between begging and proving your worth.


Avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Recheck your letter before submitting it to minimize grammatical errors.


Acing a motivation letter takes both time and effort. Create an outline of what you want to include and structure your letter before preparing the final draft.

Motivation Letter Example (Sample) for Scholarship Application

As promised at the beginning of the respective article, here is a template of an eye-catching motivational letter to help you in composing your motivation letter:

Letter of Motivation Sample:

“My name is XYZ. I have completed my BSc in Biochemistry from Harvard University and intend to get this scholarship to pursue my passion in the field of science. My distinctions during my previous scholastic career prove my potential that needs to be recognized by a reputed institute such as yours.

I contemplate getting this scholarship so that I can have a broader experience in this field. It will be significant for my future career and will aid me in exploring new realities in the field of science. During my education, I had been a part of multiple types of research, most of which had, not only been approved but also published by the Harvard University. My professors had always been satisfied with my performance. After completion of my degree, I joined an independent research institute to gain experience.

I had been working in the research institute for more than three years. This scholarship is likely to provide me with new opportunities to gain further benefits by continuing my education at a renowned institution. It will open new doors of growth and will help me in contributing positively, as a responsible citizen, in society.

My aspiration is to learn new things. If this scholarship is awarded to me, the chances of my bright future become more probable. I am the best candidate for this scholarship as my educational background and work experience showcase my talent.

My motivation will inspire you to grant me this scholarship. This scholarship will lead me towards the apex of success in the field of science.”


This article was a complete guide on how to construct a spectacular motivation letter to confirm your spot in the list of final scholarship holders. Let us know below how helpful you found it. That’s a wrap!

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