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MBBS Scholarships 2021-2022: [Application Period: March 6, 2021-January 1, 2022]

MBBS Scholarships [Ultimate List]

Now is your chance to submit an application for a fully-funded MBBS Scholarship 2021-2022 session. Make your documents ready for filing an application for a medical degree scholarship this year!

Are you planning to make a brighter future in the field of MBBS? Is it your dream to study in the world’s best medical institution for MBBS?

A larger percentage of students prefer to get enrolled for the MBBS degree programme due to social, noble, and financial benefits. Becoming a doctor is one of the noble and highly paid professions. Women mostly take up nursing or MBBS programmes each year as a majority as compared to men. After taking an MBBS degree, there are options to excel in specializations like gynecology, dermatology, cardiology, dental, and orthopedic fields.

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. The medical field is divided into various specializations such as anatomy, physiotherapy, dental, gyne, ortho, and so on.

But as the field of MBBS is gaining high popularity, at the same time, this degree holds high expenses as well. Moreover, studying in a top-ranked medical institution will burn up your funds at a very high pace unless you manage to win a scholarship there. To cut down the MBBS tuition fee and other academic costs, the candidates are advised to apply for fully-funded MBBS scholarship programs to study an MBBS programme for free!

MBBS Scholarships 2021 Applications Accepted in following Medical Schools

To guide you more about MBBS scholarships, here we have jotted down a list of Fully Funded MBBS Scholarships to finance your medical studies for free! Let’s have a look!

#1 MBBS Scholarships in Australia

Below is the list of Best MBBS Scholarships in Australian Medical Universities which you can avail to study MBBS for free in Australia:

    • Adelaide undergraduate MBBS Scholarships

Adelaide University has introduced this MBBS scholarship program for all international and national students. Under this Australian MBBS Scholarship, a student will be awarded an amount of $12,000 as financial support in education. The total duration of this MBBS Scholarship is 1 year.

    • Cental Highland District Health Council MBBS Bursary

The University of Australia introduced this MBBS Scholarship for the students who are seeking to study MBBS in Australia. The approximate tenure of the Medicine Scholarship is around 1 year, and a student is awarded $3000 to handle the educational and accommodation expenses.

#2 MBBS Scholarships in China

On our list, we have Chinese Medical Universities that provide fully funded medicine degree scholarships. Especially, the Chinese MBBS Scholarships are very famous among international students as they cover full tuition fees alongside monthly stipends and health insurance coverage plans. So here we have the list of fully-funded Chinese MBBS Scholarships which you can avail yourself to study MBBS in China for free!

    • Fully-funded Scholarship MBBS Scholarships for medical students

Jiangsu University introduced the MBBS Scholarship with the collaboration of China Tianjin University. This fully-funded MBBS Scholarship is the best opportunity for medical students to continue their education seamlessly. Consider applying for this MBBS scholarship in China because the global ranking of this university is also quite high.

    • Fully Funded CSC Scholarships for MBBS Degree Applicants

China Scholarship Council is sponsoring the MBBS degree programme expenses for international students in their top-ranked medical universities. I recommend you take your chance to apply for a CSC MBBS Scholarship at Yangzhou Medical University.

    • China Construction Bank Medicine Scholarships

Auckland Technology University has introduced this MBBS Scholarship. All those students who have an excellent academic record in their undergraduate program are allowed to apply. The approximate tenure of this medicine Scholarship is around 1 year and best to support all the educational expenses of the MBBS students.

    • MBBS Scholarships at Donghua University (DHU)

Next, we have this top-recommended MBBS scholarship program introduced by Donghua University! This university is under the control of the Education Ministry of China. Students can apply for the Scholarship in 70 different master’s degree programs, 57 undergraduate courses, and 27 doctoral degree programs. Plus, students from all over the world can apply for this golden opportunity.

#3 MBBS Scholarships in Russia

Russia offers some great opportunities to the students to get enrolled into the funded MBBS scholarship-based degree programmes for a brighter future in the medical field. A few of the best MBBS scholarship in Russia are discussed below:

    • The government of Russia Federation MBBS Scholarships

Under MBBS Scholarship, students from all over the world are allowed to study in Russian medical universities for the MBBS degree. All academic expenses are covered in this medical course Scholarship, along with transportation, tuition, maintenance, and accommodation costs.

    • Russian medical Colleges Educational Grants

The Russian Medical College has introduced Medical Scholarships for all interested applicants. All those students who have an excellent academic record are allowed to apply for this MBBS Scholarship.

    • SRAS Medical Scholarships

This SRAS MBBS scholarship is just for the students who hold the nationality of the United States. You can apply for SRAS Medical Scholarships each year if you fulfill their eligibility criteria.

#4 MBBS Scholarships in India

All the MBBS scholarships in India are managed under the supervision of the Defense and education Ministry. The Indian MBBS scholarships are not just opened for their own citizens but also for international students. Below is the list of best Indian Medical Scholarships which you can avail to study MBBS in India for free!

    • NEST MBBS Scholarships

Before any student applies for the NEST scholarship, they must first qualify for the NEST test. This Scholarship is just awarded to the students who hold Indian citizenship. The tenure of this Scholarship is just for the 1st and 2nd year of BDS, MBBS, and BHMS.

    • International Medical (IM) Scholarships

This is another golden opportunity for Indian and international students to study MBBS in the best medical college. You can apply for this MBBS scholarship if you are studying in institutions outside India but affiliated with CBSE.

#5 MBBS Scholarships in USA

Following is the ultimate list of MBBS Scholarships open for applications in American medical schools for all students. You can check out their details, application criteria, and deadline of application; in order to make up your mind to apply for these American MBBS Scholarships.

    • AMA Minority Scholars Award

As it is evident from the name, this scholarship opportunity is for the students who belong to the minority category and are being underrepresented while studying in the US. Students who belong to Alaskan, Hispanics, or even if they are from Hawaii, can apply for this Scholarship.

    • American College Scholarships

Those students under the age of 36-50 and are graduated can apply for this great opportunity. This Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students who want to do research or teaching in the field of medical sciences in the US.

    • American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) Grants

The American Medical Women’s Association has introduced this Scholarship. It is awarded to those medical students who are currently the member of AMWA.

    • ASCP Siemens Scholarships

You can apply for the ASCP Siemens Scholarships as an international medical graduate for higher studies. But you can apply in just a few institutes of North America.

    • ASME Scholarships and Fellowships

This Scholarship has been introduced by ASME Scholarships and Fellowships for the international medical graduates to get higher studies in medicine. Students can also apply for this Scholarship to do medical research in the US.

#6 Medical MBBS Scholarships in UK:

The UK is a top study destination among international students and when it comes to studying a medical degree programme then the students just go crazy to study in the UK. But, the dark side of it is that the studies in the UK is very expensive and to cover it up some organizations provide medicine scholarships to the students in order to help them to meet their educational expenses in the UK. Following is the list of Medical scholarships available for application in UK Schools of medicine.

    • Imperial College of London, School of Medicine Scholarships:

Imperial College, School of Medicine Scholarships are open for applications for all international and local students throughout the year. Following is the list of scholarships offered by Imperial College of London under the School of Medicine::

There are many different kinds of scholarships available at the Imperial College London in the Faculty of Medicine. These scholarships are available at the BSc. and MBBS levels as well. These are:

        • The Fleming MBBS Scholarships sponsor tuition fees up to the amount of 3,375k GBP in two years.
        • McCowen Scholarship awards 300 GBP for two years of study.
        • Palmer Awards are also for two years and offer 150 GBP per year.
        • Adrian Taylor Scholarships are for one year and are worth 3,000 GBP.
        • Martin turner Grant is for a year and is worth 1,700 GBP.
        • Presidential Scholarships are for four years and are worth 1,000 GBP a year.

    • King’s College London Medical MBBS Scholarships:

The department of global health and social medicine is awarding Medical Scholarships at the undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. levels. The graduate award is also valued at 9,000 GBP and is offered to students intending to pursue a master’s in bioethics, global health, gerontology, and aging, etc. The undergraduate award is worth 9,000 GBP and is awarded for three years i.e 3,000 GBP will be awarded a year for three years. It is available to pursue a BA or BSc. in Global health and social medicine.


These have been a few recommended and Best MBBS scholarships in which students from all over the world can apply for higher studies. Research them more and apply for the one which grants you enough opportunities to study freely.

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