Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet still best way to Lose Weight

Can you lose body weight by having Mediterranean Diet?

In case you are wondering if the Mediterranean Diet is still one of the fastest way to lose weight or not, then this article will provide you with the evidence of that. There are numerous types of diet items in the food industry that one can choose to lose excessive body weight. The gluten-free diets, juice cleanses, keto diet, low carb diet, and intermittent fasting are the best ways when it comes to weight loss diets. But the most popular one that will give you numerous health benefits along with weight loss is the “Mediterranean Diet.” Yes, it is a highly recommended diet by the nutritionists for decades. You can quickly lose excessive body weight with the Mediterranean diet within days. Yes, within days, not within months. So, in this article, you are going to read some top-notch advantages focusing on weight loss with the help of the Mediterranean diet.

The World Diet Report and US News considered the Mediterranean diet, one of the best food diets for the body for its 3-in-1 effects. First, it will be beneficial for the healthy metabolism of the body. Second, it allows users to lose weight in quick and easy ways. Third, it is straightforward to follow as there aren’t any problematic recipes in it. Apart from these, it will enhance the brain working, and it will also make your heart secure. In another research, it came to know that those people who follow the Mediterranean diet live healthy and long lives.

What are the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet?

The Americans first used the Mediterranean diet, and due to its majestic benefits, they also presented it in the World Health Organization in 1993. The foods or ingredients present in this diet were abundant in southern Italy and Crete (Greece’s island). These people followed the Mediterranean diet plan, and that’s why there was less risk of heart diseases and a high life expectancy rate. This research is from 1960, and you can imagine how important is this diet for the body. It is the most helpful way to lose weight without getting any side effects.

As discussed earlier, this diet can give you multiple benefits at the same time; that’s why the doctors highly recommend it. The Mediterranean diet is also highly effective against diabetes. A high sugar amount in the body can increase your weight. Therefore, you need to keep a close check on the sugar amount of your body if you want to remain fit and healthy. Use the Mediterranean diet to keep the sugar level at a standard rate. Apart from this, it will also help your blood cells to fight against cancerous cells. Yes, it is also highly effective against all types of cancer.

What doctors has to say about the Mediterranean Diet?

Dr Donald Hensrud, who is the director of MCHLP (Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program) says that “There is not only one kind of Mediterranean diet that you can use. Almost 20 countries are there in the race that have their kind of Mediterranean diet. All of them are somehow different from one another. But the similarity in them is their features and characteristics list.” Yes, you can choose your Mediterranean diet, but in the end, you are likely to enjoy some benefits, like weight loss, average diabetes level, anti-cancerous extracts, and many others.

Ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet:

The Mediterranean diet includes legumes, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, nuts and other things that aren’t rich in fat. These things will keep the blood level and pressure to normal in the body while giving you numerous health benefits. On the other hand, you can also use fishes, but keep it to a lower extent. Red wine is also an excellent option to pick in the Mediterranean diet. You can use dairy products like yogurt, milk, little fat cheese in the breakfast to get energy for the full day. Some other essential things that you can eat in this diet are fresh herbs, sweets, red meat, fewer spices, and mint.

There isn’t any restriction on the Mediterranean diet when it comes to the quantity of food. You can eat as much as you can because all the things in this diet will be good for your body, especially for weight loss. Apart from this diet, all other versions of diet restrict the food quantity while eating. In the current version of this diet, you can take almost ten servings of your favorite fruits and vegetables per day. If you want to increase it, then you can do so. Apart from the vegetables and fruits, it will be ideal to use fish twice or thrice per week. But only take these foods in the right amount if your body can absorb them. Otherwise, they will result in weight increments. You can also start light weight exercises for the more significant results while going with the Mediterranean diet plan.

When it comes to being on the Mediterranean diet, then it is straightforward to continue in your daily routine, said by the famous dietitian at MCHLP. Numerous restaurants in America have Mediterranean recipes in their menu. So, following it becomes easy for the Americans as they can eat their favorite food from the restaurants when needed. The two most preferred and most unique recipes lists are Turkish items and Tunisian Cuisine items. These two recipe categories are rich in olive oil.

Mediterranean Diet is best for decreasing the LDL:

Another fantastic benefit of this diet is Lowering the level of LDL. According to the British Journal, the LDL is bad cholesterol that can increase the risk of heart diseases. Therefore, adopting the Mediterranean diet can help your body to lower down the cholesterol level by giving you a healthy heart. On the other hand, it will also lessen the risk of cancer. Numerous high-level antioxidants are present in this diet that will lower down the bodyweight while giving your body a resistance wall to fight against bad cholesterol and cancerous cells.

Mediterranean Diet is good for brain functioning:

When it comes to brain power, then the Mediterranean diet is beneficial. According to a research paper, published in the Neurology Journal, those people who use the Mediterranean diet in their daily routine will enjoy good brainpower. Yes, their brainpower will be more than that of ordinary people. They will lose less brain when they reach adult life. Therefore, if you want to enjoy this thing, then you need to follow this diet from now. On the other hand, this diet is also effective against Alzheimer’s disease.

After looking at the upsides of this diet, you also need to read the below-mentioned content. It is not very easy to eat ten servings of fruits and vegetables per day. The same is the case with grains and nuts. The standard recommendation for this diet is 5-7 servings per day. And according to research, there is a tiny percentage of people who can follow these servings per day. Those people who are hoping to lose weight must need a more robust structure like calorie count. If you are using this diet to lose excessive bodyweight, then you need to track changes daily. Yes, it is highly recommended by the Physicians and Nutritionists.

But switching from the butter and daily product to olive oil is quite more comfortable. Olive oil is very beneficial for your heart and sugar rate. But you need to consume it in limits. Only 1-4 tablespoons are ideal to use per day. If used more, then it may become dangerous for your health and sugar rate.

You can note down the importance of the Mediterranean diet from this thing, that more than 3000 research papers have been published in the world. No research papers have shown the adverse effects of it because it won’t have any. It has only sound outcomes for the body, especially to lose excessive body weight. If we compare the Mediterranean diet with other weight-loss diets, then it will always come in the first position. It is highly effective for regulating healthy blood pressure, sugar level, heart rate and proper functioning of body organs. Last but not least, the Mediterranean diet is also delicious.

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