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N95 Face Masks VS Surgical Face Masks VS Cloth Face Masks: List of Best Face Masks to Buy Right Now

Our Top Picks for the Best Face Mask Online

With the novel Coronavirus spreading rapidly throughout the world, wearing a face mask has become a basic necessity. In some countries, it is mandatory to wear a face mask when going out in public. This is especially necessary since studies have shown that people who do not display the symptoms may also be infected with the virus. Face masks are among the few prevention techniques that have proved useful against the virus.

How to use face masks?

Firstly, you should ensure that your hands are clean before putting on a face mask. Hold the mask from the ear loops and wear it. Don’t hold it from the front. Adjust the face mask according to your face and try to get as close fit as possible. When wearing a face mask, be sure not to touch it. If you do touch the mask, then wash your hands immediately. After wearing the mask pinch in the mask from the top of your nose for complete protection. Finally, if you are wearing a disposable mask, be sure to throw it in a covered bin.

In the current situation, the world is in a dire need of increased production of masks, this is why many clothing brands have taken upon the task. So when you are shopping for face masks online, you need to know about the different kinds of face masks available. These are mentioned below.

Comparison: N95 masks VS Surgical Masks VS Cloth Face Masks

N95 face masks are respirators that are designed to have a tight fit around the mouth and nose. They block out 95% of the microns, which means that their filtration capabilities are more than those of other face masks. They also release the unfiltered air when you exhale. They are usually worn by healthcare professionals. These masks are meant for single use only.

Surgical face masks are loose-fitting masks that protect your mouth and nose from contaminants in the environment. There are different thicknesses in these masks and the degree of thickness affects how well they protect you. The top of the mask might have a nose-pin so that it can be fit around your nose.

You might come across the term 2-ply face mask, 3-ply face mask, and 4-ply face mask. This refers to the number of layers the face mask has. Surgical face masks can block out large particles in the air but cannot filter the small particles. It also protects others from the respiratory secretions of the wearer. These masks are disposable and should not be re-used.

As N95 masks and surgical masks are in short supply, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reserved them for healthcare professionals and recommended the use of cloth masks for the general public. These face masks can be washed and reused without damage. If everyone wears these face masks, the spread of the virus is predicted to reduce to a great extent. They can be made from tightly woven fabric and can include multiple layers of cloth. There are many cute and stylish cloth masks available now.

Safest Face Masks with Nose Pins

The following are our top picks for each category of face masks available online.

#1 Jewtme Dust Mask with Reusable Respirators

It is a nylon face mask and is soft and breathable. It can filter out fine particles with its replaceable filters.  Plus, its five layers of filters provide protection against dust and other pollutants. It also has a nose clip to make for a good fit. This face mask is washable and reusable.

#2 IQUALITE Disposable 3 layer Face Masks

These face masks are thin and light which makes them breathable. It is three-ply which means that it offers 3-layer strong filtration to block out dust and droplets. The mask is adjustable around the nose. IQUALITE is currently offering these face masks in a box of 40.

#3 GOOTRADES Cotton Blend Face Masks

These are made of soft cotton material and are breathable. They are washable and reusable, which makes them quite economical. They are perfect for protection against dust, smoke and large air particles. The ear loops are also adjustable for a good fit. The best thing about these is their cute designs. You get four teeth patterns in this pack.

#4 VTER Cotton Face Masks

With a blend of cotton and polyester, they offer softness and breathability. Plus, the material should not irritate your skin. The ear loops are also quite comfortable and don’t hurt even if the face masks are worn for a long time. They also have two-layered filters that block out dust and other airborne contaminants. Plus, they are washable and reusable. These face masks are currently available in a pack of 5. 

#5 COMIX Brand 3 ply Face Masks with nose pin

These are super-safe 3 ply black-colored face masks with nose pins for adults and children. They are made out of comfortable fabric which allows easy breathing. Plus, they do not fog up your glasses. They block out dust and pollen as well as other airborne particles. These cute face masks come in a pack of two. As they are made from cotton, they are easily washable, which means that you can reuse them.

#6 Premium Quality Single Use 3 Layer (3 ply) Face Mask

Now that you know about the best 3 ply face masks available online, you should also learn how to use them properly for effective virus protection. 

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