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What are Nail Extensions?

The nail extensions are the part of women’s today’s age fashion but its history lies deep in ancient times. When it comes to beauty, the first thing which people observe the most is our face and hands. To make us look prettier, women can add extra layers of makeup which makes them more appealing, satisfying and prettier. Makeups are one of the most important toolkits for women and the use of makeup has been increasing day by day. 

Not only makeup have proved to enhance the confidence for women but they also have helped to overcome their negativity that they are not looking good and due to makeup their negativity was to be improved. Also, it was stated that one of the most common reasons for depression in women was their inner-thoughts which made them feel they are not looking good enough and due to that it lowered their self-esteem and self-confidence and affected their lives. However, when the makeup was introduced, women have felt much better and it has helped many women to gain back their self-confidence and self-esteem and stood up the firm. 

There was a solution for the face which was makeup, but what about women’s hand? When we talk about women’s hand, the beauty resides in their nails and the longer and the cleaner the nails are, they were to be considered as one of the beauties of women’s hand. 

However, when it comes to women’s long nails, it is one of the toughest things to maintain. As nails are very delicate and they require extra care to be taken, they were never an easy thing to maintain. As when it comes to the nails, they are frequently and easily damaged. Growing nails longer does not just require care but it also requires time. As nails take time to grow, it surely will get frustrating and the results do not overnight. 

Difference between Nail Extensions & Nail Overlay

  • Nail Extensions:

The first thing which is done in a nail extension is to place a plastic nail which is extremely lighter in weight and looks just like a nail. It is glued from one of the sides and is placed on the natural nail which enables to extend the length of the nail. Later it is further processed such as nail polish and giving it a shiny look which looks just like a natural nail and that’s all. It is super effective and efficient. The glue is not a permanent one and can be easily washed and the fake nail can easily be removed after its use.  

  • Nail Overlays

Nail overlays are different from nail extensions as, in nail overlays, it requires no fake nails to be added or glued, while it’s just a process for making nails strengthen-up directly on the natural nail making it more durable and strengthening. 

Since when Nail Extensions are being used?

You may be wondering that nail extensions are a modern part of grooming for women, but the fact is that these nail extensions have been in use since the time of the Ancient Egyptians. 

At that time, nails that were longer in size were a symbol for representing women with a wealthy status and rich. As back into that time, nails extensions had only those materials which could only be afforded by wealthy women and not everyone could afford to do it. The materials which were to be used for nail extensions were made up of gold, ivory, and bones, which were often used in products for producing goods for the elite class.  

Since from that time nails, extensions have been in use, but what is the major change in today’s era is that nail extensions are no longer a symbol or a representation for a rich and wealthy woman.

Not only that has changed, but also the materials which were used in producing the nail extensions have also been changed, as, in today’s generation, nail extensions are made up of cheap plastic and are easily accessible almost in every market around the world. It is a pre-made shaper of nails and just needs to be glued to use. 

In today’s generation, there are various methods and techniques which can be used for nail extension and overlay and is available at a much lower price and are done easily with ease. In recent times, home made ombre nails are also in fashion.

The main reason why women choose to opt for nail extension is that they want their nails to look prettier and beautiful, but it does not represent any symbol related to the wealthy and rich class.  

What are Gel Nail Extensions?


The term gel nail means a formulated mixture that is applied on the top of the artificial nail extension applied directly onto the natural ail, based on the choice of the customer both of the ways are efficient and acceptable. The gel nail is highly efficient as it has a UV layer that protects it from the sunlight. Not only it will protect from the sunlight but it is also very hard and tough and is not easily cracked or damaged. 

Gel Nail Extension Benefits:

  • It does not inflict any harm or damage to the natural nail.
  • It is much safer to use and remove.
  • It is easy to cut them just like normal nails
  • It is easier to apply and use.

Gel Nail Extension Side-effects

  • It is more expensive than the usual nail extensions.
  • It is more complexed due to its UV light.
  • Gel nail extensions are prone to heat

How to Safely Remove Gel Nail Extensions?

When it comes to removing gel nail extension, it is not recommended to remove by yourself as it is more complexed than normal nail extensions, it should be only removed by the proper cosmetic service. The removal of the acrylic nail extension is a different process that can also be read if you have that one.

List of 3 Best Gel Nail Extensions

What are Nail Overlays?

When it comes to nail overlays, it is completely a different nail extension. They are applied with an artificial nail to extend the size of the nails and they involve the application of acrylics and gel to be applied directly on the natural nail. 

Nail Overlays Benefits:

When it comes to benefits, it has many advantages like they provide an extra layer of protection that helps the nail to be damaged less and will make it more rough and tough just like a turtle’s shell. It keeps the natural nail protected underneath it. 

Nail Overlays Types:

There are different types of nail overlays such as gel, acrylic nail extensions, fiberglass, and silk. They all follow the same impact to keep the nails protected and extend their length. 

There are many of the various techniques and methods for applying for nail extensions but also it offers a branded nail extensions and overlays treatments which have been in use and they are charged at a higher price than the normal as they have trained staff and workforce who charge higher price but provided a better service.

List of 3 Best Gel Nail Overlays

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