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Omnivert VS Ambivert Differences: Identification Key Points

The most common types of personality traits are introverts and extroverts. Introverts are known to be alone preferably while extroverts prefer going out and socializing. Extroverts are not socially awkward individuals, and they make friends easily. Introverts on the other hand do not have a strong set of social skills and stay away from the limelight and attention.

You do not have to identify yourself solely as an introvert or an extrovert. There is a whole spectrum out there. If you think that the traits of extroverts and introverts fit you or neither of them fit you, then you might fall under the other two categories: Ambivert and Omnivore.

Sometimes you may feel like going out, but you stay in to recharge your energy. Or at times you just want to express yourself and not listen. Moreover, at times you are super rebellious and take the risks, while other times you take your time to calculate the pros and cons. 

You personally do not think you fall under the introvert or the extrovert category. You think that a combination of the traits matches you best. If this is the case so, then you are either an ambivert or an Omnivore.

Definition of Ambivert

Ambivert and Omnivert are often conversely used incorrectly. So let us gather some concepts about the two through their definitions.

Ambivert is described as a person who has the perfect balance of extrovert and introvert traits in their personality.

Definition of Omnivore

On the other side, Omnivert is a person who lacks the perfect balance that an ambivert possesses. Omnivore may show traits of an introvert or an extrovert, in specific circumstances. It is not a balance, rather extreme.

So, What is the difference between Omnivore an Ambivert?

Think of ambivert as a middle ground in the whole spectrum of introvert and extrovert. Ambiverts are neither extroverts nor introverts. They can switch between spending time alone and go out to a party. They are excellent listeners and speakers, at the same time. So instead of identifying as an extrovert or an introvert, you identify as an ambivert. In short, ambiverts display the qualities of both an introvert and an extrovert. 

On the other hand, Omnivore is an individual who exhibits the qualities of introverts at times or extroverts at times. This depends on the different situations and scenarios they are in. They at times get socially uncomfortable but other times they are comfortable with the attention they are receiving. Sometimes they may display all the characteristics of an extrovert, and then the next day they might show common traits of an introvert. Their traits are not as balanced as ambiverts. Omnivore actions and traits change based on their surroundings.

Identification of the ambiverts:

  • You can feel energized when you’re around the right crowd at the right time.
  • You have good communication skills and a good balance between speaking and listening.
  • After a day of spending out, you would like to go home and recharge. Either you are alone, or with people, you prefer spending time alone as you find comfort in it.
  • You do not hesitate to pick the right side. You listen to both sides and then make your decision. 

Identification of the Omniverts:

The following are a few common traits of Omnivert:

  • After you have spent a day out, you will need several days to recharge your social battery 
  • You might party hard a few days and then go into a hiding 
  • You could be the life of the party and have all the attention you need at the moment 
  • If you feel overwhelmed in a situation then you will automatically exhort introverted traits 
  • After you have recharged then you are filled with energy and ready to party hard to let the energy out

Types of Ambiverts and Omnivert:

Ambiverts and Omnivert do not have any types. Though there are some generally categorized types:

#1 Outgoing introverts

Outgoing introverts are introverts who can be outgoing in a certain situation and around specific people. 

#2 Antisocial extroverts

Antisocial extroverts are extroverts who prefer being alone more than an actual extrovert. They may also require ample time of recharging before going out and socializing. 

#3 Social introverts

Social Introverts are individuals who can muster the energy to turn into extroverts when needed. 

In Conclusion

Identifying yourself as an ambivert or an Omnivert can be tricky. Often these terms are used interchangeably, which is wrong. An ambivert is a person whose overall behavior is the middle ground of extrovert and introvert. On the other side, an Omnivert is a person who can either act as an extrovert or as an introvert, in specific situations. 

Now that you have looked at the major distinguishing differences between ambivert and Omnivert, it might be easier for you to categorize yourself as one of the two. 

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