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[#PressonNails] Best Press-on Fake Nails: Why Press-On Nails are Trending? 

Best False Nails Sets

There is something very admirable about doing your nails yourself. That feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction is one thing that cannot be matched. Plus, with salons being closed due to the pandemic, everyone is mastering the art of doing their own nails to keep up the past game. If you have not heard of these before, we honestly don’t want to know where you’ve been living!

Ever had that phase where press-on nails were ‘the thing’? We’ve all slept in excitement, the night before school, to show it off to everyone. In particular, we’ve all begged our parents to get us those because they were all we desired to have, and we envied others. But, gone are the days where all we had to choose from were those tawdry and square-shaped French manicured ones. Because now they are back and better than ever! Press-on nails are not only limited to one single shape because they have evolved.

Now you can choose from all types of press-on nail shapes and lengths, styles, designs, and colors. You can have that subtle nude to go with your office attire, and by night you could go for something funky to match your party dress. In addition, there is no chipping to be concerned about, just like the gel manicure, and you also don’t have to dread making time for going to the salon to get them off. The application and removal process could not have been easier. Plus, most of us love something that is low maintenance.

Best Press-on Nails to buy in 2021 [#fakenails #falsenails]

Without further ado, let us dig in to show you some of the best press-on nail brands that you can buy from. 

#1 Crown and Polished Press-on Nails

Bring a salon-like experience to your home and take time out for your self-care at your own convenience, as well as budget with two different collections to choose from. Crown and polished allows you to make a statement with either their Luxury Press-on collection, which solely focuses on countless nail art designs. On the other hand, if you are not a nail art person, then choose from their Essentials collection, which is designed for individuals who love a good plain or bold color on their nails. These luxurious reusable press on nails are available in multiple shapes like the coffin, oval, basic square, almond, and stiletto. Also, you don’t have to worry about the sizes as they cater to all, such as small, medium, large, and even custom sizing! The best part of this brand is that they take protecting the environment very seriously. They utilize vegan gel polishes to create drama and color for your hands, and the packaging is recycled to draw their impact on saving planet Earth.

#2 The Press-on Nailest

Being true to its name, the Nailest makes 100% handmade nails and guarantees one’s the correct sizing. With, of course, hundreds of designs to choose from, each set of nails includes 10 press on. Handcrafting all sorts of shapes as well as lengths, they provide instant luxury acrylic nails, handmade collection, instant glam, and a dazzle collection. Their bestselling and show stopper nails were the handcrafted all bling crystal AB set. You will have a wide range to pick from. There are solid color nails, statement-making ones, and an entire Swarovski encrusted set. Nail art lovers are not left behind either, as options are available for them as well. Even though delivery may take up to a few weeks, but these reusable pieces are definitely worth the wait. Fluctuate between different shapes that the Nailest has to offer and go from a square-shaped nail in the morning to stiletto by night!

#3 Cool press-on nail set

Tailored to your individual and original style, cool press-on fake nails creates idiosyncratic, high-quality press on nails. The nails are adapted to the highest expectations of the nail art enthusiast, offering world-class nail art at a quarter of the price of what the salon asks for. The most enjoyable thing is that these nails are personalized with ease by filling out your individual match and aesthetic choice. Be it an evening out of town or daily wear, the method of application and removal is prompt and free of any pain or stress.

Also, with relevance, your natural nails will never go through what they did at the salon! They will not be damaged by wearing these press-on nails. You can wear them for up to 14 days, and water will not make them weak. There is no more chipping off to deal with, and you would always confidently move your hands around! On promotion with limited time, a cool press-on fake nail set includes a manicure kit with the nails you order. This kit comprises high-quality nail glue, a manicure stick, an application guide, and a nail removal tool.

#4 Kiss USA Fake Nail set

Without any bling, accents, or 3D details, Kiss USA provides one-color wonders. Being the trendiest and supplying the most popular solid gel nail shades, this brand has options in abundance, such as glossy to matte finishes and pastels to brights. Available in all lengths, and all the chic shapes, Kiss’s nails last up to a good 3 weeks. While french and nude colors are obvious on the tray, decorated nails are also given attention for art lovers. It doesn’t only end there. This brand provides for your toenails as well! So, you will never have to not wear those sandals hiding in your closet, waiting for a pedicure you were supposed to get last month. Kiss has several collections such as the Masterpiece, Fantasy Collection, Jelly Fantasy, Gel Fantasy, Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails, Jewel Fantasy, and Glam Fantasy. Do your own nails with salon quality with all the choices you have to choose from their collections with a fraction of the price you usually pay!

#5 Fake Acrylic Nail Set Kit:  240 Pcs, 12 Sizes (Economical)

Need acrylic-like quality? This is the store for you! Each of the styles is handcrafted incorporating the highest-end gel tips, gel polishes, and authentic Swarovski crystals by their nail artist. Plus, the designs are religiously top-coated with gel to give you enduring, sturdy nails that you can repeatedly reuse. This fake nail kit offers a range of distinctive and modern versions that are always made available. These hot choices are personalized to suit your personal style, and all you have to do is send an email with your specifications for that. With shapes like almond, coffin, square, and stiletto, the basic colors and imaginative prints will surely add the color you need in your life.

#6 Professional Acrylic Complete Fake Nail kit

Being a small business, each design is handcrafted by a professional cosmetic professional. These designs are produced using top-notch gels tips, polishes, and genuine crystals by Swarovski. Every design, shape, and length is made available to you by her made to order press on. In case you don’t have the time to put forward a customized version, then you can go for the ready to ship press on! You will get 10 to 24 nails with each set you order, and this will be accompanied by a mini file, buffer, cuticle pusher, and one alcohol prep pad. Besides, if you’re interested in decals more, then Christy does not fall short. Numerous options of decals are there on her website, and you can personalize your very own manicure at home without using press-on nails!

#7 Artbox False Nail Set

From Australia, Tres She delivers exclusive acrylic designs made by hand all over the world. They have built an original shape, as well, so within only a few minutes, you can have a new look out of the salon. You can throw them on for a whole week or just for a weekend, it all depends on you. Tres She focuses on long lengths, high quality, hologram effects, and multidimensional nails. These acrylic options, like vivid pastels, glitter, and luminous colored designs, are intended to catch that twinkle. Along with 24 nails in each box, their adorable pastel pink packing comes with adhesive tabs, travel size glue, and a buffer. These nails are thin at the base and thick towards the tip, giving a natural look to your nails. With durability and endurance, Tres She releases five limited editions on every last Friday of each month that is only available for five days! So we hope you’re quick at grabbing these editions.

#8 Après Gel-X tips

These transparent gel tips are the perfect choice for a beginner who is looking to explore the press-on nails. Starting from the stilettos, they are available in more than one shape like coffin long, round short, sculpted square, and stiletto short. If you’re worried that they will give off an unnatural look, then there is no need to be because these tips are perfectly thick and thin. Plus, they are not fragile either. One box contains 500 pieces so, even if you mess up the application, you can easily retry your effort. With convenient application and removal, these gel tips can stick for up to 3 weeks, depending on the amount of glue you use. They are plain and are great fun for you or your friends to experiment with.

How Long Do Press-On Nails Last? 

Press-on nails can stay for 5 days to a whole week. However, this can vary based on if you are using glue or an adhesive. The amount of glue you use can predict the stay of your press-on nails. If you apply just enough for them to stay for the weekend, they will. But if you need them to stick longer, you will need to add glue according to that. Using adhesive pads means that your press ons will stay for about 3 to 5 days. Moreover, the stay of the nails will also vary with each brand of press-on nail glue.

Do They Damage Your Actual Nail? 

No, press on nails do not damage your actual nail. Your natural nail is much safer under a press on than it is with what you get in salons. Application and removal of fake nails in the salons can leave your nails mauled and brittle for days. We are sure you have experienced some level of pain once your nail starts breathing after the removal. So press ons save you from all of that and are actually nicer to your nails than anything else.

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