If the little hairball from your hairbrush keeps growing bigger, chances are your hair is in dire need of good protein treatment! Having an increased amount of hair fall, porous and dull-looking hair is no one’s cup of tea and can even lower your self-esteem. 

While most of the inner strength of your hair is affected by your food intake (which should ideally be a balanced diet to nourish your hair), its outer appearance can be improved by using protein hair masks. However, a lot of the masks in the market can cost a lot of money and have extra chemicals added, so to ensure that your hair absorbs all of the nutrients efficiently, try out some of these cost-effective homemade hair masks!

List of ingredients required for making Protein Hair Mask:

    • Curd
    • Honey
    • Egg yolk
    • Lemon
    • Coconut Milk
    • Fenugreek seed powder
    • Mayonnaise
    • Avacado
    • Olive oil
    • Strawberries
    • Castor Oil
    • Rice water

Extra Nutritious 4 ingredients Protein Hair Mask Recipe

Made with all-natural ingredients, this mask is great for preventing hair fall while promoting healthy hair growth. The ingredients used are:

    1. Egg yolk: Naturally packed with the same nutrients as those in your hair such as biotin, folate, vitamin A and D; eggs are great for preventing hair damage, deeply conditioning your hair, and making it seem fuller overtime by enhancing growth. Even though most of the benefits are found in the egg yolk, people with extra dry scalps can use the whole egg instead of just the yolk for added moisture and hydration.
    2. Curd: Since it’s a dairy product, curd contains proteins and lactic acid which works great as a natural cleanser for your hair. Filled with anti-bacterial properties, it keeps scalp infections at bay and reduces the itchiness in your hair.
    3. Honey: The number of benefits packed in honey for your hair might be another great reason to thank the bees and the flowers! This ooey-gooey goodness fills up your hair with moisture and shine. Not only that, but it also has antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and antiseptic qualities that minimize clogging and protects the hair follicles; hence strengthening them and allowing them to grow stronger.
    4. Lemon: Everyone loves a good squeeze of lemon in their salads but what about their hair? While directly squeezing lemon juice on your hair isn’t ideal, once mixed with other ingredients, lemon is great for boosting the production of collagen and unclogging your hair follicles which prevents dandruff. It’s great for people with oily hair because not only does it control the oil production of the scalp but also has anti-fungal properties and stimulates the regrowth of hair from the dormant follicles. 

Procedure for making 4 ingredient Protein hair mask:

For the mask, take 1 egg yolk, a tablespoon of curd, and honey each, along with the juice of half a lemon, and mix it in a bowl. The honey might be harder to mix in because of its consistency but be patient, take your time with it and make sure the ingredients are all evenly distributed.

Use your hands to apply this mixture thoroughly to your hair and leave it on for a maximum of 30 minutes before washing it off. Make sure to use lukewarm or cold water- you do not want to deal with little cooked pieces of egg in your hair! Don’t keep it on for too long because it has lemon which does have lightening properties for your hair. Use once or twice for at least a month and you’ll see a significant improvement in your hair fall and dandruff.

Can you alter hair mask-making recipes?

Yes! Mayonnaise works as a great substitute for eggs and plain yogurt can be substituted for curd. The smell from these ingredients might be gag-inducing (just a friendly warning) so feel free to add in essential oils of your choice. For extra dry hair, you could also mix in a hair oil of your choice such as argan oil. 

Can the ingredients be used on their own as hair masks?

Absolutely! Once you know how each ingredient is good for your hair, feel free to experiment with different combinations according to what your hair might need the most. Some ideal ingredient combos include egg and yogurt, egg and honey, coconut milk and avocado, Mayo and avocado, etc.

Types of Protein Hair Masks and Method of Making them

First, add coconut milk to a bowl. Next, gradually add in the fenugreek seed powder in parts while mixing continuously. Initially, the mixture will seem very runny but as you keep mixing, it should form a semi-thick paste with a porridge-like consistency. 

Now because you don’t want to spend the coming days picking out little grains from your hair, get yourself a strainer and strain the mixture to get a smooth paste. Then, add in the oil and mix it well before applying it to your hair. Make sure to leave it on for a good 15 minutes before washing off with mild shampoo. 

#1 The 4 ingredient simple vegan hair mask

For this vegan hair mask, you’re going to need coconut milk, avocado, olive oil, and some strawberries! Just mix the coconut milk with mashed-up avocado and oil. Cut up strawberries into smaller pieces and mash those in too. The strawberries might seem like a funny ingredient to add but they are rich in vitamin c which helps your hair absorb iron and promotes hair growth while helping with dandruff. Along with that, the avocado is rich in protein, vitamins, and amino acids which are great for your hair.

#2 Rice Water hair mask for wavy/curly hair

Shout out to all the curly-haired queens out there who spend hours making sure their curls stay hydrated, defined, bouncy, and healthy! However, on those off days when your hair looks dull and elongated, a rice hair treatment is perfect for restoring that definition and hydration into those curls. (PS: It works just as well for other hair types as well!)

A lot of people have been known to use the rice water just by itself to wash their hair which has great benefits of its own but with the addition of a few ingredients; you can turn it into the perfect mask.

How to make the Rice water Hair mask?

In a bowl mix rice water, honey, yogurt, and egg very well and apply to your hair for 20 minutes, before washing it out with cold or lukewarm water.

Rice water: The rice water might seem like an odd edition but it’s filled with proteins that easily penetrate and nourish your hair. There are various ways of making rice water and while some people prefer to just boil the rice to get theirs that usually dilutes the nutritious content. 

According to the traditional Chinese methods of preparing rice water, after the initial rinse, the rice needs to be washed by hand (rub grains individually) in clean water. This water is then fermented with grapefruit peels for at least a week before using it.

#3 3 ingredient Protein Hair Mask

How to make a simple 3 ingredient protein hair mask?

This mask is great for providing your hair with a strong protein treatment that’s going to hydrate your scalp, give strength to your hair, and make it more manageable with only 3 ingredients:

#1 Coconut milk:  Since coconut milk is great at penetrating your hair shafts, it does a great job of strengthening your hair by filling it up with loads of protein and good nutrition. Moreover, it acts as a natural conditioner that works to restore dry and damaged hair.

#2 Fenugreek seed powder: This is the key ingredient in this hair mask. Fenugreek seeds are known for being strong houses of minerals such as folic acid, vitamin a k and b, botanic acid, protein, and lecithin which not only reduce dandruff and hair fall and itchiness but are also great for bringing the moisture and elasticity back into your hair!

Fenugreek seed powder can also be used in combination with lemon, yogurt (for a non-vegan mask), or just coconut oil to make alternate hair masks. Coconut oil encourages hair growth, and like all oils, is very nourishing to the scalp

#3 Castor oil: Castor oil is great for hair growth and thickening. However feel free to use any other hair oil (example coconut oil, argan oil, or olive oil) that you have on hand instead of this particular one.

#4 Vegan hair masks: These masks are especially great for all the vegans out there who aren’t too keen on using dairy products such as yogurt and eggs in their masks!

A heads up- Watch out for Protein overload!

While masks are great for nourishing your hair, you shouldn’t be using them daily (especially the stronger ones). This will only do more harm than good as there is such a thing as Protein overload. When your hair has too much protein, instead of being soft and healthy, it’ll become brittle and weak-causing it to shed more easily. Although this is treatable with moisturizing and condition products, make sure you’re limiting your mask usage to once or twice a week to prevent it. We also wrote a guide on how often you should wash your hair to keep your scalp and hair healthy.

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