Reasons on Why Your Husband Is Not Interested in You

Why Husband Lost Interest in Me: Answers

It is pretty common to hear wives complain that their husbands have lost interest in them after a few years of marriage. They often say it like “oh the honeymoon phase is over.” This is not what a marriage is supposed to feel like. It is supposed to be endless love, laughs, and warmth daily.

It may seem like you are living with a roommate instead of the love of your life. It truly hurts when the one person you love the most is distant from you. By the time most couples try to resolve this issue, it is too late.

Some of the major signs that your husband is no longer interested in you are closely related to your relationship. You will notice how the sex is dead. Often most men are no longer intimate when they have lost interest in you. Or even if you both are still physically active, the spark is missing.

Your husband may be spending more time with his friends and on phone than with you. The morning kisses have died, and the long conversations have turned into short one-word replies. He does not compliment you, and your date nights do not exist anymore.

If you have noticed any two or more signs, then I hate to break it down to you, but your husband has lost the value of your relation. It hurts bad to see your life fall apart before your eyes.

On the brighter side, you can save your marriage and gain back the husband you think you are losing by figuring out why your husband is not interested in you.

Top Reasons for a Husband to Lose Interest in Wife

Below are three reasons that could be the potential answers to the question “why my husband is not interested in me?”:

  • You have stopped caring about your appearance

Just like you would glam up extra in the initial days of your dates to attract your now-husband, just like that most men are attracted to how you look throughout your life. As shallow as it seems, men believe appearances are always a plus one.

So, if you recently had a baby or you have been stressed out to look even slightly nice for your husband then this is it. The reason your husband seems to have lost interest in you is that you are not dressing up for him.

You are not taking care of yourself; you stay in your night PJs all day. This does not necessarily mean he finds you ugly, it is just that it does not attract him.

Invest in your physical appearance. Maybe just let down your hair, put on some makeup, and definitely get out of your pajamas. Something comfortable other than pajamas will do enough to attract your husband towards you. Although, if you are feeling different then something extra will not be of any harm!

  • You are constantly complaining

This is a pretty common habit most wives develop after a few years into marriage. Most women complain the majority of the time they are talking.

Here is what you need to know: complaining is not talking and neither does not count as a conversation.

A conversation is words being exchanged by two people, not just one. So now the next time whenever you both are free or perhaps take time out to sit down and just talk. While your husband just wants a friendly conversation with you, you just throw words at him and leave. Understand that he is as tired as you are. Your husband feels neglected. Men find it hard to open up their emotions. Hence, he will not complain like you, he will just lose interest in you.

Instead, ask them about their day, tell them about yours. Inform them about any issues going on in your life or work. Have a gossip session or trash talk about your mutual frenemies. Appreciate everything he does for you. Make him feel like he is important to you. Stay consistent with the appreciation and thankyous. A light yet honest and open conversation can solve a lot of problems then you can imagine! 

  • You make fun of him

If you make fun of your husband when you meet his friends or family then you need to stop immediately. You need to realize that it is one thing to make harmless fun jokes and another to joke around about his insecurities.

Every man has certain dynamics of a relationship with each of his relatives and friends. You can not just layout his flaws and faults in front of anyone like that. It is humiliating for him. He may try to brush it off, but you have certainly hurt him a lot. He feels as if you do not have any regard for his feelings. No wonder he has lost interest in you and withdrawn from you.

So, the best thing to do here is to apologize to him, assure him you will fully cut down on such embarrassing humor, and make it up to him.

The reasons mentioned above are the most common mistakes most wives make, without realizing it. This is what costs them their husband’s interest.

Below are some extra reasons to look out for, especially if they do not concern you: 

  • You rely your happiness on him
  • You are always nagging him
  • You ignore his sexual needs
  • He is super stressed
  • He is showing signs of a mental illness 
  • He recently lost a loved one

What to do Now?

Marriage is not just fun and intimacy for a few years. All the fun and intimacy is supposed to continue till death do you apart. You surely are scared for your marriage if your husband has been acting so distant. To do the right thing, it is best you figure out why your husband is losing interest in you before it is too late to mend things. Before you assume anything, look for the possible signs such as stress, low self-esteem, depression, or any medical condition.

However, if you have tried every possible way to seek the signs but still fail to come to a conclusion, then it is time to ask him straight up. A face-to-face conversation will surely help resolve this matter!

Good luck saving your marriage!

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