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Recommendation Letter for Scholarship Application: [With Example, Template and Full Guide]

Champion Recommendation Letter Template for Your Next Scholarship Application

You need to get recommended by your previous professors or teachers; in order to get admission for higher studies in another University or College. Educational institutes made it a mandatory requirement in order to make sure that the freshmen they gave admissions to possess high moral and behavioral qualities with good academic background. The scholarship candidates also need to attach two original copies of recommendation letters signed and stamped by the professors of their recent educational institute as part of their application process. So, if you are applying for a scholarship or University admission; then you need to get your recommendation letters signed by previous professors ready!

Mostly, the professors are busy, so they don’t have time to write down the content of recommendation letters. In this case, students take to write down the positive content of the recommendation letter and get it signed by their professors with their stamp on it as well. In this article, i provided you with an impressively written recommendation letter sample that can be used as a template with some edits as per your information; and then you will be all set to use it to get the signs and stamps of your professor.

Applying for a scholarship program at a distinguished and acclaimed university is no cakewalk. It requires time, effort, and brains. If you know the right way of applying, only then you will be taken into consideration. Most applicants assume that there are only two steps that can earn them a scholarship when it’s not like this. Gaining a scholarship amongst hundreds or thousands of candidates can prove to be a headache. However, a little recommendation from someone with a noble and trustworthy reputation, like a teacher can be a lot of help. In this article, we will teach you the basic steps of writing a killer recommendation letter and there is a sample provided at the end of this article.

What is a Recommendation Letter?

The letter of recommendation is a formal document praising the person’s high morale, behavioral, and other qualities for a specific purpose. Generally, recommendation letters are required by college/University admission offices, organizations offering the jobs, and for issuing the character certificates.

A recommendation letter for a scholarship application is an officially sealed and signed document by the professor of the applicant’s previous university; for praising the qualities, academics, and research abilities.

The letter of recommendation is sometimes an optional document submitted along with the scholarship or admission application. The recommendation letter if attached with the scholarship application will prove to be a plus point and an impressive recommendation letter will take the applicant one step ahead from others in the race of scholarship. However, a recommendation letter that is not up to the mark of the reviewers (maybe due to no official stamp, sign, or contact details of the applicant’s previous professor) and has a low standard can even kill the chances of selection. Therefore, it is mandatory for the recommendation letter to be in accordance with its standards and level of accuracy for acceptance.

By who and to whom the Recommendation Letter is written:

The recommendation letter is written by a previous and recent teacher or a counselor of the applicant for the scholarship or admission purpose. It is written to the admissions officers of that particular university, where the applicant has applied for the scholarship or admission. The scholarship committee requires two letters of recommendation as they want to know about the skills, abilities, and interaction skills of the applicant with other students and the teacher. It is not important for the teachers to write the recommendation letter by themselves, as in most cases, the applicant creates the draft of the recommendation letter all by themselves and gets it signed by their teacher.

Significance of Recommendation Letter:

The recommendation letter is basically a character certificate written by the teacher. It describes the applicant in the teacher’s words. The recommendation letter contains all the major details of your experience with the student. It portrays the applicant’s ability to interact and highlights the potential to excel in the university.

The recommendation letter plays a vital role in the scholarship process and that is why it is important that the letter should be veracious and conforming to the format it is supposed to be written. If the teachers are really familiar with the applicant well, only then should they write the recommendation letters, if not, then the teacher should forbid themselves from writing the letter of recommendation.

There is another way how the teacher potentially gets enough information about candidates that can help them to write a recommendation letter for a student just in case they were previously familiar with that student. In this way, the teachers generally just ask the applicants for their resumes or arrange a small meeting with them to ask them about all their hobbies, goals, future plans, and reviews about their experience with teachers.

Writing a Champion Recommendation Letter?

  • Explore candidate’s passion for the field:

The first step to write a recommendation letter is to conduct an inquiry and ask the applicant regarding the field they are choosing in a university. This is important because as a teacher you need to write all about the applicant’s enthusiasm related to that field and tell the reviewer that the applicant is impassionate to learn and grow.

  • Share your experience in the recommendation letter:

This is an important factor in the recommendation letter. Sharing your experience in a positive talk can enhance the chances of selection, as it tells the reviewer the nature of the student. Don’t forget to include the minor details, at times.

The educational institutes usually go for students with visible leadership qualities and hence, it is important to mention these qualities in the recommendation letter if the applicant has any. You can include any event in the recommendation letter that you think can put a good impression on the reader. Confidence is the key, don’t forget to mention that the applicant possesses a confident personality and has never shied away from asking about unclear concepts regarding any topic.

  • The Capability of the Student:

The scholarship committee tends to believe whatever is said in the recommendation letter. Therefore, you should tell them in how many ways the student will prove to be an asset to the university. The scholarship panel should be informed about the student’s potential and ability to learn and lead. Showcase the student’s past experience as a golden academic record.

Recommendation Letter Format:

  • Introduction:

Start by bringing up the topic of how you got to know the student. Tell the panel in which grade you met the student and how he/she behaved and performed like a student. Mention how many subjects you taught in the school, and how the student responded to the assignment orders.

  • Body:

Next, you have to talk about the progress of the students from the first day of school. How they executed the assignments, lectures, and school programs. Mentioning their skills and hobbies is also very beneficial as such things add a bonus to the letter. Don’t hesitate to mention any part-time jobs students did or educational competitions they won or seminars they attended punctually. Remember you are a teacher of the applicant, who are both well acquainted with each other. Portray the additional qualities of the applicant, like punctuality, attentiveness, and responsibility in this body section of your letter of recommendation.

  • Conclusion:

At the end of the recommendation letter, write about how you think the applicant can succeed in life and become a mogul with a huge career. Tell the reviewer that you think the applicant is deserving of the scholarship and how this applicant will ace the academics in the university. You can also give your email address/contact number, at the bottom of the recommendation letter page so that the scholarship panel can contact you in case of any queries.

Recommendation Letter Sample and Template

[Insert Recipient Details]

[Insert Sender’s Details].

Subject: Recommendation Letter for [Applicant’s name here]

Dear Admission Officers,

I’m ecstatic to put forward [Applicant Name Here] for the undergraduate scholarship program of Princeton University in the field of environmental science. I used to teach [Applicant Name Here] the subjects of ecology, mineralogy, and atmospheric science and I am also the supervisor of the clean green earth campaign, whose vice-president is [Applicant Name Here]. I’ve known [Applicant Name Here] for the past four years and she has been the most diligent, compliant, and bright student of her batch. She is the most intelligent kid of her age studying at our school and has always been the topper of the class. I highly recommend her for this prestigious scholarship.

I first met [Applicant Name Here] when she was a freshman in my introduction to an ecology class. She easily became the center of the spotlight by her sharp guessing, vast knowledge, and discussion skills. Her assignments have always been the best to examine as they are exemplary and never gave the hint of being created by a high school student. Whenever there used to be any international competition, [Applicant Name Here] was the first person recommended by our school for participation. Even though [Applicant Name Here] was the highest scoring student in the class, she never backed off from helping other classmates. She even used to help her competitors by clearing their misconceptions. 

[Applicant Name Here] has been a favorite of all her classmates and her leadership qualities have always helped her to make any campaign successful. [Applicant Name Here] has been the head of the council members in her senior year and the most responsible and trustworthy council member. When [Applicant Name Here] was in the second-last year I made her the in-charge of the topic review group, which basically was a group of students with slow learning power, and [Applicant Name Here] was supposed to help them out. This work requires a lot of patience and [Applicant Name Here] as usual stood up to my expectations.

Other than academics, [Applicant Name Here] is also an outstanding person with a passion for environmental sciences. In her second year, she started a blog page by the name “Eco-Nerd” and this page is her second most magnificent achievement after her outstanding academic record. This page gained 2K followers just after 4 months of its birth and is still influencing people to make the planet clean and green. She is not just running a blog page but is also becoming an entrepreneur as she has an online store by the name “Plastic-free ProPack” where she sells plastic-free household items.

I believe that [Applicant Name Here] is the most worthy candidate for this scholarship because of her meritorious and social record. She will prove to be an asset not only for your university but also for our country. She has superior qualities that are beneficial for a true leader. Her hard work and dedication will take her very far in life and there is no doubt that she is one of the most perspicacious and inventive students of her age.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me at this email address: [Insert your email here].


[Professor Name],
[Professor’s email],
[Professor’s contact number].

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