Refuse a Date – Decline a Date Nicely: Politely Reject a Date – Turn down a Date Offer Gracefully

You may come across numerous situations in your life where you may have to refuse the dating proposal of someone, for example a girl like a boy but he doesn’t want to make a relationship with her and vice versa. A girl may want to date a guy she likes, but he doesn’t want to go. There may be times when a girl wants to hang out with a guy, but that guy may not be interested in her, and then in all the above-mentioned situations; the guy needs to find a way to turn down the date in a polite way. Here are some methods by using which you will be able to refuse a date.

7 Ways to Turn Down Date or Politely decline a date

It is painful to break someone’s heart but sometimes you face a situation when you see no other option. So in a situation like this, you can try to paddle the boat in a polite way to find the bank of the stormy river. This way the other person must not get it on the heart. Following are seven steps that you can use to politely turn down a dating offer:

#1 Do not talk rudely

#2 Try to explain your feelings 

#3 Don’t say you are not of my type

#4 Tell the reason for saying no

#5 Convince the person to accept it

#6 Ignore politely

#7 Tell directly

7 Ways of Saying No to Second Date

The first date does not mean that the person you are going to meet will be compatible with you so you may need to meet with other person’s too, in order to find the right one. But you also need to make sure that the people you are meeting with must not get connected with you. If you don’t have the desire to go a second date with a person then you can decline the second date very politely in different ways. You have to learn all the tricks to say no to a person for the next meeting. Here we will write all the techniques with which you can politely refuse a second date invitation.

#1 Honesty is the best policy

If you don’t want to go out again with that person’s second time on a date, then decline the date clearly at the end of the first date. Don’t give her any hope by saying we will meet again soon, that is quite wrong. If you will not tell that person the truth; it will be very difficult for you to announce it later.

#2 Avoid from the assumption

Don’t make any kind of assumption on how the other person will think about you when you will announce no go for the next date. Be confident and speak the truth politely.

#3 Deal like a friend

Be polite and say thank you for coming on the first date and then let that person know that it’s the compatibility issue due to which you might not see that person again. You may express it by saying; it is difficult for me to make a serious relationship with you. Wish that person best of luck for the future life, don’t elaborate in detail what are the causes due to which you don’t want to be with that person anymore. Speak the truth without any worry but take care not to talk rudely.

#4 Give a compliment

Pay compliments to the person such as; you are very beautiful, kind, honest and you seem like a noble person and meanwhile express what makes you to think why you guys are not compatible for a second date. This approach of declining the second date will be polite and serve as a blessing message too. By talking in this direction you can say no to the second date without breaking the heart.

#5 Speak with confidence 

Remain calm, it is possible that the other person may get hyper and asks you why are you doing so. Give some time to the person and try to be responsive to all the questions asked by that person because it will actually help that person to understand the matter.

#6 Offer to remain, friends,

At the end of the first date, express your true feelings and then convince the person to be your friend. This kind of approach will indirectly express that you are not interested in more than friendship; so that person will not expect a second date.

#7 Send the text message

If you think that you have not the confidence to decline the second date face to face then consider writing a text message.

#7 Show sincerity 

Don’t cheat with anyone in your life, always deal with the person in a very good manner without speaking the harsh words. If you will be honest then everyone will respect you. Therefore, being honest will also help you in this situation to turn down the second dating offer.

Here are some sample words for saying no to the second date

    • I want a relationship with you, but we are not fit with one another.
    • I don’t want to go on a date or make a relationship with any girl. I am happy with my friends.
    • I already have a girlfriend, so I am sorry.
    • I think a lot about us but we are not suitable for each other.
    • I am very happy that you are giving me attention, but I am sorry to say that I think I am not able enough for you.
    • I think both of us are not ready for a relationship, it is good to form friendships with each other.
    • Sorry, I think you are not my dream girl; I want to find out my dream girl. So I am going on my mission goodbye to you.
    • I spent a memorable time with you, now I want to spend real life. I am sure I will understand and support me as my best friend.
    • I am sorry I am a busy person. I have no time for these things.
    • I am sorry but I am tired of these meetings. I need a break. We will meet again but for now sorry.

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