Self Motivation Quest – How to get Motivated?

Motivation can be the key to Success!

Today, we are in the era where almost everybody needs some kind of inspiration or motivation to get going with hard times in life. From this perspective, I can define motivation as a spiritual force that has the capacity to move people to act in a certain way that may help them to achieve an immediate and specific goal. As per research, it was identified recently that sometimes you don’t know what to do with life unless you find a goal or motivation of achieving that goal. But, in this journey, you must be sincere with yourself instead of expecting small bribes as rewards instead of staying focused on the final goal. It was studied by researchers recently that people will not do what you want them to do unless there is an added benefit to it. And this benefit will actually motivate them to do the work ‘you require’, which means they need something in return if they do what you want them to do. This compelling driving force is actually a part of human nature which we sometimes call as a motivation. It can be money, goal or an achievement thought to do something.

Bribing yourself to get motivated

  1. Stop bribing people for motivation – Short term Rewards are considered as a bribe because people stop when there are no more rewards available.
  2. It is a common perception among people that they will get a certain amount of money for completing a project. But once that project is over then what will be the next thing? Therefore, instead of bribing, you can tell inspirational stories such as if I ask you how much is the salary of a soccer player? Your reply will definitely motivate you to find some work from where you can actually get that much amount of salary to live a happy life.
  3. Make people emotional to help them feel that they are capable of being something. One might have observed the power of emotions when that person get inspired by someone’s success or get jealous of other’s, or swim in the ocean of indescribable emotions. These feelings called emotions can be turned into the power of that person in the shape of motivation. The emotional fire turned into motivation for achieving a very specific goal in life can actually work.
  4. Always try to emphasize the progress of a person. According to the recent research of great scientist Amabile Teresa from Harvard University, ‘nothing is of more motivational than emphasizing on one’s progress’. This is actually the basic principle of motivation because single success goals actually produce a significant amount of happiness which further motivates a person to work harder for achieving a final goal that he is actually aiming for. So, staying focused and breaking your journey towards final goal into small milestones can actually self-motivated you.
  5. Challenge yourself at every stage when you think you are not losing interest. You have to keep in mind that this is going to be a long journey where you might face ups and downs so, at every low point in your life, you can challenge yourself to come out of that situation because you are actually capable of doing that specific work to find your final dream destination goal.

A recent example was reported when a young lady became the first carpenter in Hunza, Gilgit. People in her region were opposing the women to work but in spite of that she kept on working and stayed focused which is definitely because of self-motivation and finally, she achieved her goals and worldwide recognition.


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