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Smart Ways to Hide Hickeys & Love-Bites with Make Up

Did you have a wild night last night, and now you have covered in multiples hickeys on your body to remind you of the amazing time you had?

As pleasurable as it is to get and give hickeys, they can be hard to get rid of, and they sure do cause a small scene of embarrassment.

If you have work or college the following morning, then you might be regretting your impulsive decisions.

Well, do not! Hickeys are completely harmless and should not be causing a scene. But if you live with your parents and find the need to hide your hickeys from them, your friends, coworkers, and even random strangers on the streets then keep on reading!

Although many methods will reduce the appearance of hickeys or love bites, there are no methods other than makeup that will completely hide the love bite on your skin.

So let us get into the details of achieving the perfect technique of hiding hickeys with makeup!

5 Steps to Hide Hickeys by Using Color Correctors

#1 Begin with a primer

Since you might be putting a lot of makeup on your hickey, it is for best that you apply a not too creamy or greasy primer as your base. The primer will hold your makeup in one place and reduce shine. Our team’s recommendation for the best primers was already disclosed in an earlier article.

#2 Which color corrector do you need?

Next, you will need to see what the prominent color of your hickey is.

If your hickey is black, blue then a red or orange color corrector is the right choice. And if your hickey is purple-red then go for a green color corrector. Finally, if your hickey is yellow-greenish then a purple color corrector is best for you.

#3 Start tapping on the color corrector

After you have figured which color corrector you need, tap the corrector onto your hickey with your finger. Ensure that you are only using tapping circular motion.

#4 Layer the foundation on top

After you have covered the hickey with the desired color corrector fully, apply the foundation that best matched the skin of your neck onto the hickey + color corrector. Use your fingers or a beauty blender to blend it out well. Then go over it once with a foundation brush.

In this step, it is best that you use a concealer instead of a foundation. Concealer is easy to build up and will provide you better coverage than foundation.

#5 Lastly, powder it!

Finally, use your translucent powder to set the layers of makeup on your hickey in a place, and so the layers do not wear off easily.

3 Steps to Hide Hickeys Using Lipstick or Eyeshadow

As odd as this sounds, this makeup trick to cover a hickey or love-bite works wonders as well!

#1 Begin with lipstick or an eyeshadow

Again, depending on the color of your hickey, pick the desired color of your lipstick or eyeshadow. Here your lipstick and eyeshadow will be working as alternatives to color correctors.

#2 A layer of foundation

Since lipstick and eyeshadow will not give you full coverage, you will need to really make it work with your foundation to give your hickey full coverage. So, keep blending in the foundation onto your hickey + lipstick or eyeshadow.

In this step, it is best that you use a concealer instead of a foundation. Concealer is easy to build up and will provide you better coverage than foundation.

#3 End with a spray of setting spray

Lastly, since you are using plenty of foundation in this method, it is best you set makeup build-up with a setting spray rather than a setting powder.

Whichever method you follow, remember to check yourself out in the mirror to see if the hickey is visible or if you need extra layers of foundation, concealer, or setting powder. In addition, ensure that the foundation has been blended out to match your entire neck, and the edges look smooth and not like a blotch.

Final Words

Makeup coverage might be a temporary solution to your hickey problems but they sure as hell get the work done. With proper makeup coverage, you will not only fool everyone around you, but you will fool yourself too!

Make-up gives you clear skin and hides the bruises very well. Though, you might need to repeat and do some retouches on the bruise multiple times a day, till your hickey heals by itself and leaves no mark.

Do you know you can speed up the process of hickey marks recovery by using some secret tips that i with my co-author Dr. Bisma revealed in another exclusive article.

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