Smokey Eye Looks Tutorial: 8 Steps to get Smokey Eye and List of Products that you need to do it


It is said that eyes are the windows to your soul and that is the reason why women are constantly looking for different tips and tricks to accentuate their eyes.

The very first technique to do so was originally invented by the Egyptians. Egyptians to date have an inspiring history in the beauty community and they used manually ground kohl to darken their eyelashes, eyebrows and lash lines as it was considered a” sign of beauty” back then. And now we have given this look a “modern name” which is of course the smokey eye makeup look.

This look is extremely popular among the teens of this era. Pair it with nude lips and a hot outfit and you’ve already turned half the heads in the room. Some of us would like to combine it with chic red lipstick to give it a bold sexy touch.

This is how you can get the Smokey Eye Looks (Begin here)

If you are new to the smokey eye look, you must have struggled with the tricky application. One wrong move and you’ll quickly slip from sexy into downright scary. Don’t worry! We have come to your rescue and in this article, we are going to give you all a very simple and easy, beginner level smokey eye tutorial. Trust me, with a little practice, you can learn to pull it off in just 2 minutes. So quickly grab your pen and a notepad to note down the few main steps, we are going to describe down below.

List of Products you will need to do the Smokey Eye Makeup:

    • A face moisturizer
    • An eye primer/concealer/foundation
    • 2 Eyeshadow brushes for blending and packing
    • An eyeshadow palette with the following colors:
    • A champagne-colored eyeshade or a highlighter
    • Light brown
    • Medium brown
    • Darker brown or grey (could be any color)
    • A kohl pencil.
    • Mascara
    • False lashes (only if you want it to look a bit extra

Bonus Tip: If you’re going for full glam, we would suggest you do your eyes first and then apply the full coverage foundation on your face. Darker eyeshadows tend to have a bit of a fallout that is quite normal. So, to prevent your foundation from getting ruined, you need to do your smokey eye first and then brush off the excess.

8 Steps to Get Smokey Eye Looks

Step 1:

The first and the foremost thing you need to do is wash your face, dry it with a face towel, and moisturize it with your daily moisturizer. This will make your skin soft, supple, and radiant and ready for application.

Step 2:

You will definitely need a smooth canvas to work upon. So, in this step, you need to prep your eyes for a better eyeshadow application. Put an eye primer over your eyelid or if you don’t have one you can use your everyday foundation as an alternative.

Don’t forget to put on some setting powder over your eyelids. It will make your eyeshadow last longer without creasing.

Step 3: Apply eyeshade of a palette

Apply the lightest eyeshade of your palette all over your eyelid as a base color, it can be a champagne-colored highlighter or just a plain peach base color. Do put some on the brow bone and in the inner corner of your eyes for a more dramatic and mesmerizing smokey eye look.

Step 4: Blend palette with the crease of an eye

Take the medium brown shade from your eyeshadow palette and blend it into the crease of your eye. It can work well as a transition shade too.

Step 5: Apply darker brown shade

For this step you need the darker brown shade and pack it on the outer third of the upper eyelid and then continue blending it into the crease. Definitely put this darker shade on the lower lash line as well to give your eye a “put-together” and “overall” smokey effect.

Step 6: Use of magical kohl pencil

Now here comes the part to use the magical kohl pencil, that is going to give your eyes an enchanted look. You can also use any darker eye pencil as an alternative.

Put some kohl eye pencil in your upper and lower lash lines. Preferably, a bit thicker at the outer corner of the eye. Do smudge it a little. Because the messier it is, the better it will look.

Step 7: Use darker eyeshadow over the kohl pencil

Put the darker grey eyeshadow or a black eyeshadow over the kohl pencil and start blending it nicely. You can even use bright colors like blue, red, pink, or golden only if you want a more iconic and vibrant look.

Step 8: Put fake eyelashes and mascara on top

Finally put on some false eyelashes and mascara on top of it to complete the look and you’re good to go.

Bonus tip: If you are in a hurry, you can also create a smokey eye look with just a kohl pencil and smudge with your finger. You just need to put some kohl on the upper eyelid and smudge it with your finger to blend it a little bit. This will give you an amazing and a less time-consuming smokey eye look.

Will this smokey look suit Your EYES?

Yes definitely, a smokey eye look is for everyone! The versatile look can be worn by women of all ages and skin-tones. It Significantly brings out the color of your eyes if you have a lighter eye color.

What is the best time of the day to pull off a smokey EYE?

The best time to carry an iconic smokey eye is usually at the night-time events. It will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

How to blend in the shadow perfectly?

First you need to find your crease and then pack the base color on the eyelid. After that put on the second eyeshade and blend it with the first one. You need to have a proper blending brush. Do it in lighter strokes, and continue till no sharp edges are left.

Final take on Smoky Eye Fashion

It is hands down the best eye look you can create to look captivating and draw the attention to your eyes, giving a bold and classy look at the same time. What’s more? It can go with any and all types of outfits and colors. That is the reason why the smoky eye look is the most wanted and tried eye look by the celebrities of Hollywood on any red-carpet events.

We hope that you achieved your target smokey-eye look with our steps. Once you master the technique it’s not as tricky.

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