Steps to Decorate Christmas Trees in 2021 [Professional Expert’s Guide]

As Christmas is approaching, everyone is busy finding their perfect Christmas tree and eventually decorating it before Christmas. During the holiday season, if you scroll through your socials, you are going to see professionally set up Christmas trees in the houses of celebrities and bloggers. Trees with baubles, fake snow, fluffy branches, ornaments, and holiday lights, well-coordinated and stylish.

Although classic decorations hold the true essence of Christmas, it is good to mix things up once a year! Whether you are tired of decorating your tree the same traditional way or you are looking forward to mixing things up this time inspired by professionals, I have picked a few tips and tricks that will assist you to decorate your tree like a professional!

Professionally decorated holiday trees appear to be very heavy on pockets and seem to take a lot of time up when decorating them. It is right, professionally decorated trees are expensive, but you can manage to cut a few expenses for a stylish Christmas tree. It is an investment. Though, what you cannot do is, give less time to your holiday tree. To achieve the very glammed-up look for the centerpiece of your home during the holidays, you will need to put in some time.

Below are some of the top tricks and tips that I have gathered from styling and decorating experts. These methods will help you achieve your dream Christmas tree look, without hiring a professional.

Steps to Decorate Christmas Trees Professionally

Before you initiate, it is for the best you make sure you have the right tools required for the task. Please ensure you have cotton gloves for shaping the branches of your holiday tree, a stable ladder to reach higher branches of the tree effortlessly. You also need to get a strong Tree Stand if building your own holiday tree. A step stool will work as well. A pair of scissors for materials and pieces of equipment such as your desired ornaments, festive lights, and decorations. Your festive equipment must follow the specific theme in your mind.

Let us begin!

#1 Investing in the right artificial Christmas tree

Artificial holiday trees have gained huge popularity over the years. People prefer investing in artificial trees as they are highly reusable and will last you long. Original Christmas trees may be the traditional way, but they are a hassle to take care of before and after the holidays. Plus cutting Christmas trees in a large quantity is proving to be bad for the environment.

Hence, investing in a high-quality artificial tree is smarter as they are durable, reusable over the holidays, and maintain their fresh look.

A more traditional-looking fake tree is your safest pick because trends are quick to come and go. A trendy artificial tree will eventually go out of date within a few years. Be sure to look for an artificial tree model that provides advanced features for storage because you do not want any tears and wears on your investment.

Moreover, pre-lit Christmas trees are also gaining fame and are turning to be people’s favorite. Though, if you still want a real Christmas tree for your home then visiting your local tree farms or markets will help you. This way you can have a look at all the different varieties, styles, and price ranges.

#2 Fluff the tree branches

If you are getting your holiday tree out of storage or even if your tree is newly bought, fluffing your branches is a very crucial step that must not be skipped. Fluffing your artificial tree will help make your tree look more natural and give it a fuller look. Make sure you go through every branch and ensure that no branch is tangled with another branch. If you believe your tree branches are creating holes or gaps, then bend a few branches to minimize and cover the gaps or holes.

Though this step is very time-consuming, it is also crucial. The fluffiness of the tree sets the primary look of the tree and makes the decorations look more appealing.

#3 Set up a theme

After you have fluffed all the holiday tree branches, it is time to brainstorm your desired Christmas tree theme.

A professionally decorated Christmas tree follows a certain theme that makes sure all the decorations suit each other. You should decide on a theme first because that will help you choose decorations such as ornaments, ribbons, festive lights, and bows that go with the theme. Keep in mind the design and tones of your lounge, as your centerpiece will be placed near the fireplace. So, to create a well-coordinated theme your room should match the holiday tree décor.

All the décor bought should complement each other and the room. Go for tones that suit each other, classic Christmas red, white, golden, silver with greens can be turned into a designer look. Adding pinks and blues is not a bad option.

#4 Light up the festive lights first 

The placement of your holiday lights will add a spark to your Christmas tree. If you have a pre-lit tree, then you do not have to worry about untangling your lights and placing them. This will save you some time as well. However, if you have a real Christmas tree then five meters of festive lights are the best pick. But if your tree is taller than 6 feet then go for lights that are fifteen meters long.

Adding lights to your holiday tree should be your first step towards professional decorating because it is a hassle to place lights after you have added the ornaments and other décors like baubles, fake snow, and ribbons.

Just plug in your Christmas lights but do not switch them on. After this, begin to wrap your festive lights around the trunk of the tree. From here take the lights up to the center of the base of the tree. Make sure you are wrapping the lights around the branches evenly. This will give your tree a neat look. Weave the lights upwards from the middle of the crown and ensure that the bulbs are alternatively placed under and over the branches. Continue weaving in this manner until you reach the tip of the branches and eventually the top of the tree.

#5 Picking the decorations

The general rule is to make sure that all your decorations complement each other. Hanging tree decorations, ribbons, Christmas tree lights, garlands, candy canes, and even baubles should follow a certain color tone to give an appealing overall look to the tree. Adding a little bit of traditional Christmas décor will also allow you to fill up any spaces and will give your professional look a bit of classic touch.

#6 Placement of the baubles 

A designer consultant recommends that clustering baubles in threes, sixes, or even twelves creates a balanced and pleasing look. Either cluster the same pieces together or opt for contrasting colors.

Whichever pieces you cluster, add them in a Z shape on the tree. Larger baubles should be hanged closer to the center of the tree, while the smaller ones to the ends of the branches. This gives them a more uniform look.

Delicate baubles are best hung on the top of the tree and any special bauble can be hanged last one in a cluster. A holiday tree can contain 60 to 80 baubles easily. However, you will need to keep a personal lookout and see if the baubles appear to be “overcrowding” your holiday tree.

#7 Styling the ribbons

Ribbons give off a very minimalistic look and will add to your holiday tree aesthetic. Ribbons can be used singly or in pairs with different lengths to add more style to your tree. Make sure the ribbons you pick are in contrasting colors.

It is recommended to use wired edges ribbons as they are easier to handle and sculpt. They hold their shapes, unlike the non-wired ones. Few recommended ribbons are as follows:

#8 Add Tree Picks

Tree picks and floral sprays can be added as subtle décor to complement the entire look of your Christmas tree. They are available in many types such as berries, pinecones, twigs, and even branches. You can group a few trees picks using a floral wire. This will elevate the visual appearance of your tree.

You may further add wreaths and garlands that have bendable stems as they are easier to shape in your tree. Wreaths and garlands will add bursts of color to your tree, without making them feel like they do not belong in your holiday tree.

Tree picks are often added to fill in any holes and gaps. They make your tree appear fuller. Make sure you use the triangle method to add your tree picks, wreaths, and garlands. This way they will be evenly placed and look professional.

#9 Almost there with the tree topper

Without a tree topper, your Christmas tree decoration is incomplete. So, choosing or having a bold tree topper will make the final statement of your tree.

Alternatively, most people use a giant bow as a Christmas tree topper instead of the classic gold star. Though there is nothing wrong with still opting for the gold star, you could make your own topper or look for others such as a Rudolph, Santa’s carriage, or maybe even a cookie!

However, keep in mind that the right tree topper will go with the entire tree decorations. The tree topper must be proportionate to your tree and the height of your ceiling.

Some handpicked tree toppers recommendations are as follows:

#10 One final visual look of the Christmas tree

After you have hanged all your décor and wrapped all your festive lights around the branches of your holiday tree. Switch your Christmas lights on and take a step back. You must intend to see how your entire tree looks visually. Does it look appealing? Do all the decorations go well together?

Do the colors of the tree and the room complement each other? Make sure everything is well balanced. Your decorations should be hanged and placed stably and properly. All the arrangements from the top to the bottom seem to be in their “right” places. Add or remove any décor, as per your senses. Make sure your tree is not overloading with decorations.

#11 The final touch, a tree skirt

A tree skirt is the most neglected piece of Christmas decoration. A tree skirt will not only cover the unappealing trunk and stand of your tree, but it will also protect the floor and carpets from any fallen pine needles.

A tree skirt brings attention to the lower part of the tree and gives a harmonious look to the tree. It further acts as an excellent backdrop A Christmas tree skirt brings the entire decorations together and balances the overall look of the holiday tree.

Although, if you have a potted Christmas tree that comes in a pot or a basket then a tree rug will provide the same benefits as a tree skirt. Following are the recommended tree skirts:

#12 Optional Snow fluff

If you want your Christmas tree to have a snowfall look, then adding some snow fluff to the branches of your tree is not a bad idea. This will give your tree a more authentic natural and Christmas look. Tuck a little bit of the snow fluff to the back of the branches and drag it forward. Make sure you cover sufficient branches from the bottom to the top of the holiday tree.

The snow fluff should appear thinner and lesser on the top branches. While your lower branches should have thicker snow fluff. This will give it a more natural snow look.


The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your home during the festive season. Investing and decorating the holiday tree in a professional manner will elevate your Christmas spirit. Professionally glamming your Christmas tree is time-consuming and an art. However, this art can be mastered by following the methods numerically I have mentioned above. But if you wish to save time or don’t want to put so much effort into creating your own holiday tree then consider our recommended real-looking artificial Christmas trees with lights and decorations.

Now you can also achieve a designer look tree in an affordable way and enjoy your Christmas with your professionally styled holiday tree! Happy decorating!

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