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The Best Makeup Setting Sprays to Lock in Your Makeup

List of Best Selling Makeup Setting Sprays

Don’t you just hate it when you spend a lot of time doing your makeup only to see it wearing off or fading away just a few hours later? Well, it wouldn’t happen if you use a makeup setting spray. With a spritz of setting spray,

You get a nice dewy or matte finish on your makeup that lasts throughout the day without touch-ups. A setting spray usually has water and other hydrating ingredients to give hydration to your skin and a range of polymers to fix your makeup in place. It acts pretty much like the top coat of a nail polish that locks in your makeup.

How to use a makeup setting spray?

Before you use a makeup setting spray, you must read the instructions on the label. You have to apply it after you are done with your makeup. Shake the bottle well and hold it about 6 to 8 inches from your face. Keeping your eyes closed spray it in an “X” or “T” formation so that your entire face is covered. Once you are done with spraying, wait for it to dry before heading out.

Is setting spray better than setting powder?

If you want to lock all your makeup in place including your eye makeup then makeup setting spray is better than setting powder. A setting powder only controls oil and prevents your face makeup from melting or creasing.

Can you use a hair spray as a setting spray for makeup?

You should not use a hair spray to set makeup. Although there are some overlapping ingredients in the two, aerosol hairsprays have gases and propellants which can damage your skin and irritate eyes and lungs. 

What is the difference between setting spray and fixing spray?

While both setting spray and fixing spray is designed to make your makeup last longer, there is a subtle difference. A setting spray allows your makeup to be budge-proof. On the other hand, a fixing spray gives moisture to your skin after you apply makeup. Therefore, fixings sprays are used to refresh makeup throughout the day.

List of Best Makeup Setting Sprays

There are hundreds of setting sprays available of different brands from drugstore to high-end. However, we all have different skin types and so, need different makeup setting sprays that specifically cater to our particular skin type. We have thus classified the best makeup setting sprays according to skin types. Our list of best setting sprays will help you choose without having to resort to trial and error.

Best Setting Spray Overall: Urban Decay All-Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

This makeup setting spray is the favorite of many makeup artists and experts. That’s because it helps your makeup stay put for 12 hours or more. The patented temperature control technology decreases the temperature of your makeup, which prevents it from melting even in the most humid weather. Plus, this setting spray can be used on all skin types.

Best Affordable Setting Spray: E.L.F. Makeup Mist and Set

E.L.F. cosmetics is a good drugstore brand with makeup products which are comparable to high-end ones. Its Makeup Mist and setting spray also rivals some high-end setting sprays and is the best affordable and drugstore setting spray. It locks in makeup and also makes it vibrant. Plus, it has aloe vera, green tea, cucumber and vitamin A, C and E for hydration and soothing your skin. 

Best Setting Spray for Dry Skin: Too-Faced Hangoverx 3-in-1 Setting Spray

This setting spray has the best formula for dry skin. It has three uses. You can use it as a makeup primer before starting your makeup and as a setting spray after you are done with your makeup. You can also refresh your skin during the day with it. It has coconut oil, which gives your dry skin the moisture it needs and also gives this setting spray a light coconut scent. Plus, it is very lightweight.

Best Setting Spray for Oily Skin: Nyx Professional Makeup Matte Setting Spray

With oily skin, you need a setting spray that controls oil and shine on your face. This is exactly what Nyx Professional Makeup Matte Setting Spray does. It gives a shine-free look while locking in your makeup. Apart from this, it is very lightweight and dries quickly. Also, coming from a drugstore brand, it is quite budget-friendly. 

Best Setting Spray for Combination Skin: Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Makeup Setting Spray

Containing Binchotan white charcoal, this makeup setting spray controls oil, deals with enlarged pores and balances the skin’s moisture content. It also has cucumber, jojoba and rosemary extracts which provide hydration. Due to this, the setting spray will keep your makeup locked in while controlling oil plus hydrating your skin.

Best Setting Spray for Sensitive Skin: Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray

This is another multifunctional product. It can be used before applying makeup as well as afterward. It maintains moisture levels which leaves your skin  glowing. Also, it is fragrance-free and lightweight, which makes it good for sensitive skin.

Best Setting Spray for Mature Skin: Pure Bliss Bella Jade Makeup Setting Spray

This is a natural makeup setting spray with organic ingredients. There are no parabens, chemicals or artificial fragrances in it, which is a plus as these harsh ingredients are a no-no for mature skin. Also, it refreshes and revitalizes your skin with its revitalizing tea extracts, DMAE and MSM.

Best Setting Spray with SPF: Coola Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30

With SPF 30, this is the perfect makeup setting spray for days when you want to go out in the sun. The SPF allows it to be used instead of a sunscreen. Plus, it is quite lightweight and does a really good job of keeping your makeup in place. It is also rich in antioxidants, which will protect your skin from environmental pollution.

The best setting sprays won’t work for you if you don’t know how to properly put them to use. If you are buying a makeup setting spray for the first time, do read the concerns that women usually have.

We hope you agreed with  our picks of the best makeup setting sprays!

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