Top 10 Artificial Christmas Trees for 2021: Pre-lit, Fully Decorated, and All Size Christmas Trees

Fire-Resistant Christmas Trees

As the 2021 Christmas season is approaching, families come together and put in efforts to bring a Christmas tree home and decorate it. There is no Christmas without a Christmas tree. So the easiest most common way is to buy a High-Quality Artificial, decorated, and fire-proof Christmas tree.

Why Buy Artificial Tree?

During the holiday season, it is common for the real holiday trees to catch fire; as they are set next to the fireplaces. For this very reason, artificial trees are safer as they are built using fire-resistant materials.

Artificial holiday trees have gained huge popularity over the years. Other than the whole fire fiasco, people prefer investing in artificial trees because they are highly reusable and last multiple holiday seasons. Real Christmas trees may be the traditional way, but they are a hassle to take care of before and after the holidays.

Plus cutting Christmas trees in a large quantity is proving to be bad for the environment. Hence, investing in a high-quality artificial tree is smarter as they are durable, reusable over the holidays, and maintain their fresh look.

The artificial trees market has expanded vastly over the years and is now producing trees to accommodate the different needs of the people. Artificial trees of different kinds, colors, shapes, fir styles, and sizes are available in the market with variable price brackets.

From a deciduous lush green tree to a whole white tree to capture the snow spirit of Christmas are available online with almost free delivery. Sizes ranging from 10 feet to a short 2 feet tabletop holiday tree are available online to take home. Moreover, trees with some advanced features such as pre-lit Christmas trees, pre-decorated and even storage specification Christmas trees are also available. Moreover, if you want to build a Christmas tree of your own then you can start doing so by buying a Christmas tree stand and then decorating it accordingly.

List of Best Christmas Trees (Artificial) Available Online

Below is my list of the top ten artificial Christmas trees for 2021. This list contains best of the best artificial trees available on the market. Each Christmas tree has been carefully reviewed to give you a crystal clear idea about the tree. This will assist you to make your tree decision effortlessly.

Let us dive right into the world of artificial trees!

#1 National Tree Company Feel Real with Flocked Cones Christmas Tree – US$324+

National Tree Company’s Feel Real with flocked cones is the best overall artificial tree that comes in 4.5, 6.5, 7.5, and 9 feet sizes. It comes in different sizes but we recommend the 7.5 feet tall that weighs 60.37 pounds. It is green in color and made up of PVC material. This fir tree is built using the company’s feel-real technology that offers great realism. 1,393 branches are crafted with 37% more polyethylene which ensures that no one will not be able to tell whether the tree is real or fake. In addition, the 61 inches in diameter spread enough to give the tree a full form.

Furthermore, this pre-lit Christmas tree has high-quality and long-lasting LED lights that can be lit in solid white or multicolor with ten different functions to choose from. This Douglas Fir tree has a sturdy metal base stand which provides utmost stability. This Christmas tree is fire-resistant and has nonallergenic needle tips. Lastly, it is very easy to set up but will require two people because of its heavyweight and is offered at a very good price point. This artificial tree has got it all! From a real touch to festive lights to an investment price that will ensure your tree lasts you multiple holiday seasons without compromising its quality.

#2 Balsam Hill Blue Spruce – US$1049+

Next, we have the Balsam Hills, Blue Spruce. Blue Spruce stands 4.5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, and 9 feet tall and is manufactured using polyvinyl chloride. It also comes in variable sizes and you can choose it as per your needs. This Christmas tree is the most realistic-looking tree on the list of the top ten artificial Christmas trees. Balsam Hills Blue Spruce echo the color variations and the shape of real spruce perfectly. In addition, the 100% PVC needles on 886, 1288, 1644, 2144, 2366, 2960, and 4632 branches give the tree its fullness which adds to its realistic look.

You get a scratch-proof storage bag with this Christmas tree so you can store your artificial tree in it to prevent any wear and tear. This way you will be able to maintain the very realistic look of Blue Spruce. The metal base stand allows the tree to stand upright stably, and the cotton gloves help with the fluffing of the branches. So, if you are looking for a perfect copy of a real Christmas tree then Balsam Hills Blue Spruce is your pick!

#3 Best Choice Christmas Pine Tree – US$130+

Best Choice Christmas Pine Tree may not be the most realistic-looking holiday tree but it sure is very affordable. It comes in 6, 7, and 9 feet sizes. This pine tree is six feet long and is built using PVC material. It is lightweight as it weighs only eight pounds with the smallest size and has two different dimensions.

It has multiple branches with 928, 1346, and 2094 tips that will give the tree a fuller lush green look after it has been fluffed. The best Choices Pine tree for Christmas Celebration is also very easy to assemble as it only has three assembly steps. All you need to do is connect the base to the largest section of the tree. Next, attach the remaining sections. The metal hinges are highly durable, the metal base is sturdy, and the entire artificial tree is flame redundant. If you are tight on budget, then this tree is your pick! It offers ample features at a budget-friendly price.

#4 Puleo International Aspen Fir Tree – US$200+

On number four we have the Puleo International Aspen Fir Tree. The Puleo Internationals Aspen Fir tree is for people looking for a realistic-looking aspen fir tree. This tree comes in different sizes but we recommend 7.5 feet tall and has dimensions of 26.5 x 9.5 x 11 inches with the smallest size. It is built using PVC material and weighs 10.38 pounds. This pre-lit aspen fir tree has about seven hundred UL-listed LED lights and 1319 branch tips.

This quantity of branch tips ensures fullness. Moreover, the tree is easily assembled because all you have to do is, take the unassembled tree out of the box, adjust the branches, and plug in the cable to turn the lights on! The table metal base will support the tree to stand upright for long hours. This tree adds a minimal Christmas look to your house.

#5 Best Choice Snow Flocked Tree – US$130

A snow-covered Christmas tree creates a whole winter wonderland look in your lounge. Snow-covered trees are magical and lift the Christmas spirits. Best Choices Snow Flocked Tree is your pick if you are looking for a faux snow-covered holiday tree. This tree is offered in three different sizes: 6 feet, 7.5, and 9 feet. It had dimensions of 31 x 31 x 73 inches and weighs 23.68 pounds. The snow-flocked tree is very easy to assemble as it requires only three simple steps.

The branch tips vary from 400 to 1346 and 2094 for each height respectively. Despite this, they successfully provide the tree the full look. This flame retardant tree is pretty much pre-decorated. All you need to do is, add a few ornaments, baubles, and lights to make it customized. However, it is best to mention that the snow flick does shed so it might be a little messy and require some on and off cleaning during the holiday season.

6. National Tree Company Dunhill Fir Tree – US$467

If you are looking for a very tall tree then look no further, National Tree Company’s Dunhill Fir Tree comes in 7.5, 9, and 10 feet sizes. This tree will fill up your high ceilings room and will be a way to remember Christmas. Constructed using PVC, its 9 feet version tree weighs 72 pounds and has dimensions of 66 x 66 x 108 inches. Dunhill Fir Tree is not only tall, but its 66 inches diameter also makes it very life-like.

It has 4026 crafted branch tips which give this tree a very realistic and fuller look. Surprisingly it can be easily assembled and dissembled, but it will require at least an hour of committed fluffing once you take it out of storage. You have more than plenty of space to add your decorations ornaments and festive lights. If you want to make your Christmas memorable, then the better way to remember will be to celebrate it with a twelve feet tall lush green Christmas tree!

#7 National Tree Company Kings Wood Fir Pencil Slim – US$88

If this year you decided to purchase a pencil slim tree, then National Tree Company’s Kings wood fir pencil tree is your pick for the holiday season. This king’s wood fir tree is 7 feet tall and weighs 11.66 pounds. This tree has dimensions of 29x29x84 inches and is made out of metal and PVC material. The 269 branch tips give this slim tree a fuller look and add to its realistic look.

This fire-resistant Christmas tree has a stable metal base that holds the tree straight up without tripping. In addition, the branch tips are also constructed using a non-allergenic. Lastly, the 29 inches diameter is perfect for small houses or apartments with constricted space or families looking for a slim Christmas tree.

#8 National Tree Company Natural Looking Christmas Tree – US$750

Some people believe that Christmas is not Christmas without the Classics; the classic tree, classic holiday season songs, and a traditional family dinner. So, if you are looking for a very classic Christmas tree then National Tree Company’s Carolina Pine Tree is for you! Carolina Pine Tree is 7.5 feet tall which is a very popular height for Christmas Trees and has dimensions of 80 x 80 x 144 inches and 138.4 pounds. The 80 wide diameter with 7794 branch tips provides it an excellent fullness and fluffiness which makes the tree appear very realistic. In addition, the company feels real technology also offers great realism.

This PVC construed tree has about seven hundred and fifty UL white lights and a sturdy metal base. Moreover, the whole tree is fire-resistant and non-allergenic. National Tree Company’s Pine Tree has a simple setup and can be dissembled easily for storage, as well.

#9 Brylane Homes Collapsible Tree – US$100

If you are a busy person who does not have any time for Christmas shenanigans, then a fully decorated tree is your savior! A fully decorated tree will save a lot of your time. Brylane Homes Fully decorated tree is six feet tall. This pre-lit tree has a sixty-second assembly. All you need to do is pull up the tree, place it in its designated plastic stand and plug in the wire to light it up. There you have it, a very quick and effortless Christmas tree set up. This fully decorated tree also collapses instantly into a pancake-flat sphere.

This shape makes it easier to store or transport. It has about three hundred UL-approved lights and a cord with multiple ribbons, bows, and ornaments. With this tree, you do not have to worry about tangling festive lights, breakable ornaments, and extra expenses. This tree is your best investment if you are a busy person who does not have time for Christmas tree decorations but still wishes to celebrate Christmas with full holiday spirits!

#10 Go plus Tabletop Christmas Tree – US$22

If you have very limited space, then Go plus Tabletop Christmas tree is for you. This two feet tall tabletop Christmas tree does not take excess space in the living room, and it can be effortlessly ported around the house. It takes minimum time to fluff the branches and decorate the entire tree.

This tabletop Christmas tree has seventy-one branch tips and is built using environmentally friendly PVC which makes the tree look more realistic and safer to use. In addition, the green color gives the tree a real lush green appearance. It has thirty-five LED lights that are battery-operated. Hence you can easily place and switch the KED lights on nay where in your house. You are not restricted to any plug-ins. The tabletop tree has a stable red cloth bag as a base stand. This stable base stand adds a little decorative look to the small tree. It weighs only two pounds which makes it highly portable and lightweight.

It can be easily stored and is excellent for space-saving as it is only two feet tall. This artificial holiday tree is perfect for one-bedroom apartments. It easily stands on your side table or coffee table. Plus, it does not require much effort to assemble or decorate. This highly affordable tree is a good pick for busy individuals who do not have time for proper Christmas celebrations, yet intend to have at least a little bit of Christmas spirit in their small house.

Time to Buy Gorgeous Christmas Tree to Spruce-up Holiday Celebrations

A more Traditional-looking Fake Christmas Tree is your safest pick because trends are quick to come and go. A trendy artificial tree will eventually go out of date within a few years. Be sure to look for an artificial tree model that provides advanced features for storage because you do not want any tears and wears on your investment. Or features like a sturdy metal base for trees stability.

Moreover, pre-lit Christmas trees are also gaining fame and are turning to be people’s favorite. As long as you pick an artificial tree of quality, then no one will be able to tell if your Christmas tree is fake or real. Though, if you still want a real Christmas tree for your home then visiting your local tree farms or markets will help you. This way you can have a look at all the different varieties, styles, and price ranges.

If you still plan to invest in an artificial holiday tree, then my list of the ten best artificial trees for 2021 will surely help you select the perfect holiday tree you need for your Christmas season and more to come! So, keep in mind your budget and make sure you know your tree requirements!

Happy Holiday Tree Shopping!

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