Top Streetwear Brands to Shop for Right Now

Best Streetwear Brands that Got Trendy

If you think streetwear is just for skateboarders and surfers, you are sadly mistaken. It has undergone a lot of changes over the years and now, streetwear is a part of mainstream fashion. Streetwear has become popular due to different reasons such as comfort and adoption of casual wear outside the home or gym.

List of Best Streetwear Brands that became Popular in No Time

You can now see different celebrities adopting street fashion. Whether you are a sporty person or just want to embrace streetwear due to its comfort, following are the top streetwear brands that you should grab right now.

1: Supreme

You probably know about Supreme with its famous box logo and unique marketing model. It started out as a skateboarding shop and is now the most popular streetwear brand. The brand caters to hip hop and youth culture. It releases new designs every week in very limited quantities. You can see lots of people line up outside its stores to grab the latest clothing items. Over the years, it has collaborated with different skateboarding and fashion brands including Nike, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and Lacoste to take street style into luxury fashion. You can buy the brand’s range of clothing from its physical store or its website.

2: Nike

Who doesn’t know about Nike and its swoosh logo? Whenever we think of sportswear, Nike is the first brand that comes to mind. However, it is not only sportswear that this brand is famous for. It has expanded into activewear, caps, and accessories over the years and is now quite popular for these items as well. Its collaborative collections with other popular streetwear brands like Supreme and Off White sell out almost immediately after they are launched. It is in these collaborative collections that we have seen the best street style pieces to date. 

3: Off White

Founded by the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, Off White has cemented streetwear’s place in the world of luxury fashion. Its range of clothing is seen on the streets as well as on runways. This streetwear brand is known for its forward-thinking fashion, bold and unique designs as well as its collaborations with different popular brands such as IKEA and Nike.  Though the brand was launched only a few years ago, it has become iconic in the world of street fashion.

4: Palace

Palace is like the UK version of Supreme. It is very popular not only in the UK but in other countries also. The label gained this popularity only a few years after its launch. It was founded by a group of skateboarders in London in 2010. The skatewear of this brand is heavily influenced by 90s skating and pop culture. The sporty style of this brand is what makes it unique. It is the go-to label for baseball caps and tracksuits among many.  New products are released by the brand every Friday. The brand regularly collaborates with Reebok and Adidas. 

5: Stussy

This can rightly be called the founding brand of streetwear because it was Stussy that created streetwear as we know it today. The brand started out before streetwear kingpins like BAPE and Supreme. Originally, the founder, Shawn Stussy, used to design and shape surfboards. The brand was launched when Shawn Stussy added his graffiti style to t-shirts and some of his product designs became successful. The brand’s designs are influenced by the hip hop and punk movement. The t-shirts of this brand are the cult favorite among surfers, skateboarders, and hip hop enthusiasts. Now it is popular for its caps, accessories, jeans, and shorts.


BAPE is short for A Bathing Ape. Founded in 1993 in Japan, it is a highly sought-after streetwear brand. It became popular before Supreme and Off White’s entry in the mainstream due to endorsements by hip hop community members. The brand is known for its bold and edgy designs. Its shark hoodies and bold camo patterns are highly popular, especially among teenagers. Even though the founder is no longer with the brand, it is still quite famous as far as streetwear is concerned. So if you want streetwear with a Japanese touch and quirky style this is the brand you should opt for.

7: Adidas

Like Nike, Adidas is a sportswear label that has become a highly coveted streetwear brand over the years thanks to its commitment to provide top-quality products. The collaboration of this German brand with Yeezy for a sneaker collection has helped it gain popularity in the market for street fashion. Apart from this, it has collaborated with various other celebrities and streetwear brands and has produced modern versions of classic designs both of which have made it even more popular. Its three-striped sneaker has been highly popular in street fashion since the 90s.

8: Yeezy

Many people are familiar with the dystopic and apocalyptic style of Yeezy. The brand was launched by Kayne West when he merged his passion for hip hop and streetwear.  The brand has released various sneaker collections in collaboration with Adidas and it is best known for these collections. They have been like a breath of fresh air for the sneaker culture. Although its clothing items are not very accessible due to spotty production and supply, the brand is quite popular for streetwear. The designs of this brand are futuristic but retro which is what makes them unique.

9: Kith

Kith started out as a retail store and later on launched its own apparel line. It still stocks highly sought after sneaker and streetwear brands in its store. Kith has become a very popular streetwear brand with different collaborations and weekly drops that are called “The Monday Program”. It has collaborated with Off-White, Columbia, Coca-Cola, Versace, and various other brands. It is also known for its logo-heavy urban garments. Its apparel line also includes box-wear hoodies and crews as well as other items that are popular among streetwear enthusiasts.

10: HUF

This is a brand ‘by skateboarders for skateboarders’. Its designs have a counterculture touch. For example, its weed printed socks and t-shirts are very popular. It is the go-to brand for skateboarders and surfers. Plus, it is stocked all over the world and is very famous as a streetwear brand.

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