Tragus Piercing: Tragus Piercing Pain, Healing and Aftercare

Everything You Need to Know about Tragus Piercing

Do you want to get your ears pierced for a trendy and chic look? Tragus piercing is a good option for you. The tragus is basically a rounded triangular flap of the cartilage covering the ear canal. Although tragus piercings have been around since the 1980s they are still popular as far as ear piercings are concerned. Different celebrities can be seen flaunting their tragus piercings which have made it become the ultimate piercing trend.

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But before getting it done, you should find out more about it including procedure, pain, and aftercare. Read on to get these details below.

Can anyone get a tragus piercing?

Not everyone is a good candidate for this type of piercings. Whether or not you can get your tragus pierced depends on its size. If you see that there is a big enough spot for piercing there, you might be a good candidate for this sort of ear piercing. You should consult a professional piercer to find out if you can get it done. If your tragus is too small then piercing might cause a tear in it and your ear can get damaged.

How much does a tragus piercing cost?

On average, it costs $30 to $50 dollars in the US. However, it can be higher or lower than this depending on a number of factors. For example, a highly experienced professional piercer might charge a higher amount than a stall at the mall. However, the higher charges will be compensated by a lower risk of infection as professional piercers use sterile equipment for piercing.

What is the procedure for a tragus piercing?

First of all the piercer will determine whether you can get your tragus pierced. If not, they will recommend another type of ear piercing. After that, if your tragus is big enough, the piercer will do the tragus piercing procedure which is quite quick and simple. The piercer will have you sit down on a chair and disinfect the area. They will then pierce the tragus with the help of a hallow gauge needle. Once this is done, the tragus piercing procedure will be finished with the insertion of a stud, hoop, or any other such accessory.

Does tragus piercing hurt?

Generally, a tragus piercing does not hurt as much as other piercings as there aren’t a lot of nerve endings over there. However, some people might find it painful especially if their pain threshold is low. Also, you might not experience a lot of pain but it can be uncomfortable as the tragus cartilage is a bit thicker than other parts of your ear. Due to this, the piercer will have to put more pressure to puncture the tragus which can cause discomfort. You might also hear a popping sound as the needle goes through.

How much a tragus piercing will hurt depends on your pain threshold as well as the expertise of the piercer. That is why it is recommended that you get the piercing done from a piercer who has lots of experience especially in this sort of piercing.

How to care for a tragus piercing?

With a tragus piercing or any other piercing for that matter, proper aftercare is very important to prevent infection. You need to firstly ensure that the piercing is kept clean. You can clean the piercing with warm salt water or saline solution twice a day for two to three months but don’t use disinfectant or soap on the first day. Dab the piercing dry instead of rubbing it after cleaning in order to avoid tissue damage. Also, be sure to wash your hands before touching the piercing to prevent bacteria from attacking it.

You should also avoid playing or frequently touching the piercing especially with unwashed hands for a few months. Apart from this, avoid using earphones for the first few months. This will irritate the wound and can cause infection. It will also prolong healing.

How long does it take for a tragus piercing to heal?

The healing time for tragus piercing varies from person to person. However, it generally takes 3-9 months for the piercing to heal. The healing period can extend up to a year also. During this time, you need to ensure proper aftercare. Also, you must not change your piercing for 3 months at least.

What are the risks of tragus piercing?

There are always risks involved in piercings but tragus piercing is not very risky. There is a risk of bump or bubble forming around the jewelry. That is why it is advised that you go for studs rather than hoops.

The risk of infection is the most common risk with tragus piercings. Infection risk is higher than other piercings because the piercing site is small and exposed. Pain and swelling lasting more than 2 days, inflammation, pus-filled sores, or any discharge from the piercing site are all symptoms of an infection. If you experience any of them, consult a doctor.

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