VALENTINE’S DAY DATE IDEAS: List of Things Couples Do on Valentines Day

Picture this, it’s Valentine’s Day, you’re planning to take your significant other out on a date, and you want this date to be special, to feel unique. But you’re all out of ideas. Pretty scary, right? All you want to do is spend some quality time with your other half, but what could you possibly do to make the date stand out? Luckily, we have got you covered.

List of Date Ideas on Valentine’s Day

We’ve compiled a list of date ideas for you, which are different and exciting, but more importantly, they will give your significant other an experience they won’t ever forget. So, buckle up and get ready to spend some good time with your bae.

  • Go on a bicycle trip together

Going on a bicycle ride together around town can be very refreshing. If you guys love adventures and spending quality time together, this will be your cup of tea. You can enjoy the extra bit of cardio along with an engaging conversation. Also, it will be a very adventurous experience, discovering the different places around. On your way back, you can even grab some smoothies or coffees to add to your experience.

  • Get a couples massage

A massage can be a very romantic experience on Valentine’s Day. You can spend the time at home, give each other a pleasant and comfy massage. The experience can be enhanced by lighting up a few candles in the room. You might even play soothing songs in the background to enhance the experience. If you prefer to go out, you can pick the idea of going to a spa where you can have a cozy massage and after that, you will also have the option to visit the indoor swimming pools and hot tubs.

  • Cook together

If you want to spend your valentine’s day at home, cooking together is really going to be worth it. Wear your comfiest clothes. Get hold of your favorite kitchen kit. Cook your favorite food, hop onto the couch, and watch a movie or just Netflix and chill.

If you want to do something formally romantic, you can first cook together and then you can set up a candlelight dinner. This way you don’t need to go out to a restaurant and just spend quality time together where there are no other distractions. Get to know each other better and spend an amazing time together.

  • Dance together

If you want to have some fun, entertainment and romance at the same time, dancing together is the best option. You can go to  Valentine’s Day parties and just vibe or if you want some privacy, just stay at your home, turn up the volume of your music and just enjoy an intimate or goofy dance session together, maybe along with some karaoke.

  • Go to an amusement park

Amusement parks are actually one of the best date ideas. So, if your relationship with your partner lacks adventure,  going to an amusement park can be really fun. The engaging contests that offer prizes, thrilling rides, the fun food options, and of course, the Ferris wheel, where so many great lovers like Abra and Cal from the “East of Eden” had shared their famous first kiss together. An amusement park is simply an opportunity for great memories.

  • Watch the sunset (or sunrise) together

Nature is beautiful, simple, and therapeutic. Yet, it is often ignored. In such a busy life where all you do from day to night is work, having such a good opportunity to spend time together on valentine’s day, getting close to nature and its wonders can be a very peaceful and breath-taking experience.

If you and your partner are both into nature then just find the right spot, enjoy the view and talk to each other. This is also a good time to catch up on everything. Express your feelings and appreciate one another.

  • Recreate your first date together

This one’s especially for the older couples out there. When you’ve spent an eternity together you forget the initial stages of your relationship when things were all about butterflies in your tummy and starry eyes.

For this valentine’s day, recreate your best memories. Walk on the same roads, go to the same restaurant or bar which you visited on your very first date and if you want to add some more to it, you can wear the same clothes and take the same kind of pictures you took on your first date.

This will not only resurface the memories and feelings but also allow you to appreciate how far you have come in the relationship. Give a nice gift at the end to add up more of a romantic gesture.

  • Drive around the city and explore new places

Driving around the city and exploring new places is ideal for those adventurous couples. If you want to go on a date which is full of adventures and excitement, you should definitely cruise around the city or go to the other side of the town. 

Go and try some new restaurants, coffee shops, or just drive around with your favorite playlist and sing along. Make videos and take some pictures together. You can go and watch a movie, see the sunset, or even go somewhere close to nature. Look at the clouds, the shining stars, the moon, and do all of your favorite things together.

  • Go on a picnic

Cook some food, grab your picnic basket, and start off with a road trip. You can go to the places you always wanted to visit but never had the time to actually go there. Just sit there, bond with each other, and eat while enjoying the beautiful nature. 

If you are interested in camping, make sure you bring all the necessary stuff and put up a tent and you can even start a bonfire there. Just eat and have the most amazing experience together and spend the night together by looking at the moon and stargazing.

So there you have it, all the ways to make a special day worthwhile with your significant other. For the single folks out there, don’t let Valentine’s day spirit and your empty mailbox bring you down, you might as well take the time to enjoy quality time with close friends or family. Valentine’s day is about celebrating relationships and bonds that don’t necessarily have to be romantic.

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