When there is a huge range of fabrics in the market it’s pretty difficult for everyone to choose one best fabric that gratifies their body and makes people feel comfortable and stunning at the same time. Today we will explain to you about, somewhat different fabric that is not completely natural but not completely synthetic either!

If your mind hit with a thought of Viscose fabric; then yes, you’re right, it’s viscose. Viscose might be misunderstandable for most of the women so today we will explain 10 facts about viscose fabrics. 

What is Viscose?

Viscose was Discovered in the 19th century as the first artificial silk. It was obtained from Wood pulp sheet, it is just soft like cotton but also silky. Viscose is commonly known as Rayon in the U.S. The name viscose comes from the honey-like feel that occurs during production. It’s neither completely natural nor completely synthetic. it lies somewhere between. 

Characteristics of Viscose

Viscous will surely be a great option if you’re looking for comfy clothes for summer. Viscose clothes are non-flammable, soft, and lightweight, so what else you’re looking for? Viscose is really modest as compared to silk, cotton and still makes you feel sensual with the soft cozy feel.

#1 Lightweight 

Viscose is extremely airy and soft which makes it ideal for a summer wardrobe.

#2 Breathable 

Viscose is highly breathable. It removes water vapor from your body leaving you to feel cool and happy.

#3 Classy look 

Viscose fabric’s distinctive shine and silk feel make the outfit look classy. Viscose fabric is the best cheap alternative to silk and expensive velvet gowns. It looks perfect for both formal or casual wear.


Viscose fabric is one of the softest and cool fabric. It gives skin silky soft touch just like natural silk and cotton. 

#5 No need to iron

Viscose clothes dry really quickly due to its breathable property and so you don’t really need to iron but if you want to look chic and perfect you can do that at low or a medium drying level. 

#6 Easily dyed and vivid color

Viscose is a man-made fabric so it can easily be dyed just like cotton and it gives you a more beautiful dark and shiny color but you have to handle it carefully as it is more sensitive if wet. 

#7 Damaging earth environment

“Flames to dust Lovers to friends Why do all good things come to an end”, Ahh! this song is what comes in my mind right now, in yours too right? Viscose is a man-made fabric extract from wood pulp. In the production of this fabric, thousands of trees are cut down to obtain cellulose from it due to which humidity is increasing rapidly. Also in the production, wood pulp is treated with harsh chemicals that make air pollution. 

#8 Stretching never recover

The Viscose fabric stretches never recover. Viscose fabric is weightless and light which also makes it really weak and it’s even weaker when wet.

#9 Water waste in production

The textile industry is one of the largest consumers of water in the production of fabric and fiber. A large amount of water is used in viscose to make wood pulp soft and smooth and is also one of the reasons for this viscose fabric’s silk touch and soft look. 

#10 Leave spots

Viscose absorbs body heat and oil which results in spots formation. Sometimes and even most of the time it leads to strong marking on clothes and because of its weak property it’s better to dry clean the viscose fabric but if you want to do it by yourself so be gentle to your viscose outfits and never forget to check the tag before always. Use cold water and mild detergents in order to retain the shine and beautiful color of your viscose outfits.

Bonus Facts on Viscose Outfits

#11 Reasonable 

Viscose is made as a cheap alternative to silk and it’s really reasonable due to its artificial production and manmade characteristics but still, its vivid and artistic color makes it really popular. 

#12 Viscose fabric shrink

Viscose fabric shrinks but if you take extra care in washing and drying you can save it from shrinking and can use it last longer. You should never use a dryer. always natural air-dry your clothes to maintain its freshness and brightness. 


Every fabric is good until it makes you comfortable and warm. In my opinion, I don’t really recommend you buy a viscose outfit. They are really soft and cozy and as well as cheap too but not reliable as compared to natural cotton and silk and you have to dry-clean every time you wear and that costs more than that outfit.

And according to most of the ladies; chemicals used in the production of viscose are really hazardous to the skin and sometimes leave your skin red in contact with the sun. But if it suits your skin and you’re a real viscose-woman then some brands are doing really impressive work on viscose and that real goal is to make viscose with less harsh chemicals for you. You can definitely try them out.

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