Have you just spend the past 24 hours constantly checking whether your boyfriend has texted you back or not? And if it’s been a lot longer, then at this point, your mind’s probably jumping to the worst possible conclusions! 

However, before you drive over to his house and demand to know why you haven’t heard back, take a look at some of the reasons mentioned below and see if they apply to your situation. 

10 reasons why your Boyfriend is ignoring you

  • He might be busy

Has your boyfriend mentioned getting quite stressed over the amount of work he’s had piled up lately? Especially if he has pretty hectic and long work hours, chances are that he’s not ignoring you on purpose. Rather, he’s too busy to respond.

A lot of the time, when people have a lot to get done, they prefer to toss their phones aside and just get on with it. Some workplaces don’t allow employees to have their phones on them while they’re working either. So even though, it would’ve been nice for your boyfriend to drop a text letting you know that he’s busy, he might have forgotten or been too tired to.

In such cases, it’s best to give him a day or so to get his work done and catch up on his rest before expecting to hear back from him.

  • He’s mad at you

Have you and your boyfriend recently gotten into a fight? Maybe just an argument that ended on bad terms? Logically, the adult thing to do when you’re mad at someone is to try and communicate with them about it. However, before you can get to that, some people need time to cool off and gather their thoughts. Often, this time gets prolonged and people simply resort to silent treatment instead of sorting out their issues. Immature, I know, but not unheard of!

The best thing you can do in this situation is to give your partner the space they need to cool off and use this time to gather your thoughts as well. However, once you think you’ve given them enough time to do so, send them a text to let them know that you’d like to talk and don’t appreciate the silent treatment. 

  • He might be upset

Is your boyfriend the type of person to shut down when he’s upset about something? If this is the first time something like this has happened, then you probably wouldn’t know how he reacts when things go south.

But even in a long-term relationship, you don’t always know what’s going on in your partner’s life. Chances are that something happened in his life that he’s not ready to open up about yet, or just needs some time to process it on his own. 

Try to not take this one personally, let him know you’re there for him, and leave him be until he’s ready to talk about it. Do not pressure him into opening up if he doesn’t want to simply because he’s your boyfriend as that might lead him to close off even more.

  • He wants space

If you’ve been spending a lot of time around your boyfriend and you’ve constantly been at each other’s houses, he might need some space. Even constantly texting and calling people to tend to use up a lot of energy.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he needs a break from the relationship. But sometimes introverted people need to take time off by themselves to recharge as they spend a lot of their energy interacting with people.

Once again, try not to take this one personally either and instead just use this time to hang out with your girlfriends or do whatever helps you recharge!

  • He wants to slow things down

If people are in a relationship for the first time, or things are going too well, they can often get spooked. Whether it’s the fear of messing it up or simply feeling like they’re not ready for things to move too fast, they prefer to slow the relationship down.

Although ignoring you isn’t the best way to go about doing that because it can send the wrong message, wanting to slow things down doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not the right match for them. 

  • He might have messed up- big time!

Another major reason why your boyfriend could be ignoring you is that he might have done something that he’s too embarrassed or ashamed about. Instead of being honest and upfront about it, he chooses to be fishy and to hide the fact that he might have cheated on you or gotten involved in something he shouldn’t have.

If you suspect that something might be up, blunt accusations probably won’t get you far. But even if there isn’t anything that you can do to help, just let him know that you think something is wrong and would like to talk it out with him. Before passing any judgment, let him know you’re open to listening to whatever he has to say. But if he’s cheated, then feel free to do whatever you think he deserves!

  • He might have company over

Sometimes your boyfriend might be out for dinner with his family, lunch with his boss, or simply an evening in with his boys. They might be rare, but some people like to toss their phones aside when they have company. They simply live in the moment and enjoy spending time with people. However, if he always seems to put his phone away when he’s with other people, but always be on it when he’s around you, there might be a problem.

  • He’s jealous

Ignoring you could stem from your boyfriend’s jealousy. Maybe you’ve canceled a few too many plans with him to spend time with your friends or he’s looking too deep into any casual interactions you might have had with his friends.

Regardless, even though his jealousy is his problem and stems from his insecurities, sometimes when people feel like they’re no longer an important part of your life, all they need is a little reassurance that says otherwise.

However, don’t go ahead and plan a 5 day- trip to Disney Land while you’re still not on good terms. Communicate first and once things start going back to normal you can plan a cute date just for the two of you.

  • You might be a negative nancy

This is not something that most people want to hear but do you think you’ve been a bit of a negative nancy? Do you come with a lot of drama spend a lot of time complaining about how everyone has managed to find a way to ruin your day? Well, if that’s the case, then your boyfriend might just need a little break from the negativity. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be complaining at all and only keeping things light and positive. But, a little too much everything can be hard to handle at times.

  • He wants to break up

We’ve kept this last for a reason- because it’s a pretty crappy thing to do! But if none of the other reasons add up, and you’re boyfriend has been ignoring you for quite a while, he’s probably trying to tell you that it’s over. As horrible as it sounds, if someone is trying to break up with you by ghosting you, they’re not worth your time! It’s best to kiss these relationships goodbye and never look back!


Regardless of whatever the reason may be, you should not sell yourself short no matter what! If your boyfriend is ignoring you, you can try and reach out at first. But if his ignorance persists, do not bombard him with apologies when you haven’t done anything wrong.

You have a certain level of respect in a relationship and if you think that’s not being respected, then you have every right to call it quits. However, if you decide to stay in the relationship, make sure to have a conversation with your boyfriend about how you do not appreciate being ignored. When things go wrong, you would much rather talk it out instead. Set your boundaries straight and let him of the consequences if they’re being crossed!

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