Why My Boyfriend Wants to Marry Me? [Detailed Answer]

Has your boyfriend been acting out lately? Does he appear more flustered or awkward around you? Mayhap, your boyfriend has been going out of his way to do things for you and has begun appreciating and loving your immensely.

As good as it feels to be loved and appreciated, it sure rings some bells in your head that this kind of behavior is rather odd.

If you and your boyfriend have been enjoying a long-term serious relationship together, such behavior is not suspicious. In fact, you may have been looking for any positive sign such implies your boyfriend does want to marry you someday. It is perfectly okay to look out for signs that suggest so especially if you both are financially secure and have a stable career.

But if you are in a state of mind that is not looking for such a life-changing question, then you personally think it is best that your figure out soon so you and your boyfriend to talk about it. This will not only save him from a big embarrassment but will also help you both pass through this stage in your life.

Though, why does your boyfriend want to marry you? I mean yeah sure he loves you but what more? 

Why does your boyfriend want to marry you?

It is simple. He loves you.

He loves you so much that he does not see his life without you. He believes that you are the one for him. He is not chasing any other woman because you are the right one. You feel like home for him, and you give him a sense of security. After a long day, the only person he wants to see is you. He sees a future with you and is ready to spend all his time with you. till death do you apart.

But is it too early?

If he has already let the cat out of the bag and has mentioned potential marriage, then you might need some time to think if it is too early.

Do not freak out, your boyfriend has already thought the same thing and that is why he took his time to ask you the big question.

In the initial stages of the relationship, your man might not be inclined towards marriage. Men often take their time to see for themselves how the relationship is changing and in which direction is it heading. Men typically know after about a considerable amount of time whether they see a future with a specific girl or not. However, they may not initiate a marriage conversation up till 11 to 12 months of the relationship.

If it does seem too early for you, then it is best you talk to him and ask him to give you some time. Get to know each other more, maybe even start living together if you two have not. Living together will allow you to have a glimpse of what your future life might be like. This will aid in your decision-making process, for sure.

Five Signs Your Boyfriend Wants to Marry You:

However, if your boyfriend hasn’t popped this question up yet but you are suspicious then below are five major signs that will confirm that you are about to be surprised!

#1 He openly talks about the future with you 

One of the first signs you should not brush off is that he brings up the topic of marriage. If your boyfriend is openly talking about marriage with you and from his words, it appears as if he is not hesitant then this is the biggest sign that he is ready.

He tells you about his life plans such as places he would like to visit with you, possibilities he wishes to achieve with you, and so on.

If your boyfriend has been talking about a future with you then he could be ready to propose to you or is possibly thinking about it. Because once he is not shying away from this topic, he is in the initial stages of accepting that you are the one for him, and it is about time he put an engagement ring on it!

#2 He introduces you to his family

Recently your boyfriend has been going out of his way to introduce you to his friends and majorly family. He has been inviting you to his family dinners, he asks you to join his family trips, moreover your getaway weekends are now his parent’s place. You go to all his family occasions as his plus one.

If this is the case, then certainly he is thinking about marriage. Because men do not involve their family with every other girl. If they potentially see her as his “wife” or a long-term partner, then only are men comfortable with introducing their girl to their family and friends.

Henceforth, if your boyfriend is introducing you to the important people in his life then it means that he considers you important enough and wants his people to meet you.

#3 He talks about having children with you 

Another most significant sign your partner wants to marry you is when they talk about having a family with you. Men do not start this conversation unless they are hundred percent sure that they want to spend the rest of their lives with you.

They will try to view your insight about this by mentioning raising a family as a joke. They will try to ask you how many kids you would like to have, or what kinds of names would you like for the kids.

#4 He asks your friends about your future plans

The most common scenario here is that your boyfriend has asked your best friend about what kinds of rings you like or if your friend knows anything about your dream proposal.

If so, then that is a pretty definite and clear sign that your man is trying to put a ring on you! Your boyfriend may try his best to know your friends and have their options on about what he should do to keep you with him. He will try to get as much support as he can before he starts moving onto more serious actions. Your boyfriend may try to approval from your friends.

#5 He is excessively sharing his shares with you

The last major sign is that your man is completely okay with sharing money, an apartment, and even his car with you. At this point, if you are living together then you both are practically already a family. You both attend functions and dinner from both sides. You both are in sync with each other’s routines and everything else seems to follow. You make decisions that affect each other, and you both handle the finances together. There is no you and me, there is a “We” in your relationship.

However, if you both have not moved in together yet, but he has asked you to move in with you, then this is a huge sign he is willing to spend his entire life by your side. If you both already share finances and you borrow his car for groceries, then the moving in question does not seem to appear out of the blue. If such is the case then, be prepared!

If you witness anyone or two of these big signs, then I believe it is time for you to have an adult-like conversation with your boyfriend. A face-to-face conversation will be much more helpful than trying to read between lines. When you both let your feelings out, you will be on the same page. This will help you grow together or see if you both are right for each other or no.

This is also quite necessary because if you figure out you do not see a future with him then it is best to end tie with him. Instead of wasting your and his time, you can put in the same effort and energy to work on yourself.

Though, if you both believe that marriage is right for the two of you, then you guys can further talk things out and move onto a new phase in your relationship. The quicker, the better.

Final Words

If your boyfriend sees a future with you and is more than happy to share his belongings with you then he is walking towards the idea of marriage, 

Still, confused? Then the fastest way to find out if your boyfriend wants to marry you is to simply just ask him. But if, you are not confident enough or need some signs then it is completely okay to look for the signs mentioned above. After you have witnessed the signs or no, take the next step; ask him directly, if you believe it is what you want then congratulations! 

On the other hand, if you believe you need some time, or it is not what you want then it is okay to break things up. Take your time out and figure out what you want. Single, married or in a relationship; happiness has no criteria!

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