Why My Husband doesn’t Respect Me? (Answers)

Have you ever been in a social gathering with your husband, where someone made an inappropriate remark about you or disrespected you in any? Did your husband simply dismiss it as a joke or did he stick up for you? If it was the former, and if it’s happened on multiple occasions, then your husband is showing signs of disrespect.

However, sometimes, even those partners who are respectful in public, tend to be disrespectful behind closed doors. But before we get into all the signs and reasons for that, let’s discuss what respect means in a marriage.

What is respect in a marriage?

Apart from love, having respect for each other is one of the most important factors of a successful, long-term relationship. However, this respect doesn’t just mean addressing you with kind words. Overall, Rather, this respect is signified by showing trust in you, treating you the same despite having differences in opinions, and giving you the freedom to express who you are without judgment. 

Signs your husband may not respect you

These are some of the most common behaviors of a disrespectful husband.

#1 Constant Criticism

Whether it’s the food you cook or the way you dress or the way you talk; your husband manages to find some fault in it. If you come home from work too late or hang out with your friends for a little too long, it seems to put your husband in a bad mood! He is expecting you to live only for him, rather than for yourself as well. And in doing so, he makes you feel bad about doing anything that makes you happy.

#2 Doesn’t respect your boundaries

Even in marriage, we all have certain boundaries that we would like to be respected. However, if your husband fails to acknowledge and maintain these boundaries, that’s a clear sign of disrespect. This can include things like controlling behavior, constantly checking your phone behind your back, keeping tabs on what you’re doing at all times, etc.

#3 Doesn’t have your back

Marriage gives you a partner for life, someone who you can confide in and rely on when things go south. However, if it seems like your husband’s never interested in being that person for you, then he doesn’t respect you. Further, it can show signs of a toxic relationship. 

#4 He’s never ready to communicate after a fight

Ups and downs are a common part of a relationship, but what matters is that after those fights, you and your husband find a way to communicate with each other and resolve your issues. If he is not willing to do that or come to any sort of a compromise, and is hell-bent on pinning all the blame on you, then that’s a sign of disrespect. 

#5 He’s been lying to you

If you’ve been catching him in small white lies about where he’s been and who he’s been with, then that’s a red flag. Even when he’s messed up with something like your shared finances, he should come clean about it. If your husband fails to do that, he’s disrespecting your right to the truth.

Why your husband disrespects you and what to do about it

Your husband’s disrespect for you might stem from a variety of reasons. On one hand, he could be doing it intentionally to hurt you out of selfishness, anger, or spite. On the other, he might not even realize that he’s doing anything wrong because he’s used to displaying such toxic behavior without ever getting called out for it. 

However, the only way to figure out the exact reason is to communicate with him about it. Make him realize that his behavior has been disrespectful. Remember to carefully pick a time when he seems to be in a good mood when bringing it up rather than during a heated argument.

His reaction to the confrontation will say a lot about where your relationship lies. If he realizes his faults, is apologetic, and wants to make amends, then you can work towards that. Don’t be afraid to get professional counseling if it’s needed. Unfortunately, if your husband goes into defensive mode every time you try to talk about it, then your relationship might be very toxic for you.


Under most circumstances, there is absolutely no need for you to stay silent in a disrespectful relationship. Your partner won’t automatically realize that something is wrong until you bring it up. Additionally, staying silent will have a huge negative impact on your mental health and ultimately, your relationship as well.

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