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Writing a Cover Letter for Resume, Curriculum Vitae (CV) 

Scholarships are a great chance for students to ease the financial demands of the academic journey. While submitting a scholarship application, some universities and colleges may ask for a resume and a cover letter. A cover letter with a resume (CV) for a scholarship application is similar to the cover letter of a job.

The cover letter for a CV contains the candidate’s details regarding the strengths, qualities, and skills of the applicant along with the academic and work experience particulars. It is a great chance for students to persuade the scholarship awarding authority that they are worthy of the grant. The cover letter will reflect your basics to the committee to persuade them to review your scholarship documents in detail; on how this grant will help you achieve the profession you aim to aspire to.

Therefore, be mindful of the following things while writing the cover letter:

  1. State why you deserve the scholarship. What makes you a deserving candidate for the grant? You may elaborate on your achievements, skills, and strengths to grasp the attention. You may also talk about how the scholarship will benefit you in accomplishing your dream.
  2. Be careful of your writing style. It should be formal and devoid of informal and clichéd terms. Show courtesy to the scholarship awarding staff. Check grammatical and spelling errors. Be concise, comprehensive, and relevant.
  3. Highlight your academic background, extracurricular skills, and work experience achievements. This will help the scholarship committees to get acquainted with you and it will also give them the idea of whether you deserve the grant or not.
  4. Mention your future plans regarding studies and career. This will demonstrate the applicant’s motivation and passion for their field of interest. It can also be a deciding factor for the scholarship recruiters to have confidence in you as their selection choice. 
  5. Meet the requirements of the institution if they have provided any specific set of requirements for the letter. Don’t lose the context. Your letter should have a systemic and clear flow.

Cover Letter Format & Outline for Scholarship CV

The usual pattern of a scholarship cover letter is the same as any other cover letter comprising of the following areas:

Senders Address,
Receivers Address,


[Main Body]

Sender’s Signature.

Key Tips for Writing a Cover letter

Following are our suggested tips for you to help you draft a nice cover letter for your next scholarship application:

  • Engage your reader through your writing in the cover letter. Attention attraction is most important when it comes to winning the scholarship.
  • Use emotions to customize your cover letter to make it sound unique as it would leave an impact. Be careful to not be too sentimental with emotions. Share your life story to have an influence on the reader.
  • Language, syntax, and structure should be flawless as wrong grammar and spelling errors often put off the readers. 
  • Be professional and confident in what you are writing in your cover letter. Your motivation, sincerity, passion, and individuality should be visible.
  • Always write cover letters in advance. Review and revise them a couple of times before finalizing them. You can also ask for feedback from someone and entail their suggestions if suitable.
  • Use assertive speech to persuade your selectors. Don’t be rude or arrogant. Deliver your credibility through your content. Show respect to your selectors and don’t have a pleading attitude in your cover letter.

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