Buying a new car is an intimidating experience for most women. Even the most recent statistics state that only ¼ of all women feel comfortable purchasing a car because it is traditionally a man’s job.

But come on, ladies, it’s 21st century… we say you go for it!

List of Best Cars for Ladies

When buying a brand-new vehicle, women base their buying decision on practicality, functionality, durability, reliability, & safety. While men base their buying decisions based on emotion, aesthetics, power, & speed.

Most importantly, men tend to look for the best deals possible, whereas women want something that meets all of their requirements.

So, if you’re buying a new car or already have the experience of purchasing one, then this article might give you a head start in choosing which car suits your requirements best.

1. Tesla Cars


Women know quality when they see it because Tesla lives up to the standards of every woman. The bonus is that the design, as well as the beauty of the car, is impressive. Tesla provides you with style & functionality.

Plus, the company cares about the environment & acknowledges our planet as they’ve set a goal to make clean energy that counterbalances CO2 footprint.

Women are going for this one because it’s practical, reliable & makes you look tech-savvy.

If you’re up for long-term investment & if you hate occasional trips to the mechanic, then this one was made for a low-maintenance person like you.

2. Toyota Prius

The hybrid car that everybody loves introduced a new electric all-wheel-drive system that provides additional traction in certain conditions, including wintry weather.

Toyota Prius is one of the most fuel-efficient cars made available to us. Most importantly, what most women are concerned about is safety, so this 2020 model includes pre-collision detection that is made to aid in road safety.

Moreover, it is spacey inside-out & by out, we mean that it includes crossbars to provide additional space if you’re going cycling.

So regardless of the weather conditions you live in, Prius will give you the safety & confidence to have a girls’ night out on the road as often as you like.

3. Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson

Even though the 2019 model remained in the top picks of car safety choices, the 2020 model has also made its way to the top of the list.

Adding to the best safety rating, this comfortable ride is available in new color options.

Tech & value have been the top priority of Hyundais, so this one comes with updated versions of the technology at a cost that is unbelievable for an SUV!

4. Audi Q3

Audi Q3

Undergoing a complete redesign, the Audi Q3 became a spacious car that looks amazing, not only on the outside but on the inside as well.

As most women like a feasible car, this model will not disappoint any of you. It doesn’t just come with a classy laid-out interior but also simple, efficient infotainment.

Moreover, because of its tech features & comfortable handle, you’ll be able to squeeze it in any parking & maneuver it.

With the option of choosing from ten colors, you can make this comfy & luxurious ride your own.

5. Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry is an impressive mid-size car that hits all the marks & is suitable for women in every respect.

It has been the poster kid for an uninteresting & dependable family vehicle for ages. However, the new one isn’t your grandma’s car anymore.

The updated version possesses agile handling, a comfortable & pleasant ride, a sporty exterior, a high-end interior, & an easy to understand & maintain infotainment system.

The Camry was named the best mid-size car for cost by its combination of quality and value.

6. Ford Focus

The new Ford is one of the most recognizable cars on the road. What seems to be the well-liked part is that the latest edition comes with four different variants to choose from.

The balance of its engines, firm handling, & great maneuver is appealing to the women as the sweetest ride of this year.

Its excellent safety & tech features are a bonus to communicative & relaxed driving for anyone.

7. Nissan Altima

 Nissan Altima

Just in the context of reliability, Altima is made to be safe and dependable. Moreover, Nissan had excused zero costs when it came to incorporating this model with the latest developments & trends.

Adding more to its performance-oriented features, Altima can have you spending ten years with it. Dependability has made this car make its place in a woman’s heart.

8. Honda Accord


This model has attracted women since it came out because of its practicality, good value, fuel economy, & a ton of safety features. Most importantly, it comes with a classic sporty exterior that will have many people stealing a glance at your car.

It has been ranked number one in mid-sized cars, large cars & hybrid cars. Most women are going after this perfect mixture of roomy style, functionality, & price.

Let’s not forget the safety features this one has to offer! All Honda Accords have excellent crash-test scores, so imagine how far this model goes in order to keep you safe & sound from any hazards.

With a price like it’s, you’ll have something practical that comes under the category of luxury cars.

9. Chevrolet Equinox


Even though this model was not targeted toward women, they still love it. The 2020 Chevrolet is a perfect, lightweight SUV ready for you to take anywhere, anytime.

Chevrolet Equinox is popular among the ladies because of its finest fuel efficiency. Moreover, the firm handling, trouble-free drive, & an infotainment system can be used without any effort.

It’s a fun drive with predicted durability, consistency, and reliability. This efficient, convenient, yet stylish SUV comes in ten different colors for you to choose from.

10. Toyota 4Runner

Known for being one of the traditional SUVs, this respected car will get you anywhere without disappointing you, whether in the mountains or in the desert.

The build & quality of this car is authentically made for rough terrain, together with a well-built tow rating for the boot.

It may not equal the road manners of its competitors; however, if you love the outdoors, this truck is for you. Frankly speaking, it’s an indestructible go-anywhere machine.

11. Lexus Grand Sedan

The Lexus kicks off the list with its underappreciated GS mid-size sedan. Women want this GS because of its technology, performance, comfort as well as comprehensive safety features that come along with it.

With the advanced all-wheel-drive technology, the Lexus GS comes with sporty styling that gives you the trust to go anywhere you want. 

12. Mazda CX-9

Mazda CX-9

This handsome CX-9 is a blend of some fun driving & usability. It’s a whole package that is quite strong for its competitors to beat.

With additional safety features, this one makes it to the list of women who can’t wait to get their hands on this one.

Just like your text predictions, actually, better than that… Mazda CX-9 has made available predictive i-Activ AWD, which is a technology that aids in predicting the loss of traction.

Providing you with stability, reliability & practicality, we don’t doubt women are attracted to it. 


The world of gender equality has come a long way, but there is still a gender gap in the field of automobiles.

While women may have made great strides as leaders in other fields, they might have to wait a few more decades before they are considered equals behind the wheel.

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